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Troubleshooting With Leaf blower

Updated on Aug 19, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Troubleshooting leaf blower

A leaf blower is a household appliance that helps you clean your garden and yards. It is an efficient tool to remove fallen leaves and dirt. Just like any other machine, a leaf blower can malfunction too. Usually, it can be a minor problem and can be fixed without any professional help. 

A leaf blower is available in electric, battery-powered, as well as gas-powered variants. The gas-powered models use 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. This blog explains what can you do to fix common leaf blower problems. We also have a blog that explains everything about leaf blowers.

How to Troubleshoot a Leaf Blower that Doesn't Start?

The gas leaf blowers may not start because of improper fuel supply. You need to check the fuel and ensure that it is not overly filled. Any leakage in the gas line can also cause problems. You should establish a proper flow of fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. If your engine still doesn't start, clean the fuel filters and check the connection of the spark plug.

An electric leaf blower like BLACK+DECKER takes power from the power outlet. You need to check if it is properly plugged into the socket or not. Unplug and plug it again after checking the circuit connection of your house. Make sure the power outlet is receiving proper electric supply.

Troubleshooting Leaf blower that Doesn't Accelerate

The clogged fuel filter can prevent your engine to speed up to its potential. You can remove dirt as well as minute debris from the fuel filter by proper cleaning. Consider replacing your filter if it still doesn't work. The problem can also be with your carburetor or fuel supply line.

Troubleshooting Leaf Blower that has Limited Air Delivery

The limited air delivery can be mainly because of improper working of the impeller. The impeller can be loosely fitted, have bent fins, or can be damaged because of corrosion. You can check the fitting and ensure your machine's impeller is in optimal condition. You should replace the impeller if it is completely damaged.

Troubleshooting Leaf Blower that Has Excessive Vibration

The excessive vibrations can be because of loose fasteners or impellers. You can tighten them yourself by using the right tools. The other reason can be the loose debris or dirt present inside your blower. Remove intake cover and clean it properly. We recommend you ask for technical support if your machine still creates excessive vibrations.

Leaf Blower Components Which Might Cause Issues


The carburetor is a very integral part of a gas leaf blower. It’s responsible for mixing the correct amount of gas and fuel to initiate the process and form a combustible gas. Your carburetor will need attention if your engine stops working in the middle of your leaf blowing process. You can either replace your carburetor or fix the existing one. It’s more effective to replace the older one at an affordable price.

Spark Plug

There will be no sparks if a spark plug is damaged. Depending on the extent of carbon buildup, a loose wire may also cause the malfunction. You can detect the problem with a spark plug tester.

Fuel Filter

A fuel filter might get clogged over time because of less usage of the blower. It is essential to drain out the fuel if you’re not using the blower.

Rewind Pulley and Spring

The engine won’t start if the rewind spring is broken. The springs are easy to replace but for more efficient functioning, we advise you to replace the entire rewind pulley and spring set.

Leaf Blower Air Filter Problems

The engine doesn't receive enough air supply when the air filter is clogged or damaged. This might result in an excessive supply of fuel and the engine might not start. You can clean the air filter by spraying or by using an all-purpose cleaner. You should consider replacing your filter in case of any damage.


A leaf blower is an important gardening tool that allows you to keep your garden space clean and tidy. A major reason behind the malfunctioning of a leaf blower can also be the ignition coil. You can try fixing your blower yourself or a mechanic can solve all your woes. You should store the leaf blower in a safe and clean place for long-lasting usage.

Buying the best leaf blowers can be a tedious task. Check our ultimate leaf blower buying guide to know how to buy the best and high-quality leaf blower.

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