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Best Office Chairs: the Ultimate Buying Guide

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Finding the best office chairs, where you can sit comfortably for long hours, without complaining of a terrible backache is indeed a challenge. Good office chairs feature characteristics like firmer backrest, adjustable height, rounder seat pan, material, armrest width and height etc.

This blog intends on highlighting some of the best office chairs you can buy this 2021. We have also taken the liberty to highlight some factors that you should certainly consider before buying an office chair. We have also explained some ways to find the perfect office chair easily. These points will act as a guide so that you can identify the best chair for you easily. Read on to find more.

Boss Office Chair

Boss office chairs are known for their ergonomic and simple designs. This particular chair offers comfort to the spine by providing a firmer back and offers a 6" adjustable vertical height range. This chair is quite durable because of its vinyl cover and dual-wheel casters for weight balance. With so many features this chair is surely a great buy to bring home.

Smugdesk office Chair

This Smugdesk office chair is a great addition if you have those backaches as it offers a cushioned support to rest your spine. This chair offers a 12-month accessories replacement and comes leather-bound. They have soft armrests and a recliner feature with a 360ͦ rocking mode. All of these combined with a functional design makes this office chair a definite choice.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

This Duramont office chair is made of breathable mesh that allows you to sit comfortably for long hours. This comfortable chair offers lumbar back support, adjustable back and armrest, and also comes with a recline feature. This durable office chair can carry a maximum weight of 330 lbs, and consist of rollerblade caster wheels for smooth movements.

Dripex Home Office Chair

This Dripex sturdy office chair is known for its comfort and capacity to carry weight for a long time without any wear and tear. With a high-density foam seat cushion and mesh seating pan, this chair offers maximum comfort and spine support. Featuring a tilt angle between 90̊ degrees and 120 degrees, adjustable air pressure lever, and an overall quality structure this chair is perfect for conferences, offices and even homes.

Hbada Office Desk Chair

This Hbada office chair is a combination of contemporary sleek looks and comfortable seating. It features an ergonomic back for spine support, adjustable armrests and chair height, breathable material and sturdy legs for smooth mobility. All of these makes this chair a suitable purchase for your office requirement.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Gabrylly chairs are all about durability, comfort and quality. The best part about this chair is its spacious seating pan that allows you to sit comfortably for hours. This chair offers 4 supporting points for lumbar support, adjustable headrest and back, flip-up arms for comfort and breathable material for a sweat-free experience.

Xuer Ergonomic Office Chair

Xuer office chairs are quite popular among the users as their chairs are certified by BIFMA and SGS and are thus, great for posture and seating. This sturdy chair can carry a weight of up to 330lbs and comes with a W shaped design for maximum comfort. This chair is lightweight, easy to use and easy to assemble making it one of the popular choices.

Amazon Basics Low Back Adjustable Office Chair

This Amazon Basics office chair comes with lower back support to rest the spine and contains pneumatic seat adjustment mechanism. This chair is BIFMA certified ensuring their safety and is quite has a durable structure.

Office Star Desk Office Chairs

This office star desk chair is built with a mesh seating pan and covered with vinyl for durability. This also comes with a 20" diameter foot ring, and 5 dual wheel carpet casters. With a heavy-duty nylon base and pneumatic height adjustment mechanism, this chair is indeed a worthy investment.

Amazon Basics High-back Leather Office Chair

This comfortable executive Amazon Basics office chair is a great way to rest your tired back after long working hours. It comes with padded seat support, backrest and armrests. It also offers a pneumatic weight adjustment mechanism and BIFMA certified safety assurance. With so many features and durability, this chair is indeed one of the best to be brought home.

Best Office Chairs: A Buying Guide


Home Office chairs are required for the purpose of comfortable sitting for long hours. Therefore, go with chairs that come with a wide seating pan, preferably cushioned. This will allow your back to rest properly on an even platform.

Lumbar and Back Support

Usually, standard office chairs come with a uniform length back and standard support. But, certain office chairs can also be customized as per your requirements.

If you do not want to spend a lot on a chair, then go with the ones that offer an adjustable back. This will allow people of different torso lengths to sit easily without any discomfort.

Recline Feature

Go with office chairs that come with recline feature for sustainable sitting. The recline feature in office chairs helps your body to relax mid-work by inkling towards the back. However, make sure to take a look at the recline button or level. Ensure that the chair remains stable when you use the recline function.


Go with office chairs that come with adjustable parts. A good office chair will offer you flexibility by having adjustable armrests, backrest, seating pan adjustable level and adjustable backrest length.

If you are planning on buying it online through a platform like Amazon, then read the product description carefully before the purchase.

Durability and Material

Home office chairs are expensive and thus, going for a durable chair and strong material like leather or mesh is a good idea. If the chair comes with an added cushion, it is even better as the durability goes high. While choosing the material, go with vinyl or leather for best results. The seating pan should be made of breathable material to keep your back sweat-free.


Always go for office chairs that cost you between $200 to $500. Such chairs come with a study built, multi-features, strong wheels, and many adjustable features. If you are going above $800, you will easily get the best office chairs.

Although it is always ideal to go with chairs that cost around $300 as they will have a good structure and extended warranty.


Warranty is a very important part of office chairs. An inexpensive option may cost you somewhere between $200 or $350. They come with an annual or two-year warranty. While the higher-end office chairs the warranty may go u to even 10 years. Thus, read the product policy before purchasing.

Key Take away

Office chairs are important things to have in a house. Especially with the pandemic setting in and the majority working from home, having a good chair to escape those backaches is crucial. That is why we have listed the names above so that you can understand the market and the trends.

However, if you're looking to buy an office chair, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend some of the top-selling products on our website for your convenience. Thus, with this guide and selection, you can now choose the right office chair easily.

Happy Shopping to You!

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