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Best Soundbars Under $300: A Review

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Best Soundbars Under $300

Soundbars are popular items that are placed in front of the television set to provide a fuller, richer, and powerful sound. It is one of the convenient ways to improve the sound quality of TVs while taking up minimal space. Although there are many top models of soundbars manufactured for the best delivery, here we list out the best soundbars you can buy under $300. We also have a selection of the best soundbars you can get for under $200. You can browse through them to get more clarity.

There are different soundbars, but the best soundbars come with features like Bluetooth, Alexa, multi-USB ports, etc. And that makes them stand out. There are many key things to know about a soundbar before buying. They improve sound quality and offer a rich texture to the music.

Soundbars You Can Buy Under $300

Bose Solo 5

The highlight of this Boss Solo 5 is its ability to deliver clear audio that your TV cannot with help from advanced technologies. It has a dialogue mode to make every word and detail stand out. 

You also get Bluetooth connectivity to stream wireless music from any of your preferred devices. Besides, it comes with a universal remote that controls the TV, bass, Bluetooth connections, and more. 

Boss TV Speaker

This Bose TV speaker clarifies speech and better the TV sound with its 2-angled full-range drivers. They deliver a realistic audio experience with enhanced dialogue delivery. 

You can connect this soundbar via an Optical audio cable or an HDMI cable before you realize just how compact this unit is. You can easily place it in front of the TV or mounted to a wall. 

Vmai Soundbar 

For under $80, you are promised an elegant and immersive home-theater experience and perhaps this is Vmai Soundbars' biggest strength. This soundbar measures 36-inches in length, 2.5-inches in height. With the help of two 6-inch mid-range drivers and exclusive Power Bass technology, you get deeper bass and more power from the word go. 

Pheanoo P27 Soundbar

The P27 soundbar offers crystal clear sound with its technology and also hands out heavy bass booms as the subwoofer comprises ultra-high-quality wooden materials to achieve a room-filling home theater experience. 

With wireless Bluetooth 5.0, you can control your mobile or laptop from anywhere in the room with just a single click. The P27 also lets you have different sound modes for an experience like no other. 

Sony S100F

Buying a soundbar under $100 gets you an Amazon’s Choice product from the house of Sony. It excels in every condition, possibility, and expectation. It is easy to set up, has a 2 Channel speaker with a simple Bluetooth connection. 

With a deep sound with a Bass Reflex speaker and voice enhancement feature, it helps you in listening better and clearer. It features an S-Force Pro Front Surround sound feature for better sound quality.  

Sony HTS350

For under $200, you get the ultimate home-theater to upgrade with a 2.1 Channel and wireless subwoofer for optimized audio. With 320W of total power, it offers incredible volume and clarity and a deeper, richer bass sound. 

You can choose either of the seven sound modes to enhance the voice. Besides, with the help of S-Force Pro and wireless connectivity, it is hard to ignore this unit. 


The list above contains the best of the best soundbars which fall under $300 and it is safe to say, they are our best bets. If you are still trying to convince yourself otherwise, read our reasons why you should have a soundbar. We believe knowing this gadget better will change your mind.

There are many models that are AI integrated and features Alexa. They fall under the category of smart speakers and can be alternatively used in place of soundbars. For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend only the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability. 

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