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The Flip Phone: The Era of Simplicity Is Back

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Do you remember those days when closing the flap of a flip phone in style was in trend? Well, at least most of the Hollywood movies did showcase flip phones in their movies? I know those years are long gone, but guess what? The iconic flip phones are making a comeback!

They are back in full-function mode, with some of the top mobile companies producing them at full scale. The only difference is that they are a little smarter as compared to the flip phones of the good old days. Today, companies are combining flip phone and smartphone technology to remodel them and sell them. This blog will particularly talk about the basics of a flip phone. Although many of us are already familiar with it, it will reintroduce you to this concept all over again. Flip Phones or Smartphones: Which One Will You Choose?

What is a Flip Phone?

Flip Phones, also known as the clamshell phones folds into two parts via a hinge into a flap and a mobile body. Often the flap displays missed calls, messages, time, etc.  These compact phones were quite in-demand in late 2000, before the onset of our very own iPhone. Available in a vibrant collection of colors, these phones were a favorite with the majority of the people. It was majorly because of their handy features, and minimalist design which we shall talk in a bit.

Here are some classic flip phones that you can purchase today: Samsung Rugby 3 A997, TracFone MyFlip 4G and Samsung Convoy 3 S.

But what made them come back? And why has it been getting a lot of attention lately?

For a first, no one predicted this. Smartphones are a dominant part of our lives that no one could anticipate flip phones becoming a 'thing' again. But it's official. Companies like Motorola and Samsung are looking at marrying smartphone features with the flip phone designs. The smartphones and iPhones have been in our lives for so long that we feel we have seen everything. Although there is always a new feature or model that is seen in the market, smartphones aren't getting better than it already is.

This is the reason why the come-back of such phones has managed to raise a lot of eyebrows and curiosity. Another reason is our older generation. They still struggles with a smartphone and would happily accept a phone with simple style and navigation.

So, what’s new?

The flip phones of today have a single big-screen folding into a flap and an extended screen from the base to the hinge. The newer models have a bigger screen, better font, and many smartphone features, not to forget the improved camera quality.

Flip Phone Vs. Android Phones

Are flip phones better than android phones? Is it mindful to spend thousands of dollars on such a phone, instead of a smartphone? The answer to this entirely depends on your need and few other factors.


If you are someone who depends on an online presence for your work or entertainment, then the basic flip phones aren't for you. But, if you are looking at the newer models, the price does not justify their functionality. After all, an affordable android phone can also perform all modern flip phone tasks with ease. However, if you want to get away from the online pressure that is common nowadays, the traditional ones are just the phones for you.


The basic flip phones are quite affordable as compared to a high-end smartphone. Although the newer models are plush and competitive, their high price overwhelms their other features. As for those, who are in love with the android features and the flip phone design, they will be delighted with the current models.

Are there Apps in a Flip Phone?

Most of the traditional flip phones don't have access to Google play store or an app store. However, they can access certain apps and games. The purpose of flip phones is to allow you to stay connected in a very traditional way of just texts and calls and that is why it can act as a great secondary phone.

Can't we have the best of both the worlds? Can't Flip Phones be like Smartphones"?

Well, as mentioned before, there are tech giants like Samsung and Motorola who has combined the features of a smartphone with that of a flip phone to offer you the best of both the worlds. These are smart, robust and trendy phones that can be folded into two like a flip phone, but exhibits all smartphone features functionally.

But the only downside to this is the cost factor which is on the higher end and often overrules the need of your owning a flip phone desire. Having said this, let us take a look at some of the features that makes the flip phones of today better than our old ones.

  • A bigger and better screen
  • High resolution and pixels
  • Great camera options
  • Modern connectivity like 4G & 5G
  • Great style
  • Durable yet sleek
  • Internet and Digital media accessibility

iPhones Vs. Flip Phone

The rise of iPhone gave way to the people's desire of owning the best smartphones in the world and owning an iPhone gradually became an object of necessity as well as desirability. Since, an iPhone doesn't come cheap and fulfills all our current needs of being active virtually and functionally, giving up an iPhone for a Flip Phone is not recommended.

The comeback of Flip Phones was not anticipated and the dependability and preference for such phones are yet to be seen. Therefore, switching to a smart flip phone from the mega iPhone might be a switch too soon, if you are looking it from the point of owning a single handset.

If you are still unconvinced about flip phones then you should check out the new Apple iPhone 12. If want an android phone then the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G might be the one for you.


The market of Flip Phones is yet to be made, as skepticism and resistance to change often overrules acceptability. Although there is a certain uncertainty attached to the re-launch of flip phones, the basic models of Flip Phones for seniors will be a great solution. The simplicity, functionality, and style of the original flip phone is what makes them endearing. Whether or not flip phones are here to stay, only time and demand will tell. Till then existing smartphones will be our solace.

The return of flip phones has raised a lot of anticipations and expectations, and only time will tell if this renewed concept is strong enough to bring us together like the smartphone community. Nevertheless, if you were looking for a backup phone, there are certain options in the market which comes at an affordable cost and is a suitable replacement for other basic phones.

Created with Raphaël
Created with Raphaël
Created with Raphaël

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