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Can Air Purifier Help Prevent Coronavirus

Updated on Jul 27, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Air purifiers are clean and purify the air in indoor spaces, such as homes and offices. We will explain the question, if an air purifier can prevent coronavirus or not? You can place them at various locations in the building, including air ducts, vents, and HVAC systems. We can't expect the air in our homes to be free of the harmful effects of pollutants. Even after we've turned off the main source of air ventilation, like fans and air conditioning systems, the air will not be clean. The air in our homes is not of the best quality. Learn more about where to place air purifiers for most impact in our blog.

How Does an Air Purifier Filter Works?

Air purifier filters use sieves for filtering and removing particles from the air. The finer the sieve inside the air purifier, more particles it will trap as air flows into it. HEPA filters capture 99.97 percent of airborne particles larger than three microns. The HEPA filter removes dust, smoke, chemicals, asbestos, and pollen from the air.
The HEPA filter prevents biological and viral contamination by UV light. Medical-grade ultraviolet (UV) light systems are available on some models of air purifiers. This system kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi. A suitable example can be Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier. It comes with HEPA filters and eco mode. BestViewsReviews rates and ranks products based on thousands of user reviews. If you are looking to buy, read our air purifier buying guide.

Can Air Purifier Provide Protection Against Coronavirus?

Yes, to an extent the air purifier can provide protection against the coronavirus particles, but not entirely. An air purifier can prevent viruses from entering your body. It can purify the air of harmful particles present in it. That only happens if the particles are floating in the air and not on the ground. AZEUS H13 True HEPA air purifier is an ideal choice to go for, if you are a first time user.

An air purifier with HEPA filters can capture pollutants up to 0.3 micron in size. Corona virus molecules are 0.125 microns, and it spreads in the air. This allows the HEPA filters to absorb infectious micro-particles. Air purifiers, are not a certain solution to treating the coronavirus. Pure Enrichment®️ PureZone™️ True HEPA Medium-Large Room Air Purifier offers true HEPA filters.

Under What Circumstances Should you Use an Air Purifier During the Coronavirus Time?

If someone in your household has COVID-19, it is advisable to keep an air purifier in their room until their recovery. The virus spreads in the air through sneezing, spitting and cough. Keeping an air purifier will clean the air, reducing the risk of contraction. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA air purifier comes with PlasmaWave and odor reducing carbon filter. It can be an ideal choice during the pandemic.

Alternate Things You Can Do to Improve the Air Quality at Home

Keep a Check on the AC Filters

The AC filters absorb common pollutants while cooling the air. Using the AC regularly wears out the filter and stops absorbing. Keeping a check will prevent circulation of stale air and filter issues.

Clean the Air Ducts

Regular cleaning of AC ducts and vents is necessary as they can accumulate dust within a short time. This will result in poor air quality. Cleaning the ducts at home is not advisable as they may damage.

Use Cooking Vents

Gas stoves release many contaminants and fumes harmful to the body. Using cooking vents will prevent their dispersion and offer a channel to go out.

Clean the Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets traps dust and contaminants in the fibers. Cleaning a rug or carpet regularly will keep them clean. This will prevent health risks such as allergies, asthma, etc.

Control the Humidity Levels

Humidity can cause mildew and mold growth in the corners. It is important to treat them on time. Mold growth is one of the key reason of asthma in people.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are natural air filters. They also add beauty to the decor. Investing in lilies, snake plant and ferns is a good idea to filter the indoor air.

Key Takeaway

Air purifiers can prevent the transmission to certain degrees, but it cannot cure it or prevent it. Following proper sanitation procedures is important. Washing your hands and face is necessary too. Prevention is always better than cure.
If you are still confused about them, read our blog on why is air purifier a must-have. BestViewsReviews rates and ranks leading air purifiers. The reviews are based on purifying speed, quality, and user satisfaction. You can also look at some of the air purifier accessories we have for you.

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