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How to Prevent Printer Ink from Drying out?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Ink can dry out if you do not use your printer frequently. The biggest indication of dried ink is that you will get streaky and inconsistent prints. You can also solve this by running the cleaning utility of your device’s print head sometimes. However, if your ink has completely dried out, replacement is the only option to go with. But cartridges are expensive and having a situation to throw away expensive cartridges just because of dried ink can cost you many dollars. To avoid this situation, you can follow some practices. Read our blog that tells you the reasons behind the heightened cost of printer inks.

Why Does Printer Ink Dry Out?  

The biggest reason behind printer ink drying out is when your printer sits idle for a long period of time. Other causes include expired cartridges or cartridges exposed to direct heat and sunlight. Sometimes, filling your cartridges by yourself incorrectly can cause air to get trapped inside which can consequently lead to the ink drying out.  

Print Often  

One of the most convenient ways you can save your printer from drying out is by printing every now and then. It’s advised to print a few pages every week using all the colors. Printer inks are meant for regular use and not using them for a long time should be avoided.  

Moisten Ink Cartridges  

If you do not want to print frequently, you can also remove your cartridges from the printer and moisten them. To do this, put on a pair of disposable gloves and run a damp cloth over the top of your cartridge to prevent clogging. Pat them dry before reinstalling them in the device to get rid of excessive moisture. Moreover, it is advisable that you read through the blog that guides about the right way of putting your ink in the right way.

Change the Temperature  

Printer ink dries out in hot and dry conditions. To prevent this, try to keep the ink at ambient temperature and near a humidifier to maintain the humidity levels.   

Turn the Printer Off  

If your Inkjet or computer printer is not in use, switch off its power button. This will cause the printer heads to change their position, which prevents them from drying out.  

Ensure that you switch off the power button and do not take out the cord directly as that won’t be effective.  

How to Store Printer Ink? 

Storing printer ink appropriately to save its longevity is a way to save the ink from drying. The hacks mentioned below are economical and won't require any effort.

  • Protective caps should be stored while you’re installing the ink as you can use them later for proper storage.  
  • If you do not have protective caps, you can store your ink inside zippered plastic bags or airtight containers. To help maintain a moist environment, you can place a damp cloth in the bag with the ink.  

Conclusion on Dealing with Printer Ink Drying Out

We’ve listed all the important measures you need to follow to prevent your ink from drying out. However, sometimes it's easy to forget about your printer and the ink inside them and they can dry out. In such a situation, consider cleaning the nozzles with water or rubbing alcohol. We hope our blog will help you when you find yourself stuck in a similar situation next time.  If you are on the lookout for brand new printer ink, we strongly advise you can take a look at the blog that lists some of the most common mistakes people make while purchasing Printer inks.

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