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The Amazon Fire Tablet Editions

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Amazon Fire Tablet

Fire tablet is the latest edition by Amazon in its range of electronics & gadgets. A fire tablet supports ‘Fire’ operating system and is a new edition engineered by Amazon. These are tablets with a fast processor, designed mainly for entertainment purpose. Amazon fire tablets come in the edition of 7,8 and 10, along with their HD versions available. Look at the most trending Amazon Fire tablets recommended and reviewed for 2020. The Fire OS is exclusive with Amazon for its fire products, like mobile phones and tablets.

These fire tablets focus on entertainment apps and content, dedicated for music, books, videos, games, newsstand with the feature to pick up right from where you left off. However, after reading this blog, make sure to understand the tips of buying the best tablet easily.

Advantages of Using Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon Fire tablets offer you functionality, durability and access to lots of fun content suitable for you and your kids as well. It gives access to mass content in the Amazon portal specifically for fun. Since the Fire OS in the fire tablets is based on Android, it allows you to access the entire Google play for games, videos, books etc. along with access to Google maps, hangouts, chrome, Gmail, etc.

We have listed the various editions of Amazon Fire Tablet so that you can understand the suitable tablet for purposes like reading, entertainment etc.

Is There a Monthly Fee to Use Internet On Amazon Fire Tablet?

Then the answer is Yes and No. You don’t require any extra fees to access the free content in it. But if you are into platforms like Amazon Prime and other subscription services like Netflix, then you need to pay the designated fees.

Can you Access the Amazon Fire Tablet Even if you Don't Have an Amazon Account?

The answer to this is No. To access the content available in Fire tablet, a regular Amazon account is a must. Only then you can access the content that comes with it. However, you don't require a Prime membership to access the general entertainment content in Amazon.

Since we are talking about browsing and without internet almost all devices seem useless, this range offers you full access to the internet. The basic range will only allow you to connect your fire tablet to a Wi-Fi rather than legit data services. But the upgraded designs allow you to access the internet through sim card cellular data services as well along with the facility to make calls.

Fire Tablet Editions

There are 7 major Fire Tablet editions in fire tablets- the Fire 7, Fire 8 HD, Fire HD 8 Plus, Fire HD 10 Kids' tablet, Fire 7 kids edition, Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, Fire HD 10 Edition.

This blog will talk about each of these Amazon fire tablets in terms of features and other aspects. Let’s take a look.

Amazon Tablet Fire 7

Fire 7 is the basic series of the Amazon Fire tablet range with a 7-inch LCD, and a 2MP camera embedded in it. Fire 7 tablet is available in Matt plastic and costs you an approx of USD 50. Although it has limited memory, you can expand it to 512 extended storage for offline viewing.

You can even browse the internet through Amazon fire 7 tablet. However, you can connect it only through Wi-fi services and not any cellular network. Since Fire OS is from Android, it can easily access the Google play store for apps and games.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids' Edition

Another product, Amazon Fire 7 kids edition tablet is the latest to its list of Fire tablets. This tablet is specifically offers access to kids related content in Amazon portal. The best part about this kids fire tablet is the feature called FreeTime Unlimited that gives access to many kids related movies, books, videos and lots more. Also, it comes with parental control, allowing the parents to decide what their kids can watch.

Fire 8 or Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire 8 or Fire 8 and Fire HD 8 tablets are the best among this range as it is not only affordable but, seems to give a seamless user experience. With an 8 inch screen, expandable memory, virtual assistant Alexa command and a good camera, this Fire tablet is worth your every penny. Although the battery life is good, it takes a good amount of time to charge fully. Another popular product in this one is the Fire 8 Kids' edition with proper parental features and entertainment in one place.

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

This is the newest addition in the family of Amazon fire tablets. This edition comes with a 10.10-inch screen with a seamless interface. The screen is HD with AI integrated Alexa, and the specifications almost remain the same as Lenovo series. Priced at USD149 this tablet surely gives you a run for your money.

Why are Fire Tablets So Cheap?

The reason why Amazon tablets are priced low is because of the specifications provided. The features and specifications that are available with Fire tablets are not that advanced as compared to the tablets of today. Such tablets are designed for a niche market who seeks only entertainment and thus, pricing it equivalent to other trending tablets would not have met its purpose or profit. If you are confused between an Amazon Fire Tablet and a laptop, read my blog on, “Tablets Vs. Laptops“.

Fire Tablets Vs. iPads

With this, a major point of comparison between Fire tablets and iPad are-

  • Apple’s iPad is one of the most powerfully built tablets in the world whereas the Fire tablets, although not as competent as the iPad provide the best tablet experience within a budgeted option
  • The screen resolution for an iPad is way higher than a fire tablet
  • The processor for an iPad is powerful as compared to a fire tablet
  • Structurally, the iPad has got a metal body unlike fire tablets which come with a plastic finish
  • The fire tablets offer an expandable memory with the help of MicroSD card as compared to iPads where this facility is not available

Therefore, both the iPad and a Fire tablet are equally good in their strengths and should be considered depending on your requirement. If you want a robust build and multi-tasking feature, not to mention the status of owning an Apple Product, then an iPad, hands down is the best for you. But if you are looking at a budgeted option with basic functions but especially entertainment, then you should go for Fire tablets.


Does the tablet come with Google play installed? If not, how to install Google play on amazon fire tablet?

Google Play doesn’t come installed in a Fire tablet. To install it, the following steps can be followed;

  • Power on your Fire tablet
  • Click on settings and enable the option of “Apps from Unknown sources”
  • Install APKKS file from the internet
  • Check Amazon app store, If Google play store is available, download it
  • If not, then download it directly from the internet

What to do if my fire tablet won’t charge?

If your Amazon fire tablet is starved of power, the following can be done;

  • Check the charging adapter by connecting the cable to a computer, if it starts charging, then the adapter needs to be replaced
  • If the cable has gone bad, check it with a new cable
  • Try resetting the tablet or try switching Off/On
  • A Bad battery could also be an issue. If none of the above is working, its time to pay a visit to your tablet store for technician’s support
  • If the charging port is not working, a technician can help in replacing it

These are the usual scenario when your tablet won’t charge.

In a Nutshell

Investing in a Fire tablet will not only revive you of your boredom because of its engaging content but also it will be an excellent gadget for your kids. The sole purpose of Fire tablet is to provide entertainment and although other gadgets are also savvy in providing you with that, the price for these gadgets are higher. At the same time, remember to lookout for a good tablet case too. Tablet cases protect your tablets against accidentals slips and breaks.

If you are someone who loves to live in the Amazon Eco-sphere and not in need of multi-tasking on a tablet, the Amazon Fire Tablet is for you. But if you are looking for something, for work then you should probably go for iPads or Lenovo or HP as they would be able to satisfy your requirement much better. For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend only the best for you.

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