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Everything About Smoke Detectors

Updated on Jun 4, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Smoke Detectors

If you want to know everything about smoke detectors and how to install them, then this blog is for you. Smoke detectors are safety gadgets that have become household essentials in recent years. They can save lives and relieve you from unnecessary stress. They avoid serious damages from events like fire hazards, intense smoke, etc. Besides, they are affordable and functional making it a certain buy for every house.

What are smoke detectors

Types of Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors come in two categories, wired and wireless types. The wireless ones are convenient and are available in plush designs. But many people still prefer traditional hardwired detectors.

Kinds of smoke detectors

Ionized Smoke Detector

These smoke alarms use electrodes to pass low current vibrations through the charged air. In case of any fire or smoke, the alarm triggers. Their efficiency in detecting smaller fires is what makes them popular.

How does Ionisation smoke detectors work

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

These detectors use a light sensor and a beam for the detection process. The mechanism sets off the alarm when scattered particles reach the sensor. Their sensors are also reactive towards light beams and may sometimes cause inconvenience. But otherwise, they are great gadgets to go for.

How does Photoelectric smoke detectors work

Places Where you Can Install a Smoke Detector

Smoke alarms are delicate safety devices that should be handled with care. Ideally, they should be installed in specific locations and away from inflammable and electronic appliances that generate heat. However, we advise you to install them towards the center of the roof for maximum response.

Smoke detectors, installation process

It is important to get the installation process right for smoke detectors. Since smoke detectors last for years, it is important to read the installation process carefully before installation.

  • Separate the mounting base from the detector. The instruction manual will state the steps to do so
  • Decide the location and fix the detector’s base at your selected location with the help of a screwdriver
  • Now, fix the detector on top of the base and place the screws.


It is advisable to clean the smoke detectors regularly to keep them safe. For the insides, go with vacuum cleaners, while the outside can be cleaned with detergent. We have answered frequently ask questions and troubleshoot them in our other blog.

Market share of smoke detectors

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Created with Raphaël

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