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Tips to Use a Chainsaw the Right Way

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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From the simple bush clearing to cutting massive trees, chainsaws have had an extensive usage over time. Used by consumers and construction workers, the cutting equipment provides a plethora of benefits. However, using a chainsaw correctly and effectively is very important. You should know the major hacks and tips involved. The mighty tool can be really powerful with its sharp teeth and fast speed. Irrespective of the type of work you want your chainsaw to do, it’s very crucial for you to understand a few things. Let us have a look at the most important hacks in this guide by answering some common questions.

How to Maintain a Proper Body Stance?

To handle any tool, you need to maintain your body form accurately. This helps you accomplish your task effectively and in a more rapid manner. Stand firmly and keep your balance on point. Be careful and do not trip. It’s also advised to not run with chainsaws. While you’re operating the chainsaw, place your thumb and hand on the front handle to strengthen your hold.

What to Do When Your Chainsaw Isn’t in Use?

Proper storage extends the lifespan of all machines. It’s imperative for you to store your chainsaws responsibly. Try to store it in a place devoid of dust and dirt to avoid any damage to the chainsaw.

How to Start the Chainsaw Correctly?

You should always start your chainsaw on a leveled surface. Once you have stabilized the position, follow the steps to successfully start a chainsaw.

  • Ensure that the choke is closed and the chain brake is engaged.
  • Press the primer valve 6-7 times to create a vacuum for the fuel and to ensure its smooth flow from the tank to the carburetor.
  • Using your left hand, hold the front handle tightly and pull the cord with the right hand.
  • Once your engine comes to life, push the choke to run position and let the engine warm-up for a few.

Some extra heed to a few steps can be really beneficial. It’s also advised to read the user’s manual for a better insight into the working. All chainsaws do not work in the same way and reading the manual carefully might help you understand the variations. Another model of professional chainsaw that is of similar quality is Echo Chainsaw.

How to Know Your Chainsaw is Ready?

To ensure that your chainsaw is safe for operation, check the handles, bars, chain sharpness, and controls. Also, make sure that the gas or oil tank is full and doesn’t require any refuelling. Lack of oil or Bar and chain lube can lead to overheating, which can damage your chainsaw. Once all of these factors are determined, your chainsaw is ready for operation. Although brands have a marginal risk of malfunctioning, some faulty products may get damaged sooner than others. Thus, to avoid such a situation, this chainsaw maintainence guide can ensure smoother and longer operation of the chainsaw. Else, it is recommended to take a look at some of the best chainsaws, for your understanding.

Should I Wear Safety Equipment?

As a chainsaw is very powerful and operates at a fast speed, it’s important to wear safety equipment like goggles, caps, and helmets. This equipment protects you from debris and kickbacks.

Final Verdict

Using a chainsaw properly is necessary not only to do the job efficiently but to ensure your own safety too. Maintaining proper safety while using any machine always helps. We hope we answered all your questions through this guide. There’re many possible risks involved while using outdoor tools like leaf blowers and chainsaw, setting up a separate workstation along with the right safety gear is very helpful to ensure a safe operation. Also, don't forget to check out Bestviewsreviews for the best-rated chainsaws available online.

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