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Apple Watch Series 5 Vs. Galaxy Watch Active 2

Updated on Dec 16, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Apple watch 5 vs galaxy watch 2

Apple smartwatches are smart wearable gadgets that offer many features and unmatched comfort. The market has many new brands that compete against Apple to deliver the same excellent performance as Apple products. The watch can help you track your fitness regime and can also act as your mini phone. All apple models have great features and versatility but the newer models have an edge over the older variants.

Best Apple Watch To Buy

Apple Series 3

The reviews of apple series 3 show that it is one of the best watches in the market if you’re on a budget. It is available in two display sizes of 38 and 42mm. This watch supports the latest OS. Its fitness tracking sensors are on point. It has a heart rate monitor but it does not have ECG functionality. These watches can conveniently pair with Bluetooth earbuds for maximum sound clarity and uninterrupted hearing.

Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) 

The Apple watch series 3 (GPS, 38 mm) is a white spot band that features an aluminum silver case. This model has a screen size of 38 mm with GPS compatibility. You can connect this watch with iPhone 5s or later models. The wireless connectivity option in the form of Bluetooth offers you the convenience of setting up your watches in a just few minutes. This model uses WatchOS operating system.

Apple SE (GPS, 40mm)

The Apple SE (GPS, 40mm) is a gray color variant of apple watches that allows your daily fitness activities. You can also track new tai chi and pilates workouts along with activities like running, yoga, swimming, and dance. It has a heart rate monitoring sensor that gives you a notification, in case of irregular heart rates. This model has got good reviews for its sturdy build.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Series 6 Apple Watch has a display size of 44mm. The large always-on display, ECG, compass, and latest OS 6 and the ability of the watch to adjust to your ambient lighting make it a wonderful wrist companion. You can leave your phone at home and stay connected with your family and friends with the LTE version.

Apple Watch Series 4

This advanced Apple Smartwatch Series 4 offers both GPs + cellular features and is equipped with optical and heart rate sensors along with an ECG app. It also includes a 30% larger display, 50% louder speaker, and an efficient 64-bit dual-core processor. You can call this Apple Series 4 Watch, a technological achievement.

Deciding between Apple Watch Series 5 Vs. Galaxy Watch 3 can be confusing. Read our blog for more clarity.

Should You Get the Apple Watch with LTE?

It is not mandatory to go for an apple watch with LTE. A watch with LTE can cost you 100 dollars more. Apart from the premium, you might also have to pay your cellular service monthly to enjoy the features. LTE isn’t exactly a must-have if you carry your iPhones with you, all the time. The added benefit of LTE can be useful but the final choice depends upon how often you want to carry your watch without your iPhone.

What Can You Do on an Apple Watch?

You can do a lot of things on an apple watch. The wristwatch can provide you with call and message notifications. The fitness tracking can be done with apple watches as they track all workout variables including calories, exercise time, etc. Many models also let you monitor heart rate and also give notifications when the heart rate fluctuates irregularly. The ECG feature that you get in series 4 and above is also useful.

How Long Does the Battery of the Apple Watch Last?

The battery of an apple watch like Apple Watch SE lasts for about 18 hours. This gives you all-day usage and you can use your gadgets seamlessly without having to charge after every few hours. Check out our blog to get the list of the best hybrid smartwatches of 2021.

Best Apple Watch: The Final Verdict

Apple watches are known for their sturdy build, durability, and stylish appearance. The series 6 is the advanced apple smartwatch series. Series 3 and Series 5 are the only variants that you’ll find readily available at Apple Stores. Series 4 can only be purchased through other stores that deal with refurbished variants. We recommend you buy apple products after considering important factors. Read our blog for a detailed comparison between Apple Watch Series 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

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