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Veterans Day Sales: Celebrating the Hidden Heroes

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
veterans day sales

Veteran's Day sale offers a slew of gifts for Veterans and come with amazing deals and ideas. Veteran's Day is also popular as Armistice Day. It pays tribute to all the living veterans who served their country during war times. This day came into being on Nov. 11, 1919, also the first anniversary of the ending of World War I.

After Congress passed a resolution in 1926 to observe this day as an annual tribute to veterans living or dead across the continent. Thus, Nov. 11 became a national holiday since 1938. Unlike Memorial Day, which honors the dead only, Veteran's Day offers tribute to all American veterans either living or dead. This date is significant as it was in the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, that World War I ended.

When is Veteran's Day?

Veteran's Day will fall on a Thursday, November 11, 2021. It is usually a federal holiday. The Veteran's day is celebrated with parades, mass & church services. In many places, the American flag hangs at half-mast. Many residential societies also host a slew of events ranging from theater, choir groups and even get-togethers in the honor of living veterans.

How Did Poppies Become the Symbol of Veteran's Day?

Poppies were one of the first flowers to bloom on the graves of the dead soldiers in Belgium. Thus, poppies became the National symbol of remembrance for Veterans Day in 1920.

Veteran's Day Sales

Like every grand celebration, even Veterans' day calls for club lunches, get-togethers of the veterans with gifts and products felicitating their contribution and hard work. There are many old age homes too with surviving veterans that celebrate their role during war and peace. So, we are bringing to you some thoughtful gifts you can buy this Veteran's Day, 2021.

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