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Choose Between Gas Vs Battery Chainsaw

Updated on Sep 21, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Gas Vs Battery Chainsaw

Chainsaws are cutting devices that use a rotating chain drive coupled with a sharp set of teeth. This device can be powered by electricity, batteries, or gas. It can be challenging to decide between a gas vs battery-powered chainsaw. The battery-powered tool is suitable because of its convenience. Chainsaws powered by gas are still available, but many professionals are switching to battery-powered models. Gas chainsaws are perfect for heavy-duty work and powerful performance.

Pros of Battery Chainsaws

Easy Initialization

The battery chainsaw is easy to start and use. You do not need any pull cords to start your device. Simply plugging in a charged battery and pulling the trigger can start this machine in a matter of few seconds.


Battery chainsaws like DEWALT Chainsaw are more silent than other gas variants. These tools also have quieter operations that aid in a harmonious environment. Make sure you choose the model that follows the quiet working mechanism.


There are no exhaust fumes with the battery chainsaw. This results in a cleaner as well as a healthier environment. They are also compact and lightweight. They weigh around 8-10 lbs and are easy to maneuver. You can carry them around without much effort.

Lower Vibrations

Battery chainsaws like JUEMEL offer instant torque and get more work done. The vibrations are also less and you can accomplish your job without getting tired. The intensity of the vibrations depends on the chainsaw size. Having the right chainsaw size will help you in getting the job done.

Interchangeable Batteries

Many battery-powered chainsaws have interchangeable batteries. You can interchange the batteries if they’re of the same manufacturer.

Hassle-free Use

The battery models are easy to use and require little maintenance. You don’t have to mix the gas or get refueling done. You also do not need to worry about bad fuel or spark plugs. The KIMO Cordless Chainsaw is a lightweight model that weighs just 3.1 pounds.

Cons of Battery Chainsaws

Less Sturdy

The battery-powered electric chainsaws are less sturdy. They are not good for heavy-duty cutting or extensive usage.

Needs Charging

Your battery might run out in the middle of your work. Many people buy spare batteries to avoid this situation. Finding charging outlets can be tricky sometimes. You cannot operate your saw from remote locations.

Pros of Gas Chainsaws


You don’t have to worry about the power of these machines. They perform to the best of their abilities. They are equipped with a high-power engine that generates effective torque for cutting large tree trunks.


The gas-powered models like SALEM MASTER 6220H are portable as well as easy to carry. You can go anywhere without having to find power outlets for charging. Gas supply is the only factor affecting your runtime.

Heavy-duty Work

Gas-powered chainsaws are more useful for accomplishing intensive tasks like cutting giant trees and branches. These machines are ideal for heavy-duty work.


Gas chainsaws offer great variety. A lot of products with different features are available for your convenience. You get options in bar length, engine, as well as in many more things if you’re going for a gas-powered chainsaw.

Cons of Gas Chainsaws


Gas-powered chainsaws are heavier than compared to the battery-powered variants. They aren’t easy to carry around. Make sure you check the weight of your selected model before buying.

Higher Initial Cost

The upfront costs involved in a gas-powered chainsaw are huge. The running cost and maintenance cost is also more in gas-powered models. You should use chainsaw oils to prevent your chainsaw blade from getting damaged.

Less Ergonomic

Gas-powered chainsaws produce fumes and are noisier. The engine housing also produces vibrations while working, which makes the overall operation less efficient.

Requires Extra Care

You need to be more careful while using your gas-powered chainsaw like Craftsman Crank 2-Cycle Gas chainsaw. We recommend you follow the exact guidelines from the manufacturer.


In choosing between gas vs battery chainsaw, consider your usage, budget, and requirements. The battery-powered model is a more advanced version with higher portability and better maneuverability, but it lacks power. Powerful gas models need more maintenance, but are more expensive.

You should go with a battery-powered chainsaw if you want a more compact and lightweight chainsaw and can compromise the power of the machine. Read our buying guide to buy the best chainsaw model.

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