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Everything to Know About HP Laptop Chargers

Updated on Jun 8, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Everything to Know About HP Laptop Chargers

Recently, I was looking for a laptop charger for my HP laptop one day and was surprised by the amount of information that is available. I read a lot, but none of them was helpful enough. So I decided to write my blog post after a lot of research. This article will explain a laptop charger, the basics about it, and address some topics that often arise when we talk about HP chargers. So, let us read.

Types of HP Laptop Charger Adapters

An AC adapter is a power supply that converts AC power from an electrical outlet to DC power for use by an electronic device. It is one of the three primary power supplies in a computer, other than the battery and the motherboard.

The AC adapter, also known as AC/DC adapter, is the external power supply for the laptop. It converts alternating current (AC) from an electrical outlet to direct current (DC) to power your laptop. If you have problems with your AC adapter like it is not working properly or having a distinct problem, consult a professional.

Types of HP laptop chargers

Different parts of a Laptop

In the world of electronics, many parts are needed to make a complete electronic device. A laptop charger has different parts that make up for a charger. These parts are the charging cable, surge-protector, connector, power adapter, and power cord.

Different parts of an HP laptop charger

Types of Laptop Connectors

The connector is the part that connects your laptop with the charging adapter. The primary aim of the connector is to transmit the power from the adapter to your laptop with no loss. This is possible because of its advanced features. You can easily find a 65W laptop charger with different connectors depending on your laptop brand, model, or country. Two of the commonly used ones are 7.5mm and 4.5mm.

Different types of HP laptop charger connectors

Features of HP Laptop Charger

HP laptops offer their users some of the best laptops in the market. Similar is the story with HP laptop chargers. HP laptop chargers are known for having significant features that one can only find in a laptop charger. Some of the amazing features are adaptable voltage, lightweight design, voltage-surge protector, and efficient power delivery.

What all an HP laptop charger offers

How to Check the Compatibility of HP Laptop Chargers?

Compatibility is the biggest reason to select a brand, true to the word HP laptop chargers. But how do we find out if the charger I want to buy is compatible with my laptop or not?

  • Figure out the Amperage and Voltage
  • Identify the right model number
  • Match the right Laptop model and number with the charger model no and type
  • Identify the connector.
Compatibility of an HP laptop charger with the laptop

Some Compatible models with HP Laptop Charger

Some models can use HP laptop chargers without putting their own functionality at risk.

HP laptop chargers compatibility
Compatibility of HP laptop chargers with other laptops
HP chargers and compatibility

What Did You Learn?

There is a lot of confusion as to the quality of HP laptop chargers. There are many things to consider, such as price, quality, the number of watts, and durability. HP laptop chargers that are more expensive are better and have a longer life than cheaper HP laptop chargers. Also, laptop chargers with higher wattage can charge your laptop faster than a lower wattage.

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