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Best Hacks to Maintain Kitchen Knives

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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The necessity to maintain kitchen knives is very crucial to make them last longer and cut efficiently every time you use it. Once you’ve invested in kitchen knives, you know how important it’s to store and maintain them carefully. Good kitchen knives can last for years with proper maintenance. If you’ve invested in an expensive variant, following certain hacks and cleaning it regularly will ensure that your kitchen knives last long. If you’re planning on adding some knives to your kitchen, we recommend you to take a look at our featured section for a better shopping experience.

How to Remove Rust from Kitchen Knives?

Rust might ruin your knife forever. A lot of things available inside your house can come in handy while removing rust from the blade. Let’s see how can this be tackled. In order to maintain kitchen knives, getting rid of the rust is necessary as otherwise, the knives may turn blunt.

White Vinegar

Soak your rusty knives in a bowl full of white vinegar for the entire night. Then use a wire brush to remove the remains. If you still see some spots, soak the knives again for better results.

Baking soda

Form a thick paste of water and baking soda and rub it all over your knife. Let it sit for an hour or two before scrubbing the rust with steel wool. Rinse the knife and dry it thoroughly.

Citric Acid

Three tablespoons of pure citric acid in a bowl full of hot water can work like a charm on your rusty knives. Citric acid is available in supermarkets and can be used to clean a variety of things.

Lemon and Salt

This good old combination can remove rust from your knives in a matter of a few hours. To remove rust after you’ve put the lemon and crystal salt, you can use the lemon rind. Do not forget to rinse your knife with water after the process.

Can You Use a Knife with Rust on It?

Usually, the rust isn’t dangerous and you can use the knife if you want to. However, it can add some unnecessary impurities to your food. It’s advised to clean them periodically for better cutting too. This is why knowing the right ways to keep your kitchen knives is indeed quite valuable.

If you let the rust accumulate, your knife would lose all its sharpness and eventually become bootless. Else. Electric Knife sharpeners are less prone to rust, so you might want to have a look at the blog that lists out the benefits of Electric Knife Sharpeners for better buying decision and understanding of its usage.

How to Clean Kitchen Knives?

The most appropriate way to clean knives without hampering their sheen is to use a clean cloth. Avoid running your knives underwater. A few do’s and don’t’s that will always come handy are as follows:

  • Store your knives carefully and in a dust-free environment that is devoid of any moisture to avoid rusting
  • If you have to run your knives through water, dry them immediately for better results
  • Do not soak your knives in water for too long, that might result in rusting
  • Do not use abrasive soaps and detergents. Avoid using any harsh chemicals too.

How to Dispose-off Kitchen Knives?

It’s very important to dispose-off Kitchen Knives responsibly. As an aware individual, you should take some steps to do this carefully. You should avoid throwing them in the trash. It’s advised to donate your old knives if you think they aren’t useful for you anymore. Recycling your old knives can be really good for the environment. You can go to any metal recycler near your location and give your knife away for proper recycling. If all these steps fail, the last resort should be covering your knives with layers of newspapers and cardboards before throwing them in the trash can.


Maintaining and cleaning kitchen accessories like Food Choppers and Kitchen knives is really important for longer durability and sustenance. A well-kept knife can help you complete all your chopping chores quickly and help you obtain precise cuts. Apart from all other things, it’s all very important to dispose of them responsibly for a better environment. If you are eyeing to get an appropriate knife sharpener for your kitchen usages, we recommend you can take a look at the best knife sharpeners buying guide that tells you everything you should know about the knife sharpners. We hope our guide helped you understand the maintenance tips.


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