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Best Pillows For Neck Pain: An Informational Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Neck pain is a common ailment people suffer from. The pillows that are specifically for neck pain are made firm to hold your head at the right angle while being soft enough to stimulate your pressure points. If waking up with a sore neck is a problem you often face, chances are your pillow is not appropriate for you.

Your pillow is responsible for holding your neck and head in place and offering optimum comfort while you’re deep in sleep. Hence, in this guide we will walk you through different pillows you can buy and enhance the quality of your sleep. 

Check out our video for an extensive list of pillows for all your needs. https://youtu.be/dHAGF3fJQQc

Best Pillows for Cervical Neck Pain

TEMPUR-Neck Pillow

This Tempur-Pedic cervical pillow contours your head and neck evenly and targets your pain. The solid memory foam helps retain the shape and offers unmatched durability. These pillows also come in different sizes and are encased in a hypoallergenic polyester cover. 

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 

Sweetnight Pillow

Sweetnight pillow has a unique shape and is perfect for comforting your shoulders. They come with added support to help reduce the neck pain. Its filling is a blend of latex and polyester which provides resistance to hold your head with firmness. The cooling gel in the filling helps maintain the temperature and offer a soft feel. 

Best Adjustable Pillow 

Layla Kapok Pillow 

This pillow offers an adjustable design that is perfect for people with neck ache. The blend of memory foam with fibres from the Kapok tree offers comfort. The material is highly breathable and has a long-lasting design. 

Best Comfortable Pillow 

Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillow 

This budget-friendly pillow offers a soft and lofty feel and absorbs heat. It’s made of smooth and breathable cotton. The firmness offers support to the head. It’s appropriate for people who are sensitive to allergies. 

Best Value Pillow 

Sweet Night Original Pillow 

With a close conformed design, this one is available at a nightly attractive price. The memory foam conforms closely and allows optimal airflow. It comes with a zipper cover with which you can choose the left that works best for your sleeping style. This one is a viable option for all types of sleepers. 


Choosing a good pillow is very important for having a comfortable night’s sleep. Things like support, firmness level, shape, and support should be considered thoroughly before making a purchase. You can also add throw pillows for better comfort and support. It’s also very important to wash your pillows frequently and maintain them.  

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Happy shopping to you!


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