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Boxed Chocolates: A Dreamy Mouth Watering Delight

Updated on Jul 28, 2021 by Sydney Williams
boxed chocolates

Boxed chocolates come in handicraft packages that are attractive and mouthwatering. A delicious assortment of chocolates is packed inside this box. Boxed chocolates allow you to have multiple flavors of chocolates at once.

Chocolate boxes are available in affordable to exotic high-priced varieties. Your preference should be the only determining factor. The market offers a wide variety of boxed chocolates. Read this blog to learn more about the types of boxed chocolates and the best products available.

Why Boxed Chocolates?

Boxed chocolates are ideal gifts for many seasons and festivals. Occasions like New Year and birthday seem incomplete without chocolates. Boxed chocolates like truffle, hot cocoa, or mint offer love and indulgence in each bite.

Dark chocolates are rich in vital minerals like iron and magnesium. They lower cholesterol levels and take care of your heart. They are great for your skin, metabolism and improves blood flow to your brain. Dark chocolates differ from the other variants in taste. Their bitterness is because of the cocoa. Chocolates can improve your mood and can be the highlight of any occasion as well.

Types of Boxed Chocolates

Square and Rectangular Chocolates

The different flavors of square and rectangular chocolates include hazelnut, truffle, toffee, caramel and toffee. There is a crunchy center for them. They are also available in bigger sizes and with an extra layer of chocolate.

Circular and Oval Chocolates

Oval and circular chocolates have creamy or gooey fillings. These chocolates have a chewy chocolate shell as well as a melt in the mouth taste.

Chocolates with Bumpy Surfaces

These chocolates come with a bumpy coating of sugar and candy, filled with chocolates. Their packaging is attractive most of the time. They make great gifts and are delicious.

Things to Consider while Buying Boxed Chocolates for your Loved Ones

Cocoa Content

The cacao seed is the source of cocoa. It relieves people from ailments like blood pressure, stress, and depression. Boxed chocolate with a high cocoa content is bitter. They are healthy and discourage sugar addiction as well.

Go Organic

Organic chocolates are good for health as their exposure to chemicals is less. They also offer authentic flavors without compromising on the taste. They are expensive than regular chocolates. Their mouthwatering taste and the innovative flavor are worth the money.

Avoid Emulsifiers

It is advisable to check the ingredients list of a product before buying. Chocolates often contain emulsifiers. They provide convenient processing as well as storage of chocolates.
The emulsifiers impair the quality of the product and make it harmful as well. They cause weight gain by reducing your metabolism. They will enhance the taste, but they will compromise your health. If ordering from Amazon consider reading the reviews before placing an order.


There is a lot of processing involved in the production of boxed chocolates. You can find many brands that use inferior ingredients to match the premium taste but are damaging to health. Avoiding cheaper chocolates, therefore, is important.

What are the Best Boxed Chocolates to Buy?

Whitman's Sampler Dark Chocolates Gift Box

Whitman's Sampler Dark Chocolates Gift Box is available in 22 pieces. It is a classic mix of 10 different chocolates with a cocoa and vanilla crème center with a rich as well as creamy taste.

Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

The Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate comes in a shiny golden wrapping. It also contains 24 Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This popular treat has a hazelnut cream filling that is covered by a milk chocolate.

Russell Stover, Milk Chocolate Assortment

Tempt your taste buds to new heights with this box of Russell Stover's delicious milk chocolate assortment. Each piece fills with creamy milk chocolate that melts in your tongue. It is also available in caramel, nuts, sweet-tart fruit, and other delectable fillings. This box contains 16 pieces of mouthwatering milk chocolate confections.

Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection Assorted Chocolates

The Lindt chocolate company has a 3 generation tradition of excellence in chocolate-making. Lindt's fine chocolate pieces come in dark and milk chocolate of delicious flavors. You can savor delicious indulgences as you explore Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection.

Bonnie & Pop Gourmet Snack Food Box in Keepsake Tin

Bonnie & Pop is a Chicago-based company. Their Gourmet Snack Food Box contains an assortment of snacks and chocolates. A selection of popcorn, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit is available. Several of their boxes, make them perfect for gifting as well.

GODIVA Chocolatier Chocolate Gold Gift Box

Godiva Chocolatier chocolate are the best chocolates you can buy. They come in tiny little boxes. You can easily keep them in your drawers, office or home. These chocolates are bite-size with different flavors. They come in designer colors of red, green and white.


You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors of boxed chocolates. They enhance the value of the other gifts as well. Choose premium boxes of chocolates for their distinct chocolaty as well as creamy taste. They are a perfect choice if you want to give a heartfelt present. Boxed chocolates often contain roasted nuts that adds a unique nutty flavor to the taste.

Frozen desserts is another option to meet your sweet tooth cravings. They are healthy as they contain natural ingredients like fruits & probiotics. Frozen desserts like sorbets and yoghurts are delightful and delicious. Browse through our blog to know more about frozen desserts. BestViewsReviews rates and ranks hundreds of boxed chocolates and candy that make as an ideal gift options. Our reviews are based on flavor, packing, taste, and user satisfaction. Purchasing your favorite products is made easier with honest reviews.

Rank #1 in Boxed Chocolates

La Florentine Torrone Assortment Box

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