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Best Gifts and Shopping Ideas for US Holidays 2021

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
US holidays 2021

The tradition of gifting has always been a major influencer in encouraging the celebration of important events and occasions. This blog talks about some inspiring gifts we suggest you can gift to your loved ones during the US holidays 2021. These gifts are often under-sale or deal with during these events. Read more to know more,

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day also known as lover’s day is a celebrated event across the globe. It is an occasion where your partners exchange gifts as a show of affection. It happens on the 14th of February every year across the United States, India, Japan, Europe and pretty much everywhere across the world.

Some incredible gifts that you can gift your beloved are chocolates, watches, perfumes and handbags. They will not only make your partner happy, but these gifts will forever remind them of you. These are some of the best gifts for the US holidays 2021.

Presidents' Day

Also known as Washington’s Birthday, Presidents' day is widely commemorated across the continental US, except for a few states. It usually takes place on the third Monday of February every year to celebrate the lives of all the presidents in American history. This year it will take place on February 15th 2021.

Some gifts that you can choose for your near ones are laptops, mugs and T-shirts. Many online platforms like Amazon sell Presidents' Day inspired gifts that your dearest would love to show off every Presidents' Day.

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick is a celebratory event across the United States to mark the pride and heritage that Irish Catholics have in their religion. It happens on 17th of March, annually. This day everything transforms into emerald and people wear green clothes to honor the day. Green beer, milkshakes, and green bagels are special sightings during this day.

This day calls for some gifts that are a reminiscence of the rich history of the USA. Some sought after gifts are clothes, hats, shirts and different DIY-related crafts, often sold as a part of the St. Patrick's Day Sale.

Spring Day

Spring Day sale usually happens with the onset of Spring in March with online stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target gearing up for their yearly sale bash. The sale lasts the entire season till June of every year. This year, the Spring season sale will start on 20 March and go up till 20 June 2021.

This sale starts around the beginning of the spring and summer season with extravagant discounts and unlimited products on sale. This time of the year is like a feast for shopaholics with people buzzing around to purchase the best-sellers gifts & at astonishing prices.

Good Friday

Good Friday Sale is a tribute to commemorate the death of Christ. This day is a day of grief and penance, with people observing this day with fasts, masses and prayers. But what has also become a part of this is a gift exchange ritual reminding the believers of the existence of Jesus. That is why online platforms like Amazon offer good discounts on certain products as a part of their Good Friday Sale.


Easter Sunday is one of the holy days of Christians across to Globe to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. This takes place on Sunday, after Good Friday along with the church, mass, service, choir, flowers, etc. This day marks the victory of Christianity over evil and death.

This celebration is marked by an Easter Sale, with great discounts and exciting discount bonanzas on thousands of products. This sale contains some of the best Easter gifts for kids and is quite popular among all.

Patriot's Day

This is an annual event remembering the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the American Revolutionary War, and the victims of the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. It is annually observed on the third Monday in April, and it falls on April 19, this year. People visit churches and masses to pray for their loved ones. To commemorate the fallen ones, online platforms like Amazon offer heartfelt items with slashed prices on this day also called the Patriot's Day Sale.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a tribute for all the mothers' across the globe. Mother's Day usually falls on the second Sunday in May every year. This year this day will fall on 9 May 2021. Mother's Day is widely celebrated by many countries combined with exciting sales by Amazon. The products offered on Mother's Day sale are thoughtful, meaningful, pleasing and comes with astonishing discounts.

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is a celebrated event, held annually in honor of the men and women serving in the armed forces across all domains of defense in the USA. It usually falls on the third Saturday of May. This day is marked by mouthwatering sales called the Armed Forces Sale by online platforms like Amazon. They offer ideal and amazing products you can gift to the soldiers you know to make them feel special.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Sale is a tribute by Amazon to commemorate the fallen soldiers serving in the defense forces. It usually falls on the last Monday of May. This year it will be celebrated on May 31. Exciting products and great deals mark this day's purchases from Amazon or Walmart.

Army Day

Army day marks the tribute to the army for their remarkable service towards the country. So, to honor their commitment and sacrifice, platforms like Walmart and Amazon offer Army Day sale. They sell exclusive products that you can buy to honor the soldiers or you can gift yourself something to honor the soldier in you.

Flag Day

Flag Day also known as National Day, is hugely celebrated across the United States. This day is celebrated to honor the national flag and encourage the patriots to celebrate the freedom and flag of the nation. It is annually celebrated on June 14 and is marked by parades, essay contests, ceremonies, picnics and charity get-togethers by veterans and distinguished members and associations.

