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Image of Vaburs iPhone 7 iPhone 8...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 300+ reviews
Material quality


Screen and Camera Protection




Heat and dust resistance



  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Sleek design


Image of JETech Case for Apple...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 5000+ reviews
Material quality


Screen and Camera Protection




Heat and dust resistance



  • Protects the screen from scratches in front and on the back
  • Good quality product
  • Affordable


  • Thin body


Image of FYY Case for iPhone 8...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 3100+ reviews
Material quality


Screen and Camera Protection




Heat and dust resistance



  • Sturdy and attractive
  • Good quality clip
  • Good fitting


  • Thin front lip
  • Not durable

Feature wise top Cell phone cases

Cell phone cases : Screen and Camera Protection

Screen and Camera...

iPhone 8 Case Liquid Silicone, iPhone 7 Silicone Case Miracase Gel Rubber Full Body Protection Shockproof Cover Case Drop Protection for Apple iPhone 7/ iPhone 8(4.7") (Clove Purple)
Cell phone cases : Heat and dust resistance

Heat and dust resistance

Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case, IPX8 Waterproof Phone Pouch Dry Bag Compatible for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max/Xs Max/XR/X/8/8P Galaxy up to 6.8", Phone Pouch for Beach Kayaking Travel or Bath (2 Pack)

Cellphone Cases Buying Guide

Buying an expensive smartphone is a delightful moment in anyone’s life. As much as a phone is important, a sturdy case to protect it is equally essential. A cell phone cover can protect your phone from drops, spills and many other accidents that can ruin it. It is said that a shattered phone screen is one of the most common accidents you will face if your phone is not appropriately protected. Mobile phone cases are made of majorly silicone, leather, rubber, aluminium and various other materials

Benefits of Cellphone Cases

Maintains Good Condition of the Phone

Mobile phones cases not only keep your phone protected from damages but also keeps your phone in good condition for a long time 

Offers a Stylish and Smart Look

The mobile phone comes in various colors and designs, which gives a very stylish and unique look to your phone.

Prevents from Scratches and Color Fade

Mobile phone covers prevent your phone from scratches and color removal, increasing the durability of your phone.

Provides a Good Grip

Cellphone cases provide better grip so that your phone accidentally doesn’t slip of your hands.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Cellphone Case


Mobile phones come in various shapes, color and sizes. So, it is essential to consider that the mobile case is compatible with your mobile style and fits well.


The fit of a cell phone case is very important as loose fit might make the phone slip out and fall down. The lose corners or the case also allow dirt to get inside the case making the back of your phone dirty.


Using a cell phone case can increase the durability of your phone. Depending on your usage, you should choose a case for it and check for its strength. 


Today mobile phone covers are quite expensive because of various styles and designs. If you are looking for protection, go for the sturdy cell phone cases which may be expensive than the other lightweight ones.  


Most people make the mistake of buying the cases without checking its quality but only checking its design. This will not give any reliable protection to your phone.


Rubber and Silicone provides a good grip, while aluminium provides better protection. It is up to you what kind are you looking for.


Good cell phone covers ensure your phone’s protection, keeping it in good condition. Therefore, it is imperative to settle for a quality phone cover. The featured section above showcases some exciting selection of phone covers, that are recommended and reviewed by us based on their durability and quality.  


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