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Universal Laptop Chargers: Are They Better?

Written by Jessica Parker
Updated on Sep 20, 2022
Universal Laptop Chargers

A universal laptop charger is a device that can charge any laptop, regardless of make or model. These chargers have multiple tips or plugs that can fit a variety of laptops. They also have a built-in adapter for charging from a wall outlet or power strip. Some also come with a car adapter for charging on the go. These chargers are small in size which makes them more portable than standard laptop chargers. It is the universal solution for any laptop.

Can I Use Any Laptop Charger For My Laptop?

The truth is, you can not. We recommend not using any random charger for your laptop. You should only use chargers that have the same connector pin and output voltage. For example, you should only use HP laptop chargers with HP laptops. Using a charger that doesn't support your laptop can affect its battery life and performance. Checking your laptop's power requirements will help you decide on the right laptop charger. You can read through our blog to know everything about HP laptop chargers.

Is There a Universal Charger For Laptops?

The answer is yes. Universal laptop chargers are available for laptops. They come with a wide voltage range and many DC tips to fit most branded laptops. They are known for their versatility and convenience.

Are Universal Chargers Safe?

Universal laptop chargers are safe to use, as long as you are using the right charger. You should check your charger's output voltage, amperage, and wattage. The universal charger may have a wide voltage range, but it's important, to use the right fit. Never use a low-amperage charger with a high-amperage device.

How Do I Choose a Universal Laptop Charger?

Cord Length

It is recommended to go for a charger with a power cord length of a 6-feet. This will allow the charger to reach up to the power boards or outlets.

Slim & Lightweight

Always look for universal laptop chargers that are slim and light in weight. This will make the charger easier to carry around. A portable universal charger will also be convenient if you are a regular traveler.

Multi-Purpose Charger

A multipurpose charger will allow you to charge multiple devices at once. They come with multiple plugs and connections. This is a convenient option if you have multiple devices.

Voltage, Amperage, and Wattage

Always check these three parameters while buying a universal laptop charger. Voltage specifies the maximum amount of power required, amperage indicates the degree of intensity of power delivered (has to provide more or equal amperage to charge the laptop), and wattage specifies the amount of power consumed.

Buy Best Universal Laptop Chargers

Ostrich Ideapad Charger

The top-selling Ostrich IdeaPad Charger is portable and weighs less than 5 lbs. It includes numerous safety mechanisms like protection against short-circuiting, over-voltage, internal overheating, etc. This charger is made with a high-quality material cable that provides stable power for charging. It has a max current and wattage of 20V, 3.25A, and 65W.

Belker 90w Universal

The reviews of Belker 90w Universal mark that it works with most laptops including ultrabooks and Chromebooks. This charger offers 90W power and works with HP, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, and other popular brands. It has a wide output voltage range, varying from 18v to 20v. It comes with multiple connector tips of different sizes. The package includes one Ac adapter and one Ac power cable. 

Universal Adapter

According to reviews of Universal Adapter, this model is a powerful device that is compatible with the MacBook Air charger and it comes with a T-type magnetic connector. The cable and connector have high-strength bending. This model has advanced security technology and comes with a lifetime replacement service. It also features a safeguarding mechanism that protects it against overcurrent.

PowerSource AC Adapter

The PowerSource AC Adapter features a 4.5mm x 3.0mm power connector that makes it compatible with multiple laptops. This adapter is compatible with many HP models including the X360 Pavilion, Envy, Spectre, Elitebook 840, and ProBook. It is UL listed and features a smart blue tip design. The adapter is 14 feet long, making it easy to reach outlets and plugs.

DJW 19.5V 2.31A 45W Ac Adapter

DJW 19.5V 2.31A 45W Ac Adapter's reviews show that it comes with both an AC adapter and an Ac power cable making it value for money. Its built-in connector tip is 4.5x3.0mm making it ideal for HP laptops. It also offers 100% compatibility with the OEM. The charger and adapter are both CE/ROHS certified for security.

We have also reviewed some of the best-selling laptop chargers and adapters on the basis of their performance for your reference.

How Many Tips Does A Universal Laptop Charger Have?

Most universal laptop chargers will have 4 tips that can be used with a variety of different laptop brands and models. This allows you to use a single charger for multiple laptops, which can be very convenient. Some chargers may have more or fewer tips, but 4 is typically the standard.

How Many Watts Does A Universal Charger Use?

Most universal laptop chargers use between 65 and 90 watts. The wattage will vary depending on the specific model and make of the charger. Some of the more energy-efficient models may use as little as 30 watts, while others may use up to 100 watts.


Switching between outlets and cords can be a hassle when you have many laptops. The universal laptop charger solves this problem. It charges all your laptops with a single power adapter. Having a universal charger eliminates the need to carry multiple chargers for each device.

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