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Is Sharp Carousel Microwave Right for You?

Updated on Jul 7, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Sharp carousel microwave

Microwaves are a kitchen staple that most of us are familiar with. You can use it for heating food and reheating leftovers. They are versatile and can cook, defrost, and offer extra functions like make popcorn. When looking for a new microwave, the Sharp Carousel can be a worthy choice.

Best Sharp Carousel Microwaves Available

SHARP White Microwave

This Carousel microwave makes cooking easier and efficient. It has a sleek white exterior with a matching stainless steel body. There is a small LED display indicator on the top-left corner of the microwave. This LED light provide users with real-time updates on the progress of their dishes.

SHARP Carousel 1.1 Cu. Ft.

The Sharp Carousel microwave comes in an attractive Art Deco style. It has a transparent carousel that makes it easy to see the food while cooking. This appliance also includes an easy-to-read and cool-blue display. It offers a special function, Orville Redenbacher popcorn preset button. This button allows you to get fluffy and perfect popcorns.

SHARP Stainless Steel Carousel

The SHARP Stainless Steel Microwave is a premium product with a capacity of 1.8 cubic feet. It has a convenient design with 1100 watts of heating power and is suitable for a variety of cooking styles. The high-quality stainless steel material makes this microwave a stylish kitchen addition.

SHARP Black Carousel Microwave

The SHARP Black Microwave Oven is a compact and powerful kitchen appliance. It comes with a capacity of 1. 1 Cu. Ft. and heating power of 1000 watts. The 11. 2-Inch glass carousel turntable offers evenly cooked food. This microwave comes with an insta-start and auto-defrost feature for maximum convenience.

Is Sharp a Good Brand for Microwave?

Sharp is one of Japan's top manufacturers of electronics products. It is popular for its high reliability, durability, and low price. It also has a good reputation for producing high-quality microwaves with unique designs and convenient features.

What Wattage are Sharp's Microwaves?

Different microwaves come with various wattage ranging from 900 watts to 1200 watts. The Sharp Carousel 2 has the highest wattage and offers multiple power settings for less consumption. This oven also come with an auto-cancel timer to turn off the microwave after a set amount of time. The auto-cancel setting is adjustable resulting in perfectly cooked food.

How Long Does a Microwave Last?

Carousel microwaves have an average lifespan of around 10 years. This makes them reliable and long-lasting. Sharp offers various models in different sizes and capacities, ranging from 1 to 1.8 cubic feet. The microwave's heating element may fail if you leave the microwave ON for an extended period. Why your Sharp Carousel Microwave Might Stop Working?

A Sharp Carousel microwave runs on preset cooking programs based on user input. You can find these pre-set functions on the control panel. In case of any disruption in the power supply, the microwave may stop working.

Can you Mount a Carousel Microwave Under a Cabinet?

Yes, you can mount a carousel microwave under a cabinet. The Sharp Carousel microwave is popular for their sleek and compact design. These small, space-saving countertop microwaves can fit under most kitchen cabinets.

Does Carousel Microwave Have an Easy to Clean Interior?

A carousel microwave comes in a simple design making it easy to clean and convenient to maintain. You can wipe off the dirt spills and splatters with a wet sponge or cloth.


Most of the major brands have a model that fits your pocket and lifestyle. The Sharp Carousel models include features that make them the best go-to choice. BestViewsReviews ranks and rates hundreds of microwaves reviewed on the basis of controls, functionality, design, build quality and capacity. Browse through to know your buying options.

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