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Is a Chest Freezer Worth: Cost Vs. Benefit Analysis

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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A chest freezer is a perfect alternative way to store veggies, meat, and beverages for a long time without spoiling their taste and appearance. Often we end up with full refrigerators and there’s barely any space to stock more food. This can get really bothersome if you have a large family. To save yourself the trouble, you can consider investing in a chest freezer to expand your storage. In this blog, we will walk you through a cost vs. benefit analysis so that you can make your choice!

Investment Required 

Apart from the upfront cost, you will also have to consider the monthly electricity consumption cost and some occasional maintenance costs. Chest or upright freezers are stand-alone units that remain independent, unlike refrigerators. Many variants in the market today come with an energy-star rating for low power consumption and extended-warranty which can help you cut down on some significant costs. Just like price, there are other factors that you should consider before spending on a freezer.

For a 7 cubic ft. freezer, the investment can vary around $200-250 with an additional electricity cost of $2-3 per month. Similarly, for 15 cubic ft, the investment can vary around $400-450 with an additional electricity cost of $5-6 per month. For 25 cubic ft, the investment can vary around $700-750 with an additional electricity cost of $8-10 per month. Keeping the expense in mind, you can go with one which satisfies your needs.

Benefits of Investing in a Chest Freezer

Stocking Frozen Food 

Stocking frozen food can help you save costs by eating out less often. After a hectic day, one generally tends to order food from outside. If you invest in a chest freezer, you can easily stock up on your favorite frozen snacks. You can also do prior meal prep and snack on it later. 

Stocking During Sales 

You can stock many things inside your chest freezer. Generally, during the sales period, we have to limit our shopping because of the less space. However, buying a chest freezer can help with that dilemma by storing extra food for days. A good example of such a freezer is Igloo Chest Freezer

Storing Fresh Fruit 

If you grow your own fruits or pick them up from the local farms, you can pick up berries and peaches in bulk and store them to make yummy and healthy salads and snacks. A great option in this section is Midea Chest Freezer.

Meal Prep

Sometimes when you know you have a hectic week ahead, you can make lasagne, soups, and other food items in large batches and store them inside your freezer. A great alternative in this section is Midea Chest Freezer.


If you often run out of space for storing your food, it’s time for you to invest in a freezer. There are usually chest freezers and upright freezers in various types and they both come with their own pros and cons. However, to know more about them, read our blog chest freezers vs. upright freezers. Freezers help you save money by decreasing your dine out trips significantly. We hope our blog will be helpful to you. 

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Happy shopping to you!


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