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Best Solutions to Store Kitchen Knife Set

Updated on Dec 7, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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The kitchen knife set requires proper storage to offer you long-lasting usage. The best storage solutions for kitchen knives will help you maintain their sharpness and sheen for a long time. This saves you from the extra costs of getting a knife sharpener or replacing the blade entirely. Storage styles vary from magnetic strips and docks to knife blocks.

You should choose a storage option that doesn’t occupy much space and is convenient. The hassle to store kitchen knives is something that anyone who cooks can understand. Bluntness and rusting are the two major problems that occur with the majority of kitchen knives. Choosing the right kitchen knife can also be a confusing decision. Read our kitchen knives buying guide to make a perfect choice.

Different Ways to Store a Kitchen Knife Set

Magnetic Rack to Store Kitchen Knives

The best thing about these storage racks is they don’t take up much space and you can make a DIY version at home. You can hang them up anywhere and the knives won’t clash with each other. They are the most portable option with excellent usability and occupy less area on your counter space. It’s also a creative way to display your knives, such as Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife. These also add aesthetics to your kitchen.

Countertop Docks

Docks can be an easy way to organize your knives because of convenient accessibility. You can swiftly take a knife out for your chores by keeping it close to your workstation. The major con of these blocks is cleaning. A lot of dust can accumulate as the compartments and slots are small. They’re also not dishwasher safe because of their woody material. Going with a slotless variant would be the most viable option if you feel these are the best option for your kitchen. You can place kitchen knife sets such as Tramontina Porterhouse Steak Knife in countertop docks for convenience.

Under Cabinet Storage

This storage method saves a lot of space and can be mounted easily under all types of cabinets. They come with a hinge that can be lifted and lowered efficiently. The installation method is pretty easy too. These sturdy storage options are the best for small kitchens and come in drawer-like designs too. Understanding the sharpness, and length of kitchen knives is important to store them in a better way. Reviews of the Victorinox Forschner kitchen knife set suggest it to be an ideal chef equipment set.

Drawer Storage

Drawer storage is one of the safest storage solutions available especially if you have little children or pets at home. Storing your knives in a drawer also keeps your countertop clean. Reviews of the Home Hero Chef Knife Set show that it is one of the best-rated knife sets. Storing knives in a drawer organizer also makes it easier for you to safely grab the knife whenever needed. You can get a drawer organizer according to the size of your drawer.

Wall Strips

Wall strips are a convenient and safe way to store knives. This is one of the best methods of storing knives as minimal contact is made with the cutting edge. Fixwell Stainless Steel Knife Set is a great option if you are looking to buy a knife set. This keeps the knife sharp and free from damage. You can mount the wall strip above the counter. This looks beautiful also lets you see all the blades in a glance. These wall strips come in a variety of materials like stainless steel, wood, etc.

Should I Keep my Knives in a Block?

It is not necessary to store your knives in a block always. There are better ways to store knives like drawer storage, wall strips, etc. These ways of storage are better than keeping knives in a block. The block can become a problem if the size of the block does not match the size of your knife set.

Should You Store Knife in Sheath?

A sheath is used to carry your knife around safely. It is not meant to protect your knife when it's not in use. Leaving the knives in sheaths for a long time can eventually damage them.

A knife sharpener is important to maintain your knife's sharpness. There are many advantages of using a knife sharpener. Read our blog to know about the advantages of a knife sharpener.


There are many storage options available in the market but you should choose the one that best meets your requirements. Proper storage can increase the life of your valuable and expensive knives by years. You can take a look at the best hacks to maintain kitchen knives to get some valuable maintenance tips.

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