Another significant thing that happens is the Veteran's Day sales. This sale offers surprising discounts on gifts that can be given to patriots or loved ones who feel warm towards the National Flag.

Father's Day

Father's day Sales is a tribute by online stores to honor our fathers, by offering amazing and exciting gifts just for them. Great deals and exclusive discounts make these gifts an impressive buy for your dearest daddy. This day is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June, which will be 20th June this year. Online platforms like Amazon offers some pretty valuable deals on various products and usually lasts for 1 or 2 days.

Independence Day

Independence Day is a day that offers an amazing shopping experience from various brands and labels. The Independence Day sale is an ideal time with offers and discounts that follow up to the 4th of July. This month offers magnificent deals and discounts from favorite online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target and on thousands of products.

Parent's Day

Parent's Day sale is a day offering the children a chance to show their gratitude towards parents with exciting gifts and celebrations. This day honors the parents for their dedication, commitment, love, and care towards their children. This year Parent's Day will fall on 27th July 2021.

Labor Day

Labor Day is an annual celebration and a part of major holidays in 2021. It is for the workers by the government of the USA, to honor their contribution towards the economic development of the country. It is an annual celebration on the first Monday of every September. So, this year it will fall on 6 September 2021.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a federal holiday across the continent in honor of Christopher Columbus when he discovered America. This holiday was first celebrated under the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Today Columbus day showcases parades, marches with people donning colorful costumes.

Columbus Day falls on the second Monday of October every year. So, this year it will be on 11 October with offers and discounts on many products while shopping with Amazon or other online platforms.

Halloween Celebrations

Halloween Day is a yearly celebration honoring and remembering the dead saints and martyrs. This tradition originated from the Celtic festival where people used to wear robes and traditions to ward off ghosts. It falls every year on October 31, 2021.

Halloween Day Sale is when all the online platforms offer huge discounts on gifts. Right from Halloween decorations to costumes, there are crazy discounts on everything.

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day also popular as Armistice Day is an annual celebration of US holidays in 2021. It honors all the veterans, especially those who are still alive. It is a day to pay tribute to those who served their country during war times. Currently, this day falls on 11 November every year.

This day involves people taking part in mass, church activities, parades etc. and is a popular celebration across the USA. Also, Online platforms like Amazon often offer impressive discounts on products on Veteran's Day popularly called Veteran's Day Sales.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day literally lives by the name and is a celebration to welcome the harvest and the past year's blessings. It usually falls on the 25 November, every year. It consists of church mass, inviting close one's to lunch, get-together's etc. Thanksgiving dinner is quite special in the USA as the loved one's gather for a grateful evening and exchange gifts of love and pride.

What makes it even special is the Thanksgiving Day sale. Online platforms like Amazon and Walmart offers exciting and unbelievable discounts on thousands of products, in a way of celebrating this annual occasion.

Family Day

Family Day is to honor the ties that one shares with his family. This day calls for family get-together's where near ones gather to have some fun family time. Family Day usually falls in August every year. This 2021, it will fall on August 1.

A popular way of showing appreciation to family members on this day is by exchanging gifts. Thoughtful gifts like coffee mugs, watches, perfumes have certainly found their place as a choice of gifts during such events. Online platforms like Amazon and Target usually offer good discounts to honor this day by the name of Family Day Sales.

Black Friday

Black Friday sales start right after Thanksgiving and mark the profits that online stores will gain towards the year-end. This day includes exclusive deals, discount bonanzas, and discounted products. It usually falls between 23 November to 29 November and earmarks the beginning of the discount season towards the year-end. Shoppers across the Globe buy gifts during this day and consists of various festivities and celebrations.

Cyber Monday

This is a relatively new term of marketing and sales broadcasts by online companies worldwide. Cyber Monday is a day when exclusive deals and exciting discounts are offered on products, especially electronics and appliances.

Cyber Monday sales encourage online retailers to increase their sales and attract shopaholics with exciting deals. It usually falls between November 6 and December 2 and forms a crucial day of the US holidays 2021.

Christmas Day

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations across the entire USA and just like every year will form a major part of the US holidays 2021. It is a celebration to welcome the birth of Jesus. This celebration is accompanied by gifts, get-togethers and festivities. It is an annual celebration on December 25 every year.

This day has exclusive Christmas year-end sales and exciting deals on products and thus quite popular among all.


While you are getting ideas on some of the best gifts for US holidays 2021, look at this space for some more innovative and inspiring gifting ideas during the US holidays 2021. Meanwhile, you can also head over the Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance and popularity.

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