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Why Buy an Underdesk Treadmill?

Updated on Jul 19, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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An Underdesk Treadmill is a fitness equipment that offers you a great way of losing weight without leaving your desk. It also goes by the name Treadmill Desk. It includes a special treadmill and the electric desk combined and allows the user to stay active. A Treadmill desk is not the same as the ones we see in gyms. You cannot run on a treadmill desk. The maximum speed of most of them is 4 miles per hour(mph).

An Underdesk Treadmill is primarily found in office settings. It is ideal for anyone who cannot work out regularly because of injuries or a busy schedule. You will burn calories without leaving your workstation. Few of them come with built-in electrical outlets, where you can charge your phones. Some others come with an adjustable mechanism. This allows the users to transition between sitting, standing and walking.

Why is an Underdesk Treadmill Popular?

Running on a treadmill is an effective way to lose weight and tone your body. A new study reveals that an Underdesk Treadmill is more effective than running outdoors. The Underdesk Treadmill offers a great way of staying fit while working and without the trouble of going to the gym. The Underdesk Treadmill also improves posture and relieves back pain. We have mentioned our reviews below for a better understanding of the products.

Allows You to Exercise While Working

The advantage of an Underdesk Treadmill is that it allows you to move while working. This keeps you away from a sedentary lifestyle and helps you to lose weight. An Underdesk Treadmill makes it simple for employees to schedule a time to care for their health during the workday.

Increases Focus

Walking improves cognitive functions by increasing alertness and the ability to focus on tasks. It helps you to be active throughout the day and keeps work stress low.

Eases Anxiety

We all have anxious energy at some time or the other. Anxiety can lead to other issues such as depression. Walking on the treadmill while working will help burn off the anxious energy making it easy to sleep and de-stress.


An Underdesk Treadmill helps you to multitask. Using an Underdesk Treadmill will help you maintain exercise and work so that you can focus on both at the same time. This is unlikely with the most of the other fitness equipment.

Is an Underdesk Treadmill Worth it?

Yes, an Underdesk Treadmill is worth the purchase. It gives you the 2-in-1 functionality of staying fit while working and keeping aside health problems. This equipment is an answer to nasty back pains one has after sitting for long hours working. It is compact, ergonomic, stylish, useful, and efficient equipment.

An Underdesk Treadmill displays foldable and adjustable features that make it suitable for use for people of all ages. Its cost is below $500, making it popular among working professionals. If you are confused between an exercise bike and a treadmill, don't forget to read our blog.

How to Choose the Best Underdesk Treadmill?


When you walk on an Underdesk Treadmill, your body weight pushes the belt backward. At a speed of 2 mph, the belt should overcome the friction between the deck and the belt. A powerful motor can help that. Go for a motor with a range between 2 HP and 5 HP for convenience and the long life of the machines.

Incline Function

The incline isn't important if you're going to use your under desk treadmill for walking because your goal isn't to sweat or exercise excessively. The inclined function in an Underdesk Treadmill will slightly raise the entire treadmill off the ground. Considering this factor will help you choose the right height or go with the one that has an adjustable feature.

Belt Size

The belt size should not be an issue for smaller users; however, taller users may want to consider longer treadmills so they can stride comfortably. The belts are 55 and 60 inches in length. So if you're tall and have long strides, you'll need a longer belt. The width of the belt stick should be 20 inches or more. If you are on the lookout for compact treadmills, browse through our exclusive list for more clarity.

Calorie Counter

Many models come equipped with a calorie counter. It shows data such as time, distance, and calories. We recommend you consider additional features like the calorie counter when buying an Underdesk Treadmill. It will motivate you to perform well.


Most manufacturers give you a lifetime warranty on the frame, with a one or two years warranty on the controller board and motor. Look for an Underdesk Treadmill with a 3-year motor warranty and a minimum 2-year electronics warranty.

Buy the Best Underdesk Treadmill

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding UnderDesk Treadmill

The Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Under Desk Electric Treadmill is a good choice for people who want to keep themselves healthy. It's advisable for people who have no time to go outside for running but want to keep fit. This equipment is ideal for people who are currently working from home. It has features like a 2.25 HP DC motor, folding design, built-in Bluetooth speaker, smartphone control, foldable design, space-saving, and more. You can also use it for walking your pets, playing your favorite music, or as a home office treadmill.

Citysports Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Pad

The compact and portable CitySports treadmill is the perfect home treadmill solution. It folds under your desk and is ideal for a workout at work, home, or traveling. The Underdesk Treadmill is easy to use and offers advanced features such as a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a built-in display to track your speed, distance, calories burned, an adjustable speed from 0.8 to 4.0 MPH, etc. ultra-thin and silent treadmill mechanism.

Citysports Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Pad is a great way to work out. It is so small it fits under your desk. If you're looking to shed a few pounds and inches or are a desk-bound employee who needs to get more active, this home treadmill can help. Handy and portable, this is a great way to get a cardio workout in the comforts of your own home.

UREVO 2 in 1 Underdesk Treadmill

The UREVO 2 in 1 Underdesk Treadmill is a good option for cardio exercises. You can use it while sitting on the desktop. It helps you to burn calories, improve endurance, and control your blood pressure. The UREVO 2 in 1 comes with efficient remote control and a 2.5HP motor. It is foldable so that you can store it under your desk. It has 8 built-in fitness apps that will help you improve your fitness goals and track your progress.

UMAY Portable Treadmill Underdesk Walking Pad

UMAY Foldable Treadmill is for those who want to exercise at home but do not have enough space. You can place it under your desk or table, and it will not take up much room. It is convenient to carry, as you can fold it and carry it in the trunk of your car.

The UMAY Portable Treadmill helps you to improve your health, lose weight, and improve your stamina. It is a convenient, effective, and safe way to get an effective cardio workout. It is also great for toning your legs, butt, and abs. UMAY portable treadmill is also easy to set up and use and comes with remote control for convenience.

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Under Desk Treadmill Folding

The Rhythm Fun Treadmill is an under desk treadmill for walking and jogging. You can use this fitness equipment at work, home, or anywhere you have a table or desk. It is perfect for people who want to be active while working or studying. The Rhythm Fun Treadmill has a slim design, is quiet, easy to move, store, and set up.

The Rhythm Fun treadmill is quiet, slim, portable, and you can fold it into a compact size for storage. It has a large walking belt, a high-end motor, and a wide walking belt for convenient walking. 

Goyouth 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill

The Goyouth 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill is an electric treadmill that you can use at home or at the office. Goyouth Under Desk Treadmill can help you can stay fit and healthy while working at your desk. This treadmill is the ideal solution for overcoming the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

It can help your body adjust to the sedentary lifestyle by improving circulation and flexibility in the legs. This equipment is ideal for boosting your metabolism while its silent motor offers a soothing, relaxing effect.


An Underdesk Treadmill desk is a great way to get some daily exercise while you work. You should conduct some research before deciding to invest in office workout equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes. When brainstorming, make sure to include the mentioned factors. Choose something practical and convenient, and turn your office time into a healthy activity. BestViewsReviews ranks and rates hundreds of treadmills based on overall performance, controls, and functionality, built and speed.

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