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Boxed Chocolates: A Dreamy Mouth Watering Delight

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Boxed chocolates are the kind of gifts that never fail to impress. A handcrafted package of boxed chocolates combined with festive decorations can elevate the whole festive feel by several notches. Boxed chocolates usually contain an assortment of many varieties of chocolates packed inside one single box. Before we proceed further, take a look at our featured section of boxed chocolates for more buying options.

Why Boxed Chocolates?

Boxed chocolates make a perfect gift for every season and festival like New Year’s and Easters. Well, for chocoholics, a gift of boxed chocolate any day would be like Christmas. Even today, chocolates are much in hype due to the memorable Valentine's day where gifting chocolates are signs of a romantic gesture.

Just like chocolates, another option that can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings equally are Frozen Desserts. They are healthy too since they consist of natural ingredients like fruits & probiotics. Frozen desserts like sorbets and yogurts are delightful and delicious. You can read all about that in my other blog, which is one of my favorites, called “Frozen Desserts and Ice Creams”.

Types of Boxed Chocolates

Chocolates are classified into simple, milk, and dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are of course mouth-watering, delicious and, healthy to consume. Dark chocolates are rich in vital minerals like iron and magnesium. Such nutrients decrease your cholesterol levels and keep your heart health in check. They are great for your skin, metabolism, and improves blood flow to your brain. Dark chocolates differ from their other variants based on the bitterness levels formed by the cocoa content.

Other chocolates ride high on sugar and milk content and have low levels of cocoa. The more the cocoa, the bitter is the taste. Take a look at the most delectable boxed chocolate collection recommended on the basis of their quality and taste.

Things to Consider while Buying Boxed Chocolates for your Loved Ones

  • Cocoa Content

Cocoa derives from cacao seeds that relieve humans from various ailments like blood pressure, stress, and even depression. Therefore, while buying any chocolate identify the cocoa content on them. More cocoa content means less sugar which is better for your health and won't encourage sugar addiction. With a higher cocoa content, you can indulge in these sweets without any guilt. One of the best in the boxed chocolate category is Hershey’s Nugget Chocolates Assortment.  These not only taste delicious but are well known for their quality and healthy cocoa content.

  • Go Organic!

People are switching to organic food items but not chocolates. That is because they believe that they might not be able to deliver the authentic taste of chocolates! But it is not true. Organic chocolates are good for health as their exposure to chemicals is less. This makes them beneficial to eat and great for your taste buds. Only one downside is their cost as they tend to be expensive than others.

  • Avoid Emulsifiers

Most of the assortment in boxed chocolates usually contains cocoa powder, butter, and sweeteners. Added ingredients like emulsifiers not only degrade their overall quality but, also make them harmful. They reduce your metabolism, leading to weight gain. These cryptic ingredients might enhance the taste but they compromise on your health. Therefore, reading the product description of the boxed chocolates is very important before making your purchase.

  • Processing

Many boxed chocolates undergo substantial processing to decrease their manufacturing costs. Cheaper chocolates will have inferior ingredients to match the premium taste but are detrimental to health. Therefore avoid cheaper chocolates at all costs. Check out the Blue House Soft and Chewy Handcrafted Gourmet Caramel Candies and La Florentine Torrone Assortment Box 7.62oz if you want to try something new.

From babies to oldies, almost everyone is a member of the chocolate fan club. To make it a heartfelt gift for your loved ones, always go for the premium versions of boxed chocolates. They come with their own distinct chocolaty and creamy taste. However, unlike the creamy, ones, there are others that are hard to chew as they have roasted nuts within. They offer a nutty and slightly salty taste. Ferrero Rocher is a popular choice.

Let Chocolates Make your Day!

Boxed Chocolates usually come in many sizes and shapes, not to forget with a wide array of choices. Thus, next time you go and buy a pack of boxed chocolates, keep all the above factors in mind. With all the factors above you might get your hands on some unforgettable and delightful collection.


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La Florentine Torrone Assortment Box

Created with Raphaël
Created with Raphaël

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