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How to Grind Coffee Without a Coffee Grinder

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
how to grind coffee

If you are a coffee-lover, then coffee grinders are like your go-to gadget but you're also not new to the malfunctioning that comes with them. And you've probably wondered how you can grind coffee without a coffee grinder in a pinch. Technical malfunctions can cause your grinders to halt abruptly sometimes. Some people prefer preserved coffee while others like it freshly ground. Without a grinder, the process can be really painstaking. Only once you go through the manual labor, you will realize how much effort it takes to offer a robust flavor to your drink. If you are still a beginner in the kitchen, then learn how to make the perfect coffee here.

If you have not planned to buy a coffee grinder yet, we suggest that you invest in one soon for making your coffee richer without any discomfort. So, make sure you read through the blog that clearly tells you how coffee grinders make for a great cup of coffee that offers added convenience. Meanwhile, this blog will focus on some alternate ways of grinding the coffee so you won’t feel bereft from having a good cup of coffee whenever you want.

Before deciding on buying a Coffee Grinder, take a look at our exclusively reviewed collection of the best Coffee Grinders. You can take a look at our descriptive video to see interesting hacks of grinding coffee without a grinder https://youtu.be/vFKAPOY1gzs.

Ways to Grind Your Coffee Without a Grinder

  • Use a rolling pin

A rolling pin can be used to obtain medium-textured coffee beans but the process can require a lot of strength. The beans can also lose their oil and aroma gradually from this process. The method can be carried out by packing your beans in a plastic bag and then rolling the pin over them to obtain the crushed blend. However, it is always better to go for a coffee grinder. They offer even consistency and better-tasting coffee. The oil and the leftovers can create a mold otherwise.

  • Knives to the rescue

Butcher Knives can be pressed over the beans on a flat surface to obtain a medium textured layer. However, it can scatter your beans and is a slow process. One should be very careful while doing this to avoid any injuries and wounds. A chopping board is ideal for such purposes and the beans should be even size.

Blenders can work like blade grinders but the coffee has to be poured cautiously and in small amounts. This should be taken care of to avoid a bitter and dull taste. If the blender is operated at high speed, the coffee might taste odd due to the heat generated inside the blender. It also puts the blades at risk as it might lose some of its efficiency with continuous grounding.

  • Hammers

It is not the hammer you use to put a nail on the wall. These are those food hammers that work in the same manner as rolling pins but should be used very carefully. They are not exactly the best tool available but one can use them in times of urgency to satisfy their latte cravings. Remember, malfunctions can be a result of poor cleaning processes too. Therefore, before cleaning your coffee grinder, read my blog How To Clean a Coffee Grinder.


All the above methods can be used to grind your coffee but the grain size and consistency would vary widely. If you want the taste to be perfect, coffee grinders or coffee makers make your task really smooth and hassle-free. The best brands offering numerous features are readily available online. But the brand alone does not matter. Maintenance and cleaning are equally essential for a coffee maker to function well. Learn a few hacks of cleaning a coffee maker without vinegar and keeping it working for long.

If you use these methods, you might be able to brew your coffee but be prepared for a tedious process.  Also, remember to clean without a vinegar as the acid in it might damage the lid and container. To know more about selecting the right coffee grinder,


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