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Best Office Chairs: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Updated on Aug 5, 2022 by Jessica Parker
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It can be a challenge to find the best office chairs to sit comfortably for long hours without a backache. Good quality chairs come with a firm backrest, adjustable height, round seat pan, durable material, armrest width, and height. These chairs are designed to help your body stay healthier, reduce pain, and keep you focused throughout your workday. You can also read our other blog on best-rated office chairs and know everything about them.

How To Choose Best Office Chair?

There are a few points listed below that you need to keep in mind while choosing an office chair.


Office chairs are required for comfortable sitting for long hours. Go with chairs that come with a wider seating pan, preferably cushioned. This will allow your back to rest properly on an even platform.

Lumbar and Back Support

Usually, a standard office chair like NOUHAUS Ergo3D comes with a uniform length back and standard support. You can also customize certain chairs as per your requirements.

If you do not want to spend a lot on a chair, then go with the ones that offer an adjustable back. This will allow people of different torso lengths to sit easily without any discomfort.

Recline Feature

Go with office chairs that come with recline feature for sustainable sitting. The recline feature in chairs like Amazon Ergonomic Executive Home Chair helps your body to relax mid-work by inclining towards the back. Make sure to take a look at the recline button or level. Ensure that the chair remains stable when you use the recline function.


Go with an office chair that comes with adjustable parts. A good office chair will offer you flexibility by having adjustable armrests, backrest, seating pan adjustable level, and adjustable backrest length.

Durability and Material

Office chairs are expensive, and going for a durable chair with durable fabric like leather or mesh is a good idea. If the chair comes with an added cushion, it is even better as the durability goes high. While choosing the material, go with vinyl or leather for the best results. The seat should be made of breathable material to keep your back sweat-free.

Boss Office chair's reviews mark that its durable caressoft vinyl offers easy maintenance and cleaning.


Always go for office chairs that cost you between $100 to $500. Such chairs come with a sturdy build, multi-features, strong wheels, and other adjustable features. If you are going above $800, you will easily get the best office chairs. It is ideal to go with chairs that cost around $300 or $400 as they will have a good structure and an extended warranty.


The affordable office chairs may cost you somewhere between $200 or $350 with a one or two-year warranty. While the high-end chairs, the warranty may go up to even ten years. Read the product policy before purchasing.

The customer reviews of Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair claim that it features pneumatic controls that offer easy installation and usage.

Why Are Office Chairs Expensive?

The best-selling office chairs are made to meet professional and industrial standards. They frequently allow customization for clients who buy hundreds or thousands at a time. They are also engineered to last long, be comfortable, and be ergonomic. Unfortunately, all these features make these chairs expensive. 

How Much Should I Spend On An Office Chair?

Most office chairs will cost you between $100 and $500. There are models you can find for as low as $150 while the expensive ones with ergonomic and customized features may cost as high as $800.

How Long Do Office Chairs Last?

The majority of chairs typically come with a five-year warranty. A well-built office chair like Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Chair should last anywhere between seven and ten years. This period depends on the brand, quality, usage, and build.

Should I Get A Desk Chair With Or Without Wheels?

Office chairs without wheels are affordable, including good-quality models. They're simpler and easier to put together. They come with floor guards and are suitable for use on both hard and soft floors. Chairs with wheels are expensive, difficult to install but offer mobility to move around if you are multitasking.

Reclining Office Chairs are a great way to reduce stress and tension around the office. Read our blog on reclining office chairs to learn more about them.

Key Take Away

It is essential to have a comfortable chair to avoid backaches. Office chairs are specifically designed to support the user comfortably and ergonomically. There are a variety of chairs available on the market. Selecting the right chair is an important step in improving your comfort level and increasing your productivity. You can also check our dedicated blog on how to choose the right chair for finding the most suitable one for your needs.

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