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Cold Brew Coffee Maker: An Exclusive Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Cold Brew Coffee Maker

A cold brew coffee maker is famous for their lip-smacking taste and can deliver a refreshing cup of coffee every time you operate. A hot sweaty morning and a cup of cold coffee- seems like a perfect way to start your day! Hot weather calls for cold refreshing beverages and what can be better than a glass of cold brew coffee in the morning before rushing to work. Brewed using cold water and ground beans with accompaniments like chocolate and milk, this drink can be very refreshing and can add charm to your dull days.

The hot brews are very acidic in taste so they mostly suit the cold weather. But in cold brews, the addition of milk and, sometimes cream, makes the taste less bitter and the end result is a delicious drink that satisfies your caffeine cravings. The best part about cold brew is that you can use all types of berries to make it. Now, the question is how to make this beverage quickly and efficiently? The answer to this is a cold brew coffee maker! Before deciding on the coffee maker, do take a look at our list of top 10 coffee makers for a better decision.

What's a Cold Bew Coffee Maker & What Does it Exactly Do?

Traditionally, to savor this tasty drink, a lot of effort and time used to go into preparing it. People prepared it at home with the help of a sieve, some paper towels, and a bucket and let the coffee brew for 10-12 hours. This brew making process at home was a very cumbersome process and therefore, preparing it at home was not preferred by many.

Either this or heading out of your door for a quick fix at the nearest cafe to simmer down the heat a bit!  But with appliances like cold coffee brew makers, the entire process became convenient and quick. The coffee beans, when prepared in the brew maker, release the perfect aroma with the concentrate lasting a few days. Take a look at the most stylish and sleek cold coffee brew makers recommended for 2021.

How to Make Cold Coffee Using the Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Using these Coffee Makers is quite convenient. The steps involved are:

  • Adjust your container and set the filter. Check the fit as it sits flat on the base of your maker.
  • Then secure the filter cap on the container and place the container on the stand. Press the switch ‘ON’ and start the process.
  • Pour water on your freshly ground coffee in a circular motion.
  • After stirring the mixture, let it brew for 16-24 hours.
  • Once the concentrate is brewed, pour it out by pressing the ‘ejection’ switch.

The concentrates made can last up to two weeks if stored under cold temperatures.

Which Kind of Coffee Can You Use?

The best thing about cold brew is that you can use any coffee for a robust flavor. Your beans can be lightly roasted or can be dark roasted as per your taste. Of course, investing in a finer quality of coffee beans is bound to give you better results and a delightful cup. Another alternative to this is to get a coffee grinder home. This will allow you to freshly brew each cup of coffee every time you long for a cup.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

For Cold Brew Coffee Makers, there are two major things you will have to focus on- ease of cleaning and the taste of the brew. A good filter like that of Brim smart valve cold brew coffee maker is also very integral. Generally, most makers range from as low as USD 30 to as high as USD 150 depending on the features offered.

Automatic Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This range varies between USD 100 and USD 120. These makers process your cold brew within 20-30 minutes because of their spin technology that circulates coffee with water offering a flavor-packed cup. Such brewers has the capacity of producing up to 7 cups in one go. They also provide numerous controls and settings to control the brewing process. Gourmia GCM7800 Brewdini 5-cup cold coffee brew maker is a great choice for Automatic Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

Drip Vs. Immersion

The technologies on which these makers work are known as immersion and slow drip. The immersion mode is more common and prevalent in today’s time. Usually, a pot or a bucket is present for pouring out your brew in the immersion mode after the concentrate is passed through a filter like the OXO brew compact coffee maker. Whereas in the Drip method, the water pours in drop by drop in the carafe and the process takes four-five hours like the Toddy cold brew maker. Drip method is faster and, the taste isn’t very strong.


The size of the brewing container varies between machines and should be selected on the basis of the quantity that is required. Ranging from a few ounces to quarters, the serving capacity of the device should be kept in mind. A great capacity coffee maker is the Cold brew mason jar coffee maker that can serve for 3-4 people at once or even just for one easily.


Investing in any appliance which lasts long is always a great feeling. You do not want your appliance to part ways with you in a matter of a few months. Research thoroughly and check this factor for a happier coffee-making experience! A great selection would be BOD cold brew, coffee maker.

The Final Verdict

Cold brews can be strong and can kick start your lazy mornings. If you haven’t tried cold brews yet, you’re surely missing out on something amazing! Cold Brew Coffee Makers are really convenient to use and are a great asset to your kitchen. However, if you are looking at other options too, then it is best if you know the types of coffee makers that exist in the market today. This will help you in making an informed choice.

The number of brands out there is innumerable and we hope this buying guide helps you in bringing the best Cold Brew Coffee Maker home. For more buying choices, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend some of the best products based on their performance, quality and popularity.

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