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Protein Shake: Life-Hack to Easy Workouts

Updated on Aug 16, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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A Protein shake is an ideal nutritional supplement that helps build muscle, repairs damaged tissue and synthesizes essential enzymes in the body. It aids in weight loss and helps athletes and bodybuilders to tone their bodies.

 It is advisable thus, to consider some important points before buying any protein shakes. This blog details some answers to the common questions we have about protein shakes.

 Are All Protein Shakes Healthy?

Yes, protein shakes are healthy but only to those who body requires them. Not each one of us requires protein shakes in our daily schedule. It’s good for people who do intensive workouts, follow a strict diet, or have changed their exercise regime to more intensive. Protein shakes are also recommended to people who are undergoing recovery. They are popular among those looking for muscle build-up & gaining mass. Many protein shakes are women-centric and manufactured accordingly.

Protein shakes are not advisable for kids. You should maintain the protein intake for your child through a normal diet and playtime. If you prefer home workouts, protein shakes are combined with exercise on an indoor cycling bike or treadmill. This will help in toning down the body well.

 Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight Loss?

You tend to feel full for a longer period when you stick to a protein-rich diet. Protein shakes avoid overeating, reduces appetite, and snacking. They reduce the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. This boosts the level of Peptide YY, a hormone that makes you feel full. Browse our blog to know the best time to take protein shakes for weight loss and a healthy body.

 What are the Other Benefits of Protein Shakes?

Proteins not only contribute to the growth of muscles but also help them to recover from tissue injuries. Athletes and gym enthusiasts prefer to drink a protein shake post-exercise to reduce injury and enhance muscular performance. Protein plays a vital role in muscle growth. It improves strength and overall muscle size, especially in people who perform intense exercises. Premier Protein Shake 30g is a good example of a tasty and healthy protein shake.

 What are the Different Types of Protein Shakes?

There is a big market for protein shakes. There are natural and organic protein shakes and some that come with additional supplements. Garden of Life Raw Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder Shake is a good example of quality organic protein shakes.

 Soy Protein Shake

Soy protein shakes come from dehydrated soybean flakes. It has minimal fiber and sugar content. Soy contains essential amino acids and is an excellent option for people who avoid whey or casein. They are ideal for vegan diets or allergies. Pure Protein Chocolate Protein Shake is one brand you can refer to if you follow a keto diet.

 Pea Protein Shake

Pea is a plant-based protein shake rich in arginine. It is prepared by extracting the protein out of the peas and offers a gluten-free alternative.

 Hemp Protein Shake

Hemp powder comes from ground hemp seeds and is a rich source of fatty acids. It offers an alternative to whey, casein, and other milk-based protein shakes.

 Whey Protein Shake

Whey protein is a milk-based protein that dissolves in water. It contains all the essential amino acids that the human body requires. It is absorbed quickly by the body and is thus, popular among athletes. BestViewsReviews recommends quality and top-rated whey protein shakes based on thousands of user reviews and testing. Browse to see your favorite products and their ratings.

 Casein Protein Shake

The casein protein is a product of dairy and is rich in glutamine. It speeds the process of muscle recovery. Casein protein is unsuitable for people who are allergic to milk or follow a vegan diet. It is advisable to take Casein-rich shake at night as the body takes time to absorb it.

 How Much Amount of Protein is Required in a Human Body?

 A 19-year-old and above should have 46 to 56 g of protein intake daily. The amount becomes challenging for people who are vegetarians or follow strict vegan diets. Protein shakes like OWYN - 100% Vegan Protein Shakes can help fulfill the nutrition lacking in our diet. It is advisable to take them ten or fifteen minutes before your workout sessions. If you are planning to consume it to lose weight, take it before going to bed. Read our blog to know how many protein shakes a day is healthy.

 Are There Any Side-Effects of Protein Shakes?

 Carbohydrates elevate insulin levels, involved in protein absorption. They promote muscle growth. Find a powder that has a suitable percentage of carbs per serving. Avoid any product that offers anything below 3 percent. Orgain Grass Fed Clean Protein Shake, Creamy Chocolate Fudge contains 20 gm of proteins per serving. This is sufficient for a person who does light exercise levels, high-intensity exercises, and amateurs.

 It is also advisable to ditch the protein shakes that are loaded with artificial sweeteners. Sweeteners make your protein shake tasty but harm the good gut bacteria. They can also cause problems such as gas or bloating. So, go easy on your favorite cookie and cream protein shake. It is not advisable to make protein shake as the primary source of your protein. You will lose out on essential vitamins and supplements that regular food offers, like eggs, meat, and pulses. Read our blog on protein-loaded shakes to discover an exclusive list of effective protein shakes.


Protein shakes are a good source of extra nutrition for athletes, vegans, and older people. Protein is the building block of all connective tissues present in our body and helps produce various enzymes and hormones. Use all the information in our blog to choose a protein shake powder that will suit your build, digestive system, and other requirements. Bestviewsreviews rates and leading protein shakes based on flavor, ingredients, taste, and user satisfaction. Browse through our website to see more.

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