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Adult Card Games: Finding the Ace in Each Other’s Company

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Card games have something in store for everyone. Be it for the kids, or a family game night or some adult get together, card games can never disappoint. Most of the adult card games revolve around raunchy topics that, if taken playfully, can give you some unforgettable moments. Such get-togethers are occasions where you can let your hair down for some fun and laughter with your best buds. However, if you are looking for some quiet time with friends, then "Two-Player Card Games" will be the best for you. This blog will solely talk about the adult card games that act as our Friday night staples with excitement and fun as the main agenda.

Cards Against Humanity: The Alpha Adult Card Game

This game is one of the popular card games often played in parties or between couples. It somehow changes our outlook towards card games. The makers of Card Against Humanity say that this is a game for horrible people to play. You should have a good as well as a dark sense of humor to appreciate this game. This game brings out the offensive and shocking aspects of life, art, and the forgotten pop culture.

However, if you are a little shy about certain subjects, you can even remove the offensive cards from the lot. The more absurd your answer is, the more points you will collect. The player with the highest points wins. You can take a look at our some of the card games for kids too if you like a subtler game.

Bad People: All in the Spirit of the Game

This game is for the close-knit friends or people with whom you have a good understanding. This is because the game, Bad People can be a little insulting yet will have an element of playful banter. This game contains cards that will ask embarrassing and offensive questions, which the others must answer.

It is usually the handler that asks and directs the questions. Overall, this card game is amazing as you get to know what other people think of you, but all in the spirit of the game.

What do you Meme?

This game is for those social media savvy people who love spending hours sharing sarcasm and memes. It is intended to play with friends and is not offensive as it is not directed at anyone. What Do You Meme uses information and pictures from the internet to help you make memes out of it. In the end, it is up to you and how creative or offensive you can get. But it is safe to say that this game can be played with new-found friends and it often helps break the ice. The player who can come up with the most number of right answers wins.

The Voting Game: An Opinionated Adult Card Game

The Voting Game is entirely dependent on how many right guesses you can make for people who can laugh at your expense. This adult card game is one of the funniest and engaging adult card games. Its humorous content makes it quite popular among many adult circles. This game comes with 160 cards containing questions on various subjects.

Although the questions are either funny or a bit offensive, it is finally up to the player how he reacts. The head player will ask the question and reveal the person's identity, whose description the questions fit the best. Then that person has to answer as to how many people voted for that answer. The player with the highest number of right guesses wins.

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid: A Hilarious Card Game

This game resembles 'the voting game' and asks absurd questions. The person whose description fits the best wins. Once any name fits the description, the player wins the card. In the end, the person who has received the least number of cards wins. The objective of Drunk, Stoned or Stupid is to see how well you know your friends or vice-versa and remain quite engaging until the end.

The Bottom Line

Adult card games are often combined with some drinking to make the offensive levels bland. Often such card games combine fun, laughter, and banter making any party memorable. However, if you are someone who likes to spend time with his thoughts and keep his mind constructive, then take a look at our single-player card games blog. It contains many exciting and edgy games to make sure you have a good time with yourself.

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