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Here’s How to Clean a Coffee Grinder

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Real coffee connoisseurs know that coffee grinder are the perfect tools that brew a hot cuppa like nothing else. But much like any other machine, these also require cleaning after regular intervals. Cleaning them is fairly easy and doesn’t take a lot of time but knowing how to clean a coffee grinder is a must. If you don’t clean it, the coffee will start staining the equipment, resulting in damage and rust.

The cleaning process will not only makes your coffee grinder squeaky clean but will also make your coffee taste a lot better. It is advisable that you take a look at the finest coffee makers for better understanding and decision. Over a due course of time, the filters get clogged with debris and oils. It’s imperative to remove these particles for the smooth functioning of your grinder’s motor.

The process of cleaning a coffee grinder

You can follow this step-by-step guide to deep clean a coffee grinder. However, if your coffee grinder has stopped functioning abruptly, take a look at our blog,  How to Grind Coffee without a Coffee maker.

  • Turn the power off and unplug the grinder.

This step might seem very obvious but some people forget to do it and let’s just say that the story doesn’t have a happy ending. Before cleaning, unplugging, and cutting off the power supply should be your first step.

  • Clean the burrs

The hopper and coffee chamber should be removed and wiped with a damp microfiber cloth. If the stains are really stubborn, one can clean them with soapy water and then rinse with water. After this, pull the burr plates apart carefully. You can refer to your manual for this step to avoid any damage. You can use brushes and toothpicks for this task making sure that you don’t lose any parts in the process.

  • Reassemble the parts

After you’re done cleaning all the parts with a damp cloth, you can now reassemble all your parts carefully. Make sure that the metal pieces are not wet to avoid corrosion and rusting as moisture can damage your machine.

  • Grind to check

After the reassembling, it’s always recommended to grind 10-20 grams of beans to get the grinder back to its hustle. This ensures that everything you did was right and the reassembling went well.

How often should the grinders be cleaned?

Now that you know how to clean your grinder, this question is inevitable. The answer to this question varies for each individual as per their consumption. If you drink your coffee at least twice a day, we would recommend cleaning your grinder every week. This will ensure that your grinder is functioning correctly. Moreover, make sure to read through the blog about how Coffee grinders provides you with a great cup of coffee for a better understanding. A clean grinder is responsible for alleviating the taste of your coffee. If you are on the lookout for a brand-new coffee grinder, we suggest you can check out the featured section that lists some of the best coffee grinders that helps you take an informed decision. Your clean machine will now be ready to brew you a lip-smacking cup of coffee as per your desire.

Now that you know how to clean your coffee grinder, go ahead and do it. Don’t be lazy as it might cost you your favorite machine. Cleaning the grinder is an easy task and once you have done it, you will understand its importance. As much as your coffee is important to you, maintaining the coffee-making machine is equally important.

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