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Room Air conditioners Buying Guide

Air conditioners, as the name suggests should be able to regulate and condition the air in our living spaces and emit cooler air with the help of the refrigerant system available in every kind of air conditioner. The constrained spaces allow an air conditioner to cool down an atmosphere in very less time. Air conditioners regardless of their size and capacity should follow the basic function of cooling down taking into consideration four major factors- Humidity levels, quality of the air, air movement and temperature levels of the intended space. 

Benefits of Room Air Conditioners

Prevents the Recurrence of Asthma

Air conditioners not only helps you stay cool but also offers health benefits like prevents asthma. Based on studies, Air conditioners dehumidify your house along with the elimination of air born harmful elements such as pollen, mildew, dust mites etc. creating cleaner air. This reduces the chances of recurrence of asthma which can be triggered otherwise.

Creates a Clean-living Environment

The use of air conditioners requires you to keep your doors and windows closed at all times preventing outside dust to come in. This creates a cleaner house environment for you keeping pathogens and allergens at bay.

Reduce of Insects and Parasites

Air conditioners are known to keep house temperatures under control by distributing cooler air uniformly and also acts as a dehumidifier. Such a function removes all sorts of humidity from your living spaces preventing the growth and influx of insects and parasites.

Keeps Dehydration and Heat Flush at Bay

Often, very hot weathers cause our body to sweat profusely leading to loss of excess water from the body. This soars the body temperatures high putting us at the risk of dehydration and heat flushes.  Air conditioners, therefore, helps us keep our body temperatures regulated by cooling the body internally allowing it to lose less water. 

Safety of Electronic Devices

Air conditioners not only cools our body but also our home-based electronic devices like refrigerators and laptops allowing them to function properly. Often, such devices are made of metal that allows it to be a good conductor of heat allowing the device to get overheated. Using air conditioners can reduce such a possibility.

Improves Productivity

Keeping us cool, means keep our heads also cool. Studies have shown to increase productivity over the use of Air conditioners as it keeps irritation at bay by keeping us cool and comfortable. This, in turn, affects productivity.

Noiseless Technology

Most of the Air conditioners are fitted inside the rooms and come with advanced noiseless technology allowing us to conveniently use them without creating any noise. This makes it quite pleasant to use air conditioners to keep ourselves cool without even knowing it to be present.

Factors to Consider before Buying Room Air Conditioners

Weight Capacity

This is a very important factor that enhances the performance of a good Air conditioner. Capacity referred to as Tonnage, and in the case of an air conditioner, it is basically the capability of an Air conditioner to cool down space. Good tonnage means great cooling basis the size of the intended, and therefore proper attention to tonnage should be given.

Power Consumption

A good Air conditioner should always consume less power. The basic principle of an AC to draw out the hot air and replace it with cool air consumes more than usual electricity, and if you end up choosing one which pays no heed to energy consumption, you might find yourself spending a great deal on electricity bills. 

Star Rating

A good Air conditioner will always have good star ratings. More the number of stars, the greater is its efficiency levels. Such air conditioners with a good star rating demand a greater initial investment but over time, it will help you save a lot on maintenance and electricity bills.

Less Noise

A good Air conditioner is built with the principle of emitting less noise as they are usually fitted inside the rooms and living spaces. Window AC's do create a lot of sound due to their powerful motors but room air conditioners cannot be expected to do so.

Factors to Consider before Buying Room Air Conditioners

Size of the Intended Space

Understanding the size of the space where the Air conditioner needs to be fitted should be determined before purchasing one. If it's a small space a less ton of Air conditioner will do the trick but if you are looking at a bigger space, an AC with greater capacity is required.


This is one of the most important factors to consider and no one helps you except yourself. Having a budget estimate before buying an air conditioner is important. Nowadays, there are many buying options to purchase heavy investment devices such as – instalments, down payment etc.  

BTU Output

BTU or British Thermal Unit is the calculation of the number of thermal units an air conditioner can eliminate in order to keep the air cool and the temperature down. Having a good BTU capacity will keep your space cooler for a longer period of time.

The SEER AND EER Ratings

This basically stands for the efficiency of the air conditioner during its functional and operational life. Another term called Heat seasonal performance factor falls under SEER and EER ratings which measured the efficiency of the heating pumps. These ratings should be good for an AC and you should talk to an expert about it, before buying an Air conditioner.


Always look for an AC that comes with controls for temperature, humidity and air control so that the AC can function efficiently as per your requirements. At the same time, the controls should be easy to operate rather than a complex set of controls 


An efficient AC will not only keep your soaring electricity bills at bay but will also provide a good cooling system. Efficiency can be determined by the star ratings of an AC and should be discussed before buying. 


Air conditioners are heavy investments and should be done wisely. With a plethora of options available in the market, choosing the right kind of AC can be overwhelming. Therefore, the above-mentioned factors should be kept in mind before purchasing an AC. Summers are round the corner, and if you have been thinking of investing in an air conditioner, probably this is the right time to do so!

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