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Gas Vs. Battery Chainsaws: Which One to Choose?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
gas vs. battery chainsaws

It's always a confusing task when comparing, gas vs. battery chainsaws. Chainsaws are famous for their versatility. The variety of tasks one can accomplish with the powerful machine is endless. But the final choice requires some contemplation. The battery-powered tool is chosen because of its convenience. Traditionally, chainsaws were powered by gas, but now even professionals have switched to battery-powered chainsaws. Battery-powered chainsaws are also ideal for homeowners. Let’s see a detailed list of the pros and cons of both the variants, gas vs. battery chainsaws, to arrive at a definite conclusion.

Gas vs. Battery: Pros of Battery Chainsaws

In order to make the right buying choice, it is important to know the best types of chainsaws available. Once you read through, you can take a look at the buying guide of the chainsaws for more clarity.

  • Easy Initialization

You do not need any pull cords with a battery-powered chainsaw. Simply plugging in a charged battery and pulling the trigger does the deal.

  • Silent

Battery chainsaws like Craftsman Chainsaw are much more silent than the gas variants. Also, quieter operation aids in a harmonious environment. In conclusion, you should go with silent chainsaw if you want to work peacefully.

  • Ergonomic

There are no exhaust fumes with the battery chainsaw. Subsequently, this results in a cleaner and healthier environment. They are also very compact and lightweight. Weighing around 8-10 lbs., they are easy to manoeuvre and you can carry them around without much effort.

  • Lower Vibrations

Offering instant torque, this chainsaw gets more work done. The vibrations are also very less and you can accomplish your job without getting very tired. However, the intensity of the vibrations also depends on the chainsaw size. Having the right chainsaw size will help you in getting the job done without exhausting you.

  • Interchangeable Batteries

If you’ve other tools from the same brand like Stihl or Husqvarna, you can interchange the batteries if they’re of the same manufacturer.

  • Hassle-free Usage

There is very little maintenance and a recharge gets you back to your product. You don’t have to mix the gas or get refuelling done. You do have to worry about bad fuel or spark plugs as well.

Gas vs. Battery: Cons of Battery Chainsaws

Your battery might run out in the middle of your work. Many people buy spare batteries to avoid this situation. Battery-powered electric chainsaws like Wen chainsaw is less sturdy and finding recharging outlets can be a little tricky sometimes. You cannot operate your saw from remote locations.

Gas vs. Battery: Pros of Gas Chainsaws

  • Very Powerful

You don’t have to worry about the power of this machine. They perform to the best of their abilities. Another chainsaw that is equally sturdy is Echo chainsaw that comes with a gasoline-powered source.

  • Portable

You do not have to worry about finding a charging outlet. You can go anywhere and your access won’t get interrupted. Your runtime is only affected by the gas supply.

  • Heavy-duty Work

Gas-powered chainsaws like Remington Gas chainsaw are considered much more useful in accomplishing intensive tasks like cutting giant trees and branches.

  • Variety

With these chainsaws, you do not have to worry about variety. A lot of products with different features are available for your convenience. You get options in bar length, engine and many more things if you’re going for a gas-powered chainsaw.

Cons of Gas Chainsaws

  • Heavyweight

Gas-powered chainsaws are heavier as compared to the battery-powered variants. They aren’t as easy to carry around.

  • Higher Initial Cost

The upfront costs involved in a gas-powered chainsaw might be higher.

  • Less Ergonomic

Gas-powered chainsaws produce fumes and are noisier.

  • Requires Extra Care

You need to be more careful while using your gas-powered chainsaw like Craftsman Crank 2-Cycle Gas chainsaw. As per recommendation, you should follow the exact guidelines from the manufacturer.

The Final Verdict

While buying outdoor tools like chainsaws, weed strings or leaf blowers, the final choice should depend on your personal use. You should go with a battery-powered chainsaw if you want to go with a more compact and lightweight chainsaw and can compromise the power of the machine. However, switch to a gas-powered chainsaw for accomplishing intensive tasks efficiently. Echo Chainsaws offer some of the best gas-powered variants of chainsaws.

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