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Image of NEXPOW Car Battery Starter...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 70+ reviews
Jump Start (Warm)


Jump Start (Cold)


Reserve capacity



  • Easy to charge
  • Easy to jump start
  • Emergency cables


Image of NEXPOW Car Battery Starter,...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 400+ reviews
Jump Start (Warm)


Jump Start (Cold)


Reserve capacity



  • Good design
  • High power
  • Handy


Image of Battery Starter for Car,...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 2k+ reviews
Jump Start (Warm)


Jump Start (Cold)


Reserve capacity



  • USB recharging port
  • Compact
  • Quick charging

Feature wise top Jump starters

Jump Starters Buying Guide

A Jump Starter gives it a jolt of power when your car battery is dead, so you can turn your car on. Jump Starters come in both portable and plug-in variants. Portable models have a built-in battery for extra convenience. Plug-in chargers, on the other hand, are static as they need to be connected to a power outlet and are best suited for your home or garage. A good Jump Starter is a must-have in your home/car just in case you ever find yourself stranded with nobody else around. 

Benefits of Owning a Jump Starter   

You can Start your Vehicle Without Any Help 

One of the most important advantages of a Jump Starter is that it eliminates your need to find someone to loan their car to be used as a host vehicle. If you have your Jump Starter in your glove box, you can pull it out, connect it and get your vehicle started immediately, which is great when stranded at night or in an unfamiliar area.  

Saves Money 

If your car battery runs out of charge for any reason, calling a mechanic or towing service for solving the problem could be an expensive affair. But with a Jump Start handy you can save your money till you reach a workshop. ... 

Saves Time 

Jump Starters make you self-reliant. Even with the best roadside assistance, it can easily take hours for help to arrive. 

No Accessibility Concerns 

Your car can stop in the most unfortunate circumstances if your battery doesn’t supply enough power to your car’s engine. It could be an inaccessible location due to heavy snowfall or you may not have cell connectivity. In such situations having your own Jump Starter comes very handy.  

Factors to Consider while Buying a Jump Starter 


The first thing to decide is what type of Jump Starter you are looking for. There are two major types of Jump Starters. A built-in battery Jump Starter, and a portable Jump Starter. Built-in battery Jump Starters are great from a portability and flexibility point but usually have a lower output and will allow you to jump-start a few times before requiring a recharge. But a wired Jump Starter have no limit on the number of times you want to use it and would have a higher output than the battery-operated ones.  


How much you spend on a car Jump Starter or battery charger largely depends on the features you’re looking for, the capacity of the battery and the output levels. You can usually save money if you are buying a Jump Starter for a specific car with very specific output requirements and occasional use. Top of the range Jump Starter with a full range of output will usually cost more. Usually, the basic ones will cost you approximately USD 50 and the top model might go up to USD 400.  


You must consider the type of vehicle for which you need a Jump Starter. The unit you purchase must be able to fit in the space that you want to store it in. The size will also affect the price. The compact and portable Jump Starter will cost you more.  


Jumper cables are an important part of any Jump Starter. Without an appropriate cable, your Jump Starter is not of much use. They are usually made of copper that delivers more power. Jumper cables with an 8- gauge rating will Jump Start easily as compared to a 6 or 4- gauge rating.  

Emergency Lights 

Many Jump Starters come with emergency lights; you’ll be able to place it near your car to alert other drivers. 


Find one that has the most comprehensive warranty possible for the longest period. This is especially true for battery operated jump-starters since low-quality batteries do not last long rendering the entire device useless. Therefore, check the warranty in the description while investing.  


Jump Starter is an essential device to have in your car. It is a significant investment that will almost certainly come in handy when you need it the most and pay for itself within one use. There are hundreds of options in the market, to choose from. However, to make your choice easier, take a look above in our featured section for more information. We have listed down some recommended variants of Jump Starter based on their performance and durability.  

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