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Cleaning a Griddle: The Complete Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
cleaning a griddle

Cleaning a griddle or any kitchen appliance is of utmost importance to ensure its longevity. A griddle is a broad-bottom base vessel that can cook foods like an omelette, bacon, steaks, burgers, etc. They contain wood underneath the stove or even an in-built electric burner mechanism for fire supply. If the word electric griddle has piqued your interest, read about it in "Electric Griddles As Kitchen Essentials".

This blog focuses on how to clean a griddle, both before and after cooking. Thes steps mentioned here ensures that your griddle is in good shape for a long time. Maintenance is very important when it comes to appliances and cooking essentials. If not cleaned they can rust easily and become useless for cooking purposes.

Difference between a griddle & a grill

Before we delve into the whole cleaning process, let's understand a basic difference between a Griddle and a Grill as many people confuse the one for the other. The cleaning process, however, remains pretty much the same for both. As mentioned above, a griddle consists of a flat base with burners underneath or within it, whereas a grill like 8 Pack Grill Griddle Cleaning Brick indicates to a grilling cart containing a grid to place the uncooked food.

In terms of similarity, both follow the same principle of applying direct heat from below to cook the food placed on it.

Why is Cleaning a Griddle Important?

Griddles are new-age kitchen essentials that help us create innovative and mouth-watering dishes packed with a lot of flavors. However, seasoning a griddle with grapeseed oil and heat is a very important part of using and maintaining a griddle. Read more on Griddle Seasoning to understand the perfect way of seasoning it. While we are talking about cooking food on a griddle, We suggest you can read more on Seasoning a Griddle: Get the Best on Your Plate that helps you enhance your dining experience. However, seasoning results in a slippery and greasy surface because of all the cooking oil and fat thus, calling for proper cleaning.

Another reason why cleaning best kitchen appliances like Camping Pots, Pans & Griddle is essential is that many times cooking happens outdoors on a griddle attracting a lot of dust and debris. These dust particles become stubborn over time creating a thin dirt film on the surface. Thus, cleaning becomes a crucial and essential part of the maintenance process of a griddle.

Griddles are constructed of various base metals like Blackstone, cast-iron, etc. Most of the griddles are available in the form of gas griddles, electric griddles, flat top griddles, and commercial griddles. Nevertheless, despite the type of griddle you use, a proper clean-up is essential across all types of griddles.

Cleaning a Griddle- The Process

Cleaning a Griddle

Be it a Blackstone griddle or a usual griddle, the cleaning process remains the same except for using Blackstone as a scrub in case of a Blackstone griddle. This prevents scratches to the griddle surface.

Cleaning a Griddle- Before Usage

Cleaning before using a griddle removes all kinds of residue left from shipping and packing.

  • Use a dry cloth to remove the dust gently
  • Mix some warm water and kitchen soap bar into a solution
  • Use the solution to rub the surface with a wet cleaning cloth
  • Use clean water and a clean cloth to rub over the surface again
  • Allow it to dry well before use

Cleaning a Griddle- After Usage

  • Heat the griddle using maximum flame until it becomes completely hot
  • Set it aside and pour some hot water to allow the hard-stuck food debris to soften. This will make it easier for you to scrape away the food particles easily
  • After resting it around for 10 minutes, drain the warm water and use a scraper or a resistant spatula set to rub the surface for any stuck food
  • Use a wet cloth and slowly rub on the surface. The wet cloth will take care of any remaining food particles in the corners
  • For Blackstone Griddles, use a Blackstone scraping pad to gently rub on the surface. This ensures that the griddle surface remains scratch-free while
  • Rinse off with cold water
  • Use a dry cloth to gently pat it dry. If you plan on putting the griddle out in the sun to dry, be careful of the temperature outside. Extreme hot conditions can make the griddle heat up causing damage to the cooking surface
  • This cleaning has to be followed by a fresh coat of oil evenly spread on the surface before cooking every single time
  • If you feel that your griddle needs a rust cleaning, then instead of a general spatula use a metal one along with a few grill stones, that can apply the appropriate force to scrape off the rust or stubborn leftover

Step to Follow while Cleaning a Commercial Griddle

  • Preheat the griddle and scrape off the food debris with a spatula
  • Start boiling the Griddle with warm water to eliminate the excess grease
  • Drain the water and place the griddle screen with the scrubbing pad on top of the griddle surface and start scrubbing the surface
  • Rinse and wipe with a dry cloth. Dry further to get rid of the moisture

To make the cleaning process easy, follow a few guidelines and you will never have to worry about the tedious work that follows the process of cleaning your griddle.

  • Always preheat the griddle every time you cook. This will prevent the food to uniformly cook and prevent it from being stuck
  • Never use harsh scrubbers as they tend to scratch and damage the surface. This will making the food stick to the surface the next time you cook
  • Store it in a place that prevents your griddle from rusting (preferably less humid environments)


What kind of griddle brush should be used for stainless steel griddle?

The best kind of griddle brush for a stainless-steel griddle could be the one which is made of abrasive material that removes the grease but at the same time doesn’t scratch the surface. A good example will be the ‘Little Griddle high heat scrubber.’

Which is the best grill brush?

The best grill brush is the kind that doesn't use metal bristles. Although they are quick to remove stubborn food debris, they might damage the grill surface. One of the best examples of a good grill brush can be ‘Kona 360 degrees.’ Now that you know about using Griddles outdoors, we suggest you can check the featured section that lists some of the best Cooking cots that help you improve your camping experience.

Griddles are very sturdy and robust, but if not maintained properly the delicate coating might get damaged, making cooking a hassled experience for you. Also, griddles are not everyday investments, thus taking good care of it is very crucial for the product to last long. Be it cooking on a griddle every day or just a day in a month, it should allow you to savor every bite, every single time you cook. Therefore, in a nutshell, cleaning and maintenance of the griddle is an essential part of that plan.

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