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The Absolute Chainsaw Chain Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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One of the most crucial elements of a chainsaw is the chain. This part demands special attention and regular maintenance to function well. However, the chainsaw chain varies on the basis of its size, type, and various other important factors that we are going to look at today. Different chainsaws solve different purposes. As the usage varies, the specifications of the product change too.

After you’ve bought your chainsaw and used it for an extended period of time, you might want to replace the chain for better results. While you’re making the replacement, few things are very important and should be kept in mind. The right information will help you make the right decision. Measuring the chain and finding the best replacement might seem like an easy task, but the process of measurement isn’t that straightforward. Our handy guide will help you thoroughly.

Parameters to Consider While Measuring a Chainsaw Chain


The main use of a gauge is to measure the thickness of the drive links. Drive links are the parts where the chainsaw enters the guide bars. To find the perfect chain for your saw, matching the right thickness will help it fit perfectly on the guide bar. The gauge value is usually mentioned on the guide bar.


This parameter is the measure of how close the links are in a chain. When you divide the distance between three rivets and divide it by two, you get the value of the pitch. This value is also mentioned on the guide bar.


The number of drive links on your chainsaw is its length. Therefore, you will have to count the number of links manually to obtain the value of the length.

Features to Look for While Replacing Your Chainsaw Chain

Carbide Chain

This robust and durable material helps your chainsaw accomplish intensive tasks easily. Chains engineered from carbide can endure harsher environments. They do not wear out easily and are usually on the higher end of its cost. Workplaces that have a rougher environment should prefer carbide chainsaws.

Built-in Lubrication

Some chainsaws are designed in a way where they remain lubricated through the process. The grooves in the chain ensure that the lubricant stays on the teeth and the operations are dealt with in a smooth manner. If you on the lookout for a suitable chainsaw chain, we suggest you can take a look at the information guide of the Chainsaw Chain for better understanding,

Self-Sharpening Chainsaw Chain

Chain sharpening is a time-consuming process but one that has to be regularly done. However, some chainsaws maintain their sharpness over prolonged usage with the help of their self-sharp mechanism. Understanding the parts of the Chainsaw and knowing how to use a Chainsaw in the right way will help in maintaining the chain and troubleshoot minor problems that might arise due to continuous use. Buying these chainsaws like Cordless Chain saw kit will help you save both time and money.

Low Vibration Chainsaw Chain

More vibrations account for more discomfort as intense vibrations may tire the sawyer easily. Complications like pain, numbness, and sensations may occur in the hands if your chain vibrates frequently. By introducing some space between the guide bar and chain, vibrations lessen by a significant amount. Hence, low-vibration chains should always be preferred.

The Verdict

Whether you are looking for an electric or gas-powered chainsaw or other outdoor tools like leaf blowers, having the right chain is imperative to function smoothly. A wrong size chain may derail from the guide bar or may result in frequent kickbacks. This might be injurious to you. Thus, using the right kind of chain will ensure that your chainsaw is in good condition. After you’ve understood the above parameters and features clearly, it is equally important to understand to maintain your chainsaw for longer operation.

Measuring the gauge, pitch, and length sorts you out for the majority of your replacement process.  Although, if you are tired of replacing the chain repeatedly and want to go for a new chainsaw, then Bestviewsreviews recommends and reviews some of the best products based on their durability, performance, and quality. Take a look before you decide to invest in a new chainsaw.

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