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Brilliant Ways to Use Your Air Fryer for Meal Prep

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
ways to use your air fryer

Air fryers are versatile kitchen appliances that you can use to create many kinds of dishes. This appliance is brilliant when it comes to using it for whipping crisp and crunchy delicacies without a lot of oil. It is not only a healthy alternative to deep fryers but also reduces your cooking time by half. Without a lot of effort, you can get quick snacks ready in no time. Be it parties or your own little munching session, you can get a platter ready without any mess.

If you are skeptical of investing in an air fryer, you should definitely let go of all your worries because the benefits an air fryer can provide are endless.

Did you know that the best keto recipes can be efficiently whisked up in an air fryer? Due to our busy schedules and hectic lifestyle, we do not get a lot of time to pay attention to our eating habits. However, with air fryers, all you need is a dash of oil and you can cook delectable or standard dishes in a snap. The convection heating gives a crisp outer layer to your food and can help you in meal prep significantly.

Best Ways to Use Your Air fryer

Use Your Air Fryer to Roast Your Veggies

You can roast many veggies like asparagus, sprouts, beans, and broccoli. Just cut them into small pieces and put a dash of oil with some seasoning. At the same time, it’s also recommended to shake your basket frequently. This will quicken the cooking process and ensure that your veggies get cooked evenly. Following more tips like this can help you cook efficiently in your air fryer.

You can also use air-fried frozen vegetables to add to your salad as toppings or along with your portion of steak. Frozen snacks are super easy to cook in an air fryer. Roasted veggies are very versatile and can be put in curries and gravies too. Cooking crispy brussels or other lip-smacking recipes is quite easy in an air fryer.

If you have frequent guests at home, a good example will be Innsky 10.6 Quarts Air Fryer that helps you cook a large quantity of food easily.

Crispy Chickpeas for Salads and Snacks

Toasted chickpeas are great for a snack with some seasoning. You can put them on top of salads or whip up some delicious hummus with the leftovers. All you’ll need is a can full of them with some healthy oil, seasonings, salt, and pepper.

Cook Some Yummy Tofu

Tofu and other vegan recipes can be cooked in a fast and delicious manner in an air fryer. You can put a block of it inside the basket and season it will oil and salt. Within 15-20 minutes, your key ingredient for yummy dishes will be ready. However, you can toss it in some vinegar and soy sauce to elevate its taste entirely.

Cook Fish Quickly

For most people, cooking fish can be tricky. However, if you’ve an air fryer, you can cook it under 10 minutes. All you’ll need is your favorite fish and loads of butter, marinating sauce and some flour. Fish is not only highly nutritious but also makes an amazing addition to most dishes.


With an air fryer, there is no limit to what you can cook. From your favorite recipes to healthy diets, to desserts, everything can be made easily. Be it fries, baked potatoes, or pizza, everything gets ready quickly matching the restaurant-quality standards. However, simply buying an air fryer isn’t enough, knowing the tips and tricks to clean and maintain it also important.

The best air fryers can add unmatched convenience to your life. If you are on the lookout for an appropriate Air fryer for your requirements, look at the featured section that lists some of the best Air fryers. Alternatively, you can opt for a Gas grill that performs the same operations with the utmost ease. These techniques will help you in cooking your desired meal efficiently and an air fryer will never disappoint you. Bestviewsreviews recommends and reviews some of the best air fryers based on their popularity, features, and quality.

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