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How to Reset the Chainsaw Chain: A Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
reset the chainsaw chain

The technique to reset the chainsaw chain may seem easy but if not done properly may lead to malfunctioning of the chainsaw or worse, injuries. Chainsaws are robust yet sometimes tricky machines with multiple small parts and pieces. The chainsaw chain and the guide bar are some of the crucial parts of this machine.

Often when you use a chainsaw for longer periods, the chainsaw may get stuck in a cut, resulting in the derailing of the chainsaw chain from the guide bar. This happens because the chainsaw heats up and loosens allowing the chain to slip off the guide bar. This blog will take you through the steps you need to follow in case, reset the chainsaw chain.

Steps to Reset the Chainsaw Chain

Resetting the chainsaw is an easy process, but frequent derailing of the chain may lead to damage to the chainsaw. Thus, knowing how to start the chainsaw correctly will reduce the pain of resetting significantly.

Keep in mind one thing that if your chainsaw chain has been rusted, then it is time to buy a new chainsaw chain else it could damage the chainsaw as well.

Gather the Tools Required

Before you start working on the chain, it is imperative to have a few of the handy tools by your side. A half-inch wrench or more specifically a chain wrench, a cleaning brush to clean any debris, and scratch-resistant gloves.

Clean the Bar and the Chain

This is an imperative step, to begin with, as cleaning will get rid of all the particles or debris. Use the cleaning brush in nooks and corners followed by a swipe of a microfiber cleaning cloth. Once you clean both the bar and the chain, get ready for the next step. Make sure to wear gloves throughout.

Dismantle the Chainsaw Chain

Use the half-inch wrench to dismantle the chainsaw. Start by loosening the bar nuts followed by the tension screw. it is usually located below the chainsaw bar nuts. Remove the screws and the bolts by holding the bar and the casing of the chainsaw.

Reset the Chainsaw Chain

While you are refitting the chain, make sure the teeth of the saw face away from you. Place and tighten the chain around the sprocket and align it along the guide bar. While doing this ensure that the tension stud aligns with the guide hole.

Then adjust the tension screws until you reach the desired tension for the chainsaw. Put back the plastic casing and put the holes and screws accordingly. Ensure the bolts are tight enough for the chainsaw to operate at full throttle.

Check the Chainsaw Chain

Once you are done resetting the chainsaw chain, make sure to use it at different speeds, so that the chain gets accustomed to high as well as normal speed. If after a few revs the chain becomes loose, then you will need to re-tighten the screws.

This problem usually arises in cases on used chainsaws where the machine is already used before for different cutting jobs. Another last step that you should follow, is to check the levels of chainsaw oils for proper lubrication. Insufficient level of oil may lead to malfunctioning of the chainsaw.

What Can You Take Away?

Understanding the parts and the built of the outdoor tools like leaf blowers and chainsaws will help you troubleshoot minor problems that may arise due to continuous use. Moreover, knowing how to use the chainsaw the right way will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Knowing your machine is as important as understanding how it works. With this guide, you should be able to solve such issues yourself resulting in an efficient cutting job. You can also check out Bestviewsreviews for the best chainsaws of 2021 & many more products, rated on reviews left by consumers like you. They review the products so that you can make a better buying decision. So, do have a look. Happy shopping to you!

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