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Frequent Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Printer Inks

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Printer Inks

Having trouble despite using state or art printers? The answer to this is, because the printer inks that are used in the printer is bad. If the quality of the printer ink is low or if it is not compatible with the device mechanism then it may lead to dull printing or even malfunctioning of the printer.

One needs to be careful while choosing the right kind of printer ink. If you are planning on buying it online, then take a good look at the product description before the purchase. There are two kinds of ink you can go for, pigment-based ink and dye-based ink. The intent of this blog is to help you identify suitable ink and avoid getting overwhelmed by the varieties available in the market. Therefore, let us take a look at some of the factors that you should take care of while buying ink for your printers.  

Always Read the Instructions Manual Before Installing Printer Inks

When it comes to machines and gadgets, the instruction manual can act as a complete lifesaver especially if you are not familiar with the device. The instruction manual contains information about everything on the product including the type of printer inks that is used in that printer. Remember to take a look at the instructions manual before investing in ink cartridges. 

This action will help you from loss in case you end up purchasing the wrong ink. In case you are planning on an online purchase, then it is ideal to go with the one that comes with a decent return or exchange policy.  

Understand the Type of Printer Inks  

It is important to understand the type of ink that you require for your printer. Generally, there are two categories of ink that are available for printers. One is the pigment-based ink and the other is the dye-based ink. Dye-based ink is preferred relatively more as they dry quickly, remain waterproof, and last long. Moreover, you can read through the blog that helps you prevent printer Ink from drying out.

However, with pigment-based ink, although the ink is thicker and stays for a longer time, it gives rise to a phenomenon called metamerism. This phenomenon makes the printer ink look different under different lights and thus, sometimes do not match the original ink. Thus, pigment-based ink is avoided in many industries.  It is advisable that you understand the right way to put ink a printer that offers convenience operation.

Understand your Spending Limit 

Although it is understood that with the increased use of printers like Inkjet and Computer printers, ink requirement is going to up as well. It is good to look for alternate options like going for non-OEM ink. These inks are affordable and perfect for frequent printer users. Some other ways that you can save some money is to check if your printer has an ink subscription option available. It allows you to pre-order branded cartridges at a negligible subscription price.  


Buying a new ink cartridge is a simple process if you follow certain steps. It is very easy to go wrong while selecting ink if, you are not careful. Although most of the cartridges like HP 920 920XL Refillable Ink Cartridges look similar, they differ greatly in their quality, shade, and performance. Thus, understanding your preference is important before the purchase. However, if you are facing continuous issues with the printing despite, having the right ink, then it is probably time to buy a new printer. The printer world has fierce competition and knowing what to go for is crucial.  

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