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Feature wise top Womens tops, tees and blouses

Women Tops, Tess and Blouses Buying Guide

Fashionable Tops, Tees, and Blouses are always in demand in the women's wardrobes, and choosing the right style of dressing can make you feel like a diva. Trends keep changing, and popular brands come with lots of stylish Tops, Tees, and Blouses in vibrant colours and a variety of looks making you feel like a fashionista. However, being in the essential category of apparel, there are plenty of options available to choose from, and depending on factors such as size, shape, or occasion, you can decide to buy the item that can bring you on top in fashion.

Types of Top, Tees and Blouses 

Fashion lovers always want to upgrade their wardrobe with trendy wears. Look at ever-green tops or t-shirts that you can classify into your workwear, casual wear, or occasional wear. Not to forget the mixing and matching of your clothes can also yield great results.  

Crop Top 

Crop tops had been quite popular during the era of the 70s and 80s, and now it has become essential wear of women’s wardrobe. Crop Top first became a choice to flaunt toned abs and a fit body, but now it has taken the place of a classic outfit. It has turned into sophisticated wear and comes in different styles such as Blouson Crop Top, Cape Crop Top and Regular Crop Top. These Tops are comfortable and look great with high waist jeans or skirts considering its design and style.

Blouse Top 

Blouse Tops come in a variety of styles that generally have three-fourth-sleeves and created with lightweight materials like cotton or silk.  With a wide range of designs, Blouse Tops have grown as formal wear and are considered essential and glamorous at the same time. You can pair these with any bottoms as per your purpose. 

Tunic Tops 

Tunic Tops are a combination of style and modesty. They are available in many versatile designs. Most of the women gravitate to tunics as they are known for their easy-breezy fashion statements. These tops can be of any length between hips to the ankle and are easy to carry as the occasion demands. As they are loosely fit garments, they do not hug your curve and hence, women who are cautious about their hips or waist can smoothly go for these tops. 

Wrap Tops 

Wrap Tops are a good option for casual outings as they give you a V-neck with an over-lapping style. Wrap Tops are available in different patterns and designs and can be worn for casual evening outing depending on the bottom you choose to pair it with. Hence, different styles of Wrap Tops can allow you to style differently resulting in a gorgeous look. 

Off Shoulder tops 

Off Shoulder Top gives you a classy look and has become the latest trend worldwide. These tops are rocking in the fashion industry and have emerged as an elegant style of fashion. Pairing with a slim-fit jean or a pencil skirt it can you give you an attractive look. As these tops are also available in exciting styles and colors, no women wardrobe usually lacks such styles. 

Asymmetric Tops 

These tops are new in the fashion industry and come with a hem of uneven sides that make this top an odd one out. Asymmetric Tops with high heels and tight jeans gives you an elegant look. You can avail these tops in subtle colors with sleeves or sleeveless that help you in converting your modest look to a chic look. 

Round Neck T-Shirts 

Round Neck T-shirts are the best apparels to invest in as they come in solid colors or with graphic patterns that give you a casual or funky look. These are known as Crewneck T-Shirts and never go out of fashion. 

V-Neck T-Shirts 

V-Neck T-Shirts give a flattering look to your collar bone. You can avail of these T-shirts in a variety of solid colors or printed themes. These T-Shirts with stripped palazzos can help you to get a fabulous casual chic look in day outings. 

Collated T-Shirts 

Wearing T-Shirts with collars can be fun as it can give you a robust athlete look. These T-Shirts are highly in demand for use in the gym or exercise. But nowadays, most women wear Collated T-Shirts with skirts, trousers to create a formal look at work. 

High Neck T-Shirts 

High Neck T-Shirts are one of the best choices of T-Shirts for women as it gives a slim look to the waist. You can team these T-Shirts with jeans and joggers to get a classy look. These are generally best for a grocery run or walk in the park. 

How to Choose Right Top, Tees, and Blouses

Finding the right kind of clothing that is not only comfortable but trendy as well, is a tricky task. Tops, Tees and Blouses that are durable, comfortable, and fashion-friendly are often a priority for the majority of women. Hence, let's look at some of the points below to choose upper body wear that suits your body frame and flatters your look. 

Fabric Type 

Deciding on the type of a Fabric is always a crucial point to think as the best material fabric will withstand wear and tear for a long time and give you the desired comfort. The materials like Merino Wool, Bamboo, Jersey, Pima Cotton, Linen, Synthetic, polyester have their features that help in creating an attire that is soft, durable, breathable, wrinkle-free, stretchable, and sustainable. 

Fabric Quality 

As mentioned earlier, the quality varies for the material used to design Tops and Blouses. The lousy quality can result in color fading, shrinking of the garment etc. So, check for the class of quality that suits your body, as the right quality will give you the right look.  


The design of apparel can be a decision-maker in purchasing a particular piece of clothing. Sewing Designs or patterns can become a reason to buy any Top or T-Shirt. Therefore before buying any particular tops or tees, research whether the design is in trend or not and then make a decision.

Cut off the Top, T-shirts or Styles 

There are a number of styles and types of Top, Tees, and Blouses depending upon the trend and fashion style. So, choose for what your wardrobe is lacking and or the way you want to look. 

Size and Fit 

Wearing the wrong size of clothing could be a fashion disaster. Wrong size and fit of clothes can make you look unappealing and kill the look of the dress as well as your personality. Invest in a material that flaunts your body like Chiffon, or Cotton. 


Dresses and occasions go hand in hand. Certain occasions demand formal wear while some demand a casual look. Take into consideration the occasion before investing in women wear. For example, you cannot wear jeans and casual for the annual office party.

Sewing Construction 

Bad Sewing can give out a wrong body shape even when the T-shirts or the Blouses look great. Take a look at the description before making a decision and if you are buying online, take a look into the return policy in case you don’t like the sewing of the clothing.  


Go for the Brands that are reliable and famous for selling trendy Tops and T-Shirt as these brands come with quality assurance and a stylish look. They also come in vibrant colors for every season helping you update your wardrobe. Branded wear exhibits material that has a comfy feel to it. Branded wear also offers durability and a good fit. 


You can invest as per your pocket since a wide range of Tops or blouses is available in the market for every price range. The costs can vary from the lower to higher range depending on the quality and brand. 


Buying a trendy fashion attire is a necessary requirement for women, and the above pointers may help you become a fashionista. You can build your own style and be the centre of attention. So, don't be afraid to try new patterns or designs to flaunt. You can buy a variety of trendy t-shirts tops and blouses of popular brands under one roof via e-commerce portals with their easy policies like replacement and a money-back guarantee in place. So, check for the ongoing trends and own top fashion pieces in your closet with comfort and confidence. 

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