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Electric Griddles: Every Kitchen’s Must-have

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Civilization has come quite far in making themselves independent in every area of our lives. Today the urban lifestyle represents convenience and comfort as ideals to live by and the electric griddles are one smart appliance that matches the urban expectations. Talking about something as significant as the kitchen arena where delicious and delectable foods are whipped up, many appliances are designed and created to make our lives easy and comfortable.

Nowadays, the kitchen is a space where exciting ideas and sumptuous food ideas are backed up by advanced technology. Various equipment upgrades today makes our kitchen much more than just a mere food-making space. This article will focus on one such equipment that significantly makes our lives easier and our food healthier - the Electric Griddle.

What are Electric Griddles?

This kitchen essential is a big, broad, and flat pan with handles on either side and raised edges. They can accommodate cooking foods such as pancakes, stakes, bacon, omelettes, etc. to perfection. Electric griddles are placed directly over a fire and come with built-in burners for cooking. This facilitates uniform cooking. You can combine the cooking on an electric griddle with another smart kitchen essential- The Grill Press. This essential helps enhance flavors and even cooking while cooking on griddles. Cuisinart Electric Griddles is suitable for outdoor purposes as well. If you are looking for cooking equipments specificially for camping activities, we suggest you can check out the featured section that lists some of the best camping pots, pans and griddles. Moreover, make sure to check out the Best Camping Cots that will help you add comfort in your expetition experience.

Gas Griddles Vs Electric griddles

  • Structure

An electric griddle has an in-built heating mechanism. This allows it to warm up quickly when placed over a cooktop range. The major advantage of an electric griddle is the even distribution of heat allowing the food to cook evenly. In gas griddles, if the flames are interrupted by external sources like wind, uniform cooking is often difficult to achieve. This means you will have to maneuver the griddle manually to ensure the food is cooked thoroughly.

  • Heating mechanism

An electric griddle like Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle has an embedded heating system that becomes active with the heat of the cooktop range. But a gas griddle contains burners underneath that is lit by a propane gas tank.

  • Seasoning

This is again a very major point of difference between the two types. An electric griddle, usually, requires less or no seasoning and comes with a non-stick finish.  However, if the griddle needs seasoning, read through our blog, "Griddle Seasoning" to improve your dining experience. But in gas griddles, proper seasoning is crucial before use, to ensure a non-sticky base and thorough cooking.

  • Energy-Efficient

An electric griddle is more energy-efficient than a gas griddle. Their built-in burners tend to heat and cook food quicker than a gas griddle. With a gas griddle, you will end up spending quite an amount in refilling the fuel.

  • Uniform Cooking

Electric griddles allow uniform cooking as compared to gas griddles due to even heat distribution mechanism. But in a gas griddle, interferences like wind, availability of fuel, etc. can disrupt the cooking process.

Thus, in this tug-of-war between these two, the former takes the spotlight.

Now let’s take a look at the materials that are used in manufacturing electric griddles.

An electric griddle showcases various metal bases like a cast-iron, stainless steel, wrought iron, etc. as they are good heat conductor agents.

How to choose the perfect griddle?

The most preferred electric griddle amongst these is the cast iron electric griddle. This is because a cast iron griddle can lend a very authentic taste to the food if seasoned properly. Presto Electric Griddles takes just very little time to heat up and it stays hot for a longer duration.

Now that we know the purpose of an electric griddle, just cooking on them is not enough. Maintaining the griddle is an equally important task. To do this, a thorough cleaning is essential from time to time with a light rinse after every cooking session.

How to clean a griddle?

The cleaning of an electric griddle is not a very difficult task under a proper regime.

  • Pre-heating as it is necessary for the stuck food particle to become undone
  • Scraping off the food particles
  • Scrubbing with a sponge and some detergent gently to get rid of any grease
  • Rest the pan for a few minutes so that the grease comes off
  • Rinse with cold water till you feel the grease coming off, followed with a wet wipe to wrap up the cleaning

There you go, now you know about maintenance as well. This should help you to take care of your precious griddle so that it lasts. However, to know about the cleaning process in detail, read my blog on, "How to Clean a Griddle?"

What to cook in an electric griddle, and how different will the cooking be as compared to a gas griddle?

Dishes like omelette bacon, hash brown, pancakes, and burgers can be easily prepared in a Smokeless coated Electric griddle. However, all of these dishes, when cooked in a gas griddle, have the risk of getting burnt as the temperature controls in Gas Griddles are difficult to manage. But with an Electric Griddle, the temperature control system is easy to navigate, allowing delicate dishes like bacon and omelet quite easy to make.

Best Electric Griddles to Buy

An electric griddle exhibiting features like durability, robust built, reliability, scratch-free surface, and convenience can be categorized as a good griddle. One of the best buys can be, "Dash Non-Stick Electric Griddle" which is reviewed and recommended product by many users. To know more about the best-reviewed griddles, check out our selection on some of the best-recommended griddles.

Griddles and Grill Press are types of equipment that have been quite experimented with and are in huge demand in commercial settings like restaurants. Initially, they were kept a secret as these pieces of equipment used to be a chef's weapons. But today, you can use them to whisk up restaurant-quality dishes right from the comforts of your house. Therefore, if you have been thinking lately, of bringing a twist to your cooking to surprise your children or family, then these kitchen essentials are a perfect way to start with.

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