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Multiple sharpening stages


Adjustable angle guide




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Multiple sharpening stages


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Knife sharpener : Adjustable angle guide

Adjustable angle guide

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition
Knife sharpener : Multiple sharpening stages

Multiple sharpening...

Work Sharp EDC Pivot Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener buying guide

A Knife Sharpener is a tool that is used to sharpen the edge of knives efficiently and quickly. Different types of knife require different levels of sharpening as according to the purpose for which the knife is used. There are several options available in the market, but it isn't easy to find the right sharpening tool. Read this buying guide to know all the factors that should be considered before buying a Knife Sharpener. 

Types of Knife Sharpeners 

Electric Sharpeners 

An electric sharpener completes a sharpening process within two-three steps. It starts with rough grit in the first step and uses a fine grit at the last level to provide a sharp-edged blade. Most electric sharpeners contain slots where the knife is inserted and the appliance it put to switch ‘On’ mode. Once the machine starts, it automatically starts sharpening the knife. However, it needs to be handled in a particular angle for precision.

Handheld Sharpeners 

Handheld sharpeners are portable and easy to use. Put the knife on the table and move the handheld sharpeners on the edge of the dull blade to get the knife in perfect cutting form. This compact tool is quite helpful for professional cooks who frequently find themselves travelling. 

Sharpening Stones 

It is one of the most basic ways that people use to sharpen a knife is through a sharpening stone. The stone grit type may vary from fine to rough. Some stones have mixed grit to get the optimal cutting edge. 

Honing Steels 

The fundamental work of honing steel is to sharpen a knife blade. Honing steels are generally used for minor sharpening, or to maintain the sharpness of pre-sharpened blades.  

Factors to Consider before Buying a Knife Sharpener 


Knife Sharpeners are found in three major forms, electrical, manual, and stone. Every sharpener comes with two or three grit settings. At the first level, you'll find the rough grit option, and at the last level, is the fine grit option. The sharpening of a knife depends on these levels. 


Generally, the size of a sharpener doesn't affect its sharpening performance, but it's an important aspect to consider before buying a sharpener. Manual and stone sharpener doesn't require much space to store but take a look at the description to measure the dimensions of sharpener before making any purchase. 


Consider a quick and efficient Knife Sharpener that can quickly get the job done without wasting much time.  


Knife Sharpeners can cost anywhere between $10 and $200. The price you are ready to pay will differ as per the type of sharpener you want to settle for. 


Ideally, a budget sharpener that can quickly get the job done would be perfect for any kitchen. But for longevity, consider a high-end priced sharpener as they can be used for a longer period with much maintenance. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the types of Knife Sharpeners in the market, take a look at our featured section above. Our section showcases some of the most recommended sharpener variants that might be just right for you.  

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