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Flip Phones or Smartphones: Which One Will You Choose?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
flip phones versus smartphones

The comeback of flip phones has been met with mixed reactions of skepticism and delight. Skepticism on the fact, whether spending on a flip phone in this era of smartphones is a wise thing to do and delight on the fact of encountering a device of yesteryears taking us back to those nostalgic years. Such phones were a delight during the early 2000s before iPhones and smartphones took over our lives. The relaunch of this phone has managed to wake up many expectations and anticipations eagerly looking for a reason to own a flip phone. This blog will focus on a few of the doubts about whether investing in flip phones is worth our money and time or not.

Now there are certain newer models of such phones with flip phone design and smartphone features, but they are quite expensive. But for the other half who are still deliberating whether to go for a traditional flip phone or not, this blog should give you more clarity on it. The Flip Phone: The Era of Simplicity Is Back

What are Flip Phones?

These refer to the basic yet effective phones from the era of early handsets which contain a flap and a screen that can be folded on top of another with the help of a hinge. Although, traditionally such phones were made just for basic functions like texts, calls, and other basic functions, the relaunch of flip phones has seen a new trend in this domain. The flip phones launched now is a combination of yesteryear's flip phone features as far as the model is concerned and the features of a smartphone in one single device. Take a look at our featured section for more choices on your buying options.

Here are some classic flip phones that you can purchase today: Samsung Rugby 3 A997, TracFone MyFlip 4G and Samsung Convoy 3 S.

Flip Phones Vs. Smartphones

Advantages of Smart Phones

Smartphones are smart with loads of functions and features like internet, browsing, and GPS control, etc.

  • Access to the internet

Smartphones allow easy access to the internet with good acceptance of adaptability towards 4G and 5G. Therefore, it is easier to stay online for professional as well as personal reasons via email, smart chats and other digital platforms

  • Access to social networking websites

Smartphones support the formats for various social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, which is not possible with Flip phones

  • Tech-savvy

Smartphones are majorly for tech-savvy people with features like play stores, free downloads, and virtual assistants.

  • GPS accessibility

This is a very smart and convenient feature, which in a way takes away all the points. GPS technology and accessibility is something which we all look forward for navigation purposes. So much is the dependability that we rely on GPS more than on our instinct to find our directions around.

  • Touch screen

Touch screens have been a very delightful transition from the traditional and qwerty keypad elevating convenience to the next level.

  • Massive Storage, Camera Features and Other Photo Settings

Smartphones come with massive storage and extendable memory which is like a boon in this age of selfies and thousands of files. To top it, there came the 360-degree view and GIF features with advanced cameras.

Advantages of Flip Phones

Such phones are based on a very basic technology of just making calls and texting. 

  • Simpler technology

Flip phones like "Samsung Convoy 3 Grey" offer simpler technology with just text, type, and other basic functions like alarms. The overall built of such phones are simpler with no use of finger touch. This is a much-preferred feature for our older generation making them suitable for their use

  • Radiation

Flip phones offer very less radiation as compared to smartphones which emit high levels of radiation that our body absorbs. The fact of excessive browsing in smartphones doesn't help this cause, unlike flip phones which have minimal usage due to limited functionality.

  • Long battery life

Flip phones have a robust built and long battery life as compared to smartphones which continue to consume battery with apps running in the background. Since flip doesn't have any background running apps, the battery life stays good for an elongated period

  • Security

Smartphones are like our shadow nowadays with all kinds of navigation and browsing in our history. This includes online payments, banking forums, passwords and so much more making it prone to snooping and hacking. With flip phones and limited browsing facility, such problems do not arise.

  • Cost

The basic flip phones are not very expensive as compared to a smartphone due to constraints in features and can act as a good backup phone for those in need.

Is Investing in Flip Phones Worth?

Flip phones offer us an added advantage if we want to disconnect from the virtual world and live in a simplistic world. But for most of us, whose lives revolve around smartphones and the virtual world detaching ourselves and going back to minimalistic technology will be no less than a nightmare.

If you are still unconvinced about flip phones then these touch phones might interest you: Samsung Galaxy A01, TCL 10L and Ulefone Note 9P.

Why Flip Phones?

If you feel the need to switch to simpler technology without the world disturbing you, then phones like are for you. If you need some space and time for yourself without technology knocking at your door every 10 sec, then I would say, it is time to switch from a smartphone to a flip phone. Although considering the world that we live in that revolves around the digital world, switching entirely is not possible. However, flip phones could be a smart backup to focus on yourself and not be perturbed by the world around us.

Flip Phones and Verizon

Verizon, a US-based telecommunication company has launched its series of flip phones like the "Samsung Haven U320 Verizon CDMA Flip Phone". It connects to a 4G network with a robust built, sturdy body and high-resolution screen. What makes it better are the exciting Verizon deals for it that come exclusively to this model.

Our Verdict

I would like to say that flip phones are slowly gaining popularity as a backup phone along with the smartphone for people who like to cut themselves off at the end of the day.  However, it is yet to see, if the popularity exceeds the smartphone expectations as the market is probably still not ready to backtrack into a technology that was left behind. Only the ones that are sick and tired of the internet, and of all the social media overdose, are perhaps more inclined towards flip phones.

However, to be fair, the choice of living a simple life in this era of anxiety and the joy of hanging up on someone with the click of the flap on a flip phone is something which only a flip phone can give.

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