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What All Does an Android Smartwatch Do?

Updated on Nov 24, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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A smartwatch is a wearable device that includes many functions. An Android smartwatch is a gadget that is compatible with the Android operating system. You can connect this watch with your android gadgets via Bluetooth. Many models can also be connected to android as well as IOS. Smartwatches are often considered as a form of a wearable computer that allows you to remotely keep a tab of your health and your daily digital needs. They are battery-powered devices that use, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Some models last for 2 or 3 days in a single charge, while others can last for up to 7 days. Read our blog to know all about smartwatches.

What All Does An Android Smartwatch Do?

Android Smartwatch as a Travel Buddy

Android Smartwatches often come with built-in navigation that allows you to figure out any directions by just glancing at your wrist. This is better than trying to look into your phone repeatedly for directions. Some smartwatches also come with unique vibrations that tell us where to go. They act as an invisible navigator that helps you with directions without you having to look into them.

Android Smartwatch as a Health Companion

A smartwatch like Burxoe Smartwatch acts as the perfect fitness companion. You can monitor your fitness variables, from pulse rates and heartbeats to calorie count. This gadget also keeps a track of the number of steps you take. It helps in keeping you motivated enough to live a healthy lifestyle. The RTAKO Smart Watch has got good reviews for its heart rate monitor and blood oxygen meter.

Acts as a Phone Finder

Android smart watches come with a 'find phone" feature that allows you to connect the smartwatch to your phone and ring it through the watch. You will never have to worry again about your phone being lost when you have such gadgets with you. These smartwatches are easy to use and learn.

Notifications Access

Smartwatches like iFuntecky Smart Watch allow you access to all kinds of notifications that your phone receives. It can be text messages, emails, or social media alerts. The smartwatch usually records and displays everything to keep you updated with all kinds of notifications and updates.

Never Miss a Call

All calls whether missed or picked will get displayed on the screen of a smartwatch. It also notifies you when any call rings. This is why you never have to miss your calls even when you are not available to pick your phone. This feature has made smartwatches popular and convenient.


This feature is available only in selected brands and is quite convenient for athletes or swimmers to stay connected even during their workout regimes. The intensity of water resistance should be well-identified before the purchase. Some smartwatches come with shallow water resistance and need to be used with care, while others are suitable to function underwater. The reviews of FirYawee Smartwatch show that this model is waterproof and has a rating of IP68.


Most of the smartwatches are compatible with all sorts of software including Android and iPhones. Many of them also come with NFC (near field communications) that allows you to make cashless transactions to make your purchase convenient.

How Does an Android Smartwatch Work?

Android smartwatches like AIKELA Smart Watch can only work with a smartphone. The first step is to install the smartwatch app on the smartphone-like Android wear or Apple software. Once the software is installed, the watch will sync with your phone and start receiving updates from the phone. The phone should always be in the 'on' mode for the smartwatch to function. The display of the smartwatch will allow the user to read all text messages, emails, and other notifications with clarity. Some watches also allow you to install third-party apps like Whatsapp and Spotify.

How to Receive Text Messages on Android Smartwatch?

  • You should have available mobile services on your phone to receive and read text messages.
  • Download the Bluetooth notification app from the app store or play store
  • Once the app downloads, sync it with your smartwatch and put the ‘push SMS’ option to ON mode
  • Go to the message icon in the smartwatch and click on it to send a message, receive a message, and also save anything in the drafts

How Do I Connect My Smartwatch to My Android Phone?

You can connect your smartwatch with your Android device via Bluetooth or an in-build app. The Bluetooth pairing is easy and simple. You will need to turn on the Bluetooth in your smartphone, along with the discoverable mode. The smartphone will get a pairing request once you turn it on. Accept the pairing request and your smartwatch will be connected to your android device.

Do You Have to Carry Your Phone with Android Smartwatch?

The smartwatch has a connectivity range that varies from 8 to 10 meters. The range can vary with brands and models. You do not require your phones to be with you if your watches have cellular connectivity. The smartwatch with such features lets you make and receive calls even when you are away from your phones.

Can I Use Voice Commands on Android Smartwatch?

The answer is Yes. You can use voice commands on android smartwatches using google assistant or Alexa. Many android smartwatches have a built-in google assistant that allows you to take direct voice commands for different functions. You can activate this feature in your device and talk to your smartwatch by saying "Ok Google".


Smartwatches are modern gadgets developed to make your lives simpler. All smartwatches are capable of functioning as a smartphone but in a more compact way. There are many benefits of smartwatches. The advanced apps and mechanisms of such watches make their use convenient and easy. Make sure you read through our beginner's guide before starting to use your shiny new watch.

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