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The Best VR Headsets: An Informative Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Best VR Headsets

VR headsets have become a thing nowadays. The immersive experience that the best VR (virtual reality) headsets offer is unparalleled. Such headsets are equipped with stereoscopic head-mounted displays and motion sensors to offer you an exciting gaming experience. They are also used as simulators and trainers.

This blog highlights the best VR headsets that you can lay your hands on this 2021. You can consider Vr headsets as the next level of gaming headsets. These are majorly shortlisted for gaming purposes and guarantee an unforgettable experience each time you use them. We have also tried to answer some of the frequent questions that one might have regarding VR headsets.

Best VR Headsets

Oculus Quest 2 VR Headphones

Oculus Quest 2 comes in a sleek model and white finish. They feature a fast processor, access to quest content library, free oculus app for an immersive experience and intuitive controls.

Although you require a Facebook account to log in, you don't require a PC or console to enjoy its features. With a 50% more pixel for a great experience and premium display, this VR headset is certainly a worthy buy.

Destek V5 VR Headset

Destek V5 VR headsets easily connect with mobile phones and offer a field of view (FOV) to 110 degrees. This headset is thoughtfully made with Anti-blue light lenses, Bluetooth controller and trigger button for a great experience.

The speciality of these glasses is their lightweight nature and wide compatibility with multiple devices.

Pecosso 3D VR Headset

Pecossor 3D reality vision headset is an excellent gadget to enjoy your games. It features a resin aspheric lens for better vision, convenient controls, and HD display.

Built with comfortable material, this adjustable headset is all about comfort. Moreover, it also provides wide compatibility with multiple devices making it one of the best VR headsets in the market today.

VR Headset with Remote Controller

This Shinecon VR headset is a premium product that offers many features to make your gaming experience great. With anti-blue light protected glasses, Bluetooth controller, trigger button, and a wider FOV, this headset will surely offer an enjoyable gaming experience.

These headsets are comfortable to wear and are made of lightweight material. They can connect with all phones easily and do not require a Pc or a tablet to function.

BNext VR Headset

BNext VR headsets are one of a kind. It offers an unparalleled 3D immersive experience and is quite popular among gamers. With this Vr you can gain easy access to their exclusive content list.

With an adjustable strap, eyesight protection system and a soft nose piece, this headset can be a great accessory in all your gaming sessions.

Destek VR Headsets for Kids

This Destek VR headsets for kids is uniquely designed for kids between 5-15 years. Its HD display and advanced features have made this headset quite popular in schools and other educational institutions.

It features a remote-controlled Bluetooth button, responsive controller and trigger buttons for maximum comfort.

OIVO Headset Compatible Ninetendo Switch

This premium VR headset with Nintendo switch is a hot-selling product currently. This upgraded VR headset is made of lightweight & comfortable material and features a convenient adjustable head strap. With an ergonomic design, responsive controls and a great display this headset is a great product for beginners.

Oculus Rift S PC Powered Gaming Headset

This oculus Pc powered VR gaming headset offers exclusive access into thousands of content. This innovative gadget comes in an ergonomic design, motion sensors, touch controls, and the next-gen protective lenses.

With Oculus insight tracking, intuitive controls, and easy to use features, this VR headset is currently trading the market with its performance.

Which is the Best VR Headset?

Oculus Quest 2 is usually known for its excellent performance and affordability. Although it requires a Facebook account to log in, its vast content library, wide compatibility and intuitive controls make it the best among the lot. It will cost you approximately $299 which is slightly towards the expensive side.

But with deals and online bonanzas, you can get home this amazing gadget for an immersive experience every single time.

Are VR Headsets Worth the Price?

The answer to this is yes. VR headsets are very much worth the money. These headsets offer an engaging experience while playing games that otherwise cannot be achieved. With these headsets, you can enjoy games at a whole new dimension.

Moreover, many of these headsets feature augmented reality that makes everything around you look real. All these features combined with advanced technology, make this device one of the best gadgets that you can place your hand on this 2021.

VR Headsets Falling in the price: Good News or Bad?

Although initially, the price of the VR headsets was high even for a gamer or enthusiast, the demand for such headsets did not match the manufacturers' expectations. The high price of VR headsets encouraged people to go with the graphics card as they were relatively affordable. This led to the reduced price of the VR headsets.

Today, many manufacturers produce a product line of affordable VR headsets. However, to experience virtual reality at its best, you might have to spend a few extra hundred dollars on them.

Top VR Headsets for Enthusiasts

  • Varjo VR 2 Headsets

This industrial grade VR headset has a bionic display for a great viewing experience. It also features a 20/20 eye tracker along with advanced hand-tracking mechanism in place.

  • HTC VIVE Pro Enterprise

This VIVE Pro VR Headset is equipped with advanced features and offers a perfect viewing medium in multi-user environments and simulates scenarios. This easy to use and handle headset offers a great display of 2880 x 1600 pixels to game enthusiast thus, earning its place in the gaming community.

  • Oculus Quest

As mentioned above Oculus quest with its powerful performance and the professional display is one of the best professional Vr headsets you can find in the market today.

Standalone VR Vs. PC VR

Standalone VR’s come with a headset, a powerful processor, built-in display, battery, viewfinders, and multi controllers for convenient navigation.

PC VR Headsets require PC and specially equipped software to run them successfully. Such headsets have durable hardware except they cannot operate independently and has a minor segment of gamers. They are difficult to use too and comes with limited content access.

Therefore, standalone headsets are relatively more popular than the PC ones as they don’t require to be connected to any PC and usually features 6 degrees of freedom.

Reasons Why VR Headsets are Worth

Today with the gaming industry becoming one of the prospective careers for gamers and enthusiast, VR headsets have gone mainstream. The below-mentioned factors are proof why such headsets are worth your money and time


VR headsets come with a versatile price range with something for everyone. The cost of VR headsets varies between $25 to $700. This depends on various factors like features, size and brand.


Many VR headsets come with their very own content and offer the user unlimited access to that content. Such content-library contains specific games, virtual reality situations and much more. This content remains otherwise inaccessible to those who prefer PC VR headsets.

Ease of Use

Most of the headsets feature easy to use and intuitive controls. These intuitive controls help you play the game easily and works perfectly for professionals of enthusiasts.

The Bottom line

VR Headsets in the last recent years have taken the gaming industry by storm. Although we are seeing the start of a new technological era with these innovative gadgets, virtual reality still has to go a long way. We don’t know yet how our complete exposure to virtual and augmented reality will affect our personal as well as social lives. As far as the current state is concerned, technology is certainly delivering some of the excellent devices capable of altering our perceptions towards technology and its effects.

If you are looking to buy VR headsets, we recommend you to do some prior research as the innumerable brands make it a challenge to find a suitable VR headset. We at Bestviewsreviews.com review and recommend some of the best product based on their performance, durability and demand. Therefore, head over to our website for some amazing buying options.


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