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What All Does a Smartwatch Do?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
What all does a smartwatch do

A smartwatch is a wearable technology that fulfills many functions besides timekeeping. Smartwatches are often considered as a form of a wearable computer that allows you to remotely keep a tab of your health and your daily digital needs.

This blog intends to shed some light on the working mechanism of a smartwatch. It will also explain everything that a smartwatch can do. It also intends to give you all the information about a smartwatch so that you can make an informed choice. 

What All Does a Smartwatch Do?

Smartwatch as a Travel Buddy

Smartwatches often come with built-in navigation that allows you to figure out any directions by just glancing at your wrist. This is better than trying to look into your phone repeatedly for directions. Apple's smartwatches also come with unique vibrations that tell us where to go. They act like an invisible navigator, helping us with the directions without even looking at it. Thus, you can navigate while you soak the scenery in.

Smartwatch as a Health Companion

A smartwatch like Yamay acts as the perfect fitness companion, who always tells us where we stand, literally. Right from pulse rates and heartbeats to calorie count, it monitors everything. It also keeps a track of the number of steps we take so that we can stay motivated enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

Acts as a Phone Finder

Losing your phone just before leaving the house for some important work can be frustrating. But smartwatches come with a 'find phone' feature that allows you to connect the smartwatch to your phone and ring it through the watch. With such gadgets by your side, you will never have to worry again about your phone being lost, ever again.

Notifications Access

Smartwatches like Willful allow you access to all kinds of notifications that your phone receives. Be it text messages, emails, or social media alerts, smartwatch records, and displays everything so that you remain updated with all kinds of notifications and updates.

Never Miss a Call

With a smartwatch, all calls whether missed or otherwise will get displayed on the screen. It also notifies you in cases of any calls, so that you never have to miss them, in case you are not available to pick your phone. This feature has made smartwatches very popular among its fan following.


This feature is available only in selected brands and is quite convenient for athletes or swimmers to stay connected even during their workout regimes. However, the intensity of water resistance should be well-identified before the purchase. While some of them are suitable to function underwater, some come with shallow water resistance and need to be used with care.


Most of the smartwatches are compatible with all sorts of software including Android and iPhones. Their compatibility with all kinds of software with no hassle is what makes them quite popular. Many of them also come with NFC (near field communications) that allows you to make cashless transactions, thus making purchases very convenient.

How Does a Smartwatch Work?

A smartwatch can only work with a smartphone. The first step is to install the smartwatch app on the smartphone-like Android wear or Apple software. Once the software is installed, the watch will sync with your phone and start receiving updates from the phone. However, the phone should always be in the 'on' mode for the smartwatch to function. The display of the smartwatch will allow the user to read all text messages, emails, and other notification with clarity. Some of them also feature audio, which helps you to receive calls.

Some of such watches also allow you to install third-party apps like Whatsapp and Spotify. However, such features vary between brands.

Receiving Text Messages on Your Smart Watch- The Process

  • The first step towards receiving and reading text messages on your smartwatches is to have mobile service available on your phone
  • Next download the Bluetooth notification app from the app store or play store
  • Once the app downloads sync it with your smartwatch and put the ‘push SMS’ option to ON mode
  • Once that is done, go to the message icon in the smartwatch and click on it to send a message, receive a message, and also save anything in the drafts


Smartwatches are modern gadgets developed to make our lives simpler and also to get us acquainted with evolving technology. All smartwatches are capable of functioning as a smartphone but in a more compact way. With advanced apps and mechanisms of such watches, wearable technology has indeed taken over the portable technology of a smartphone but, in a more coordinated way. But make sure to read our beginner's guide before starting to use your shiny new watch.

Smartwatches cannot function without smartphones but smartphones can. However, if you are someone who hates to keep peeping in your phones for every little notification, then smartwatches are just for you. It allows you a greater extent of mobility and hands-free feature making them a hot favorite among its users. Bestviewsreviews recommends and reviews some of the best products for you based on their performance, quality, and popularity and is a potential platform to make some great buying choices. 

Created with Raphaël
Created with Raphaël
Created with Raphaël

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