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Best Tablets for Reading 2022: Which One to Buy?

Written by Angela Miller
Updated on Dec 23, 2022
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Tablets are the ultimate entertainment and working companion. They are portable and easy to use. Tablets can host a large collection of your books. Many people have switched to tablets from paperbacks because of their convenience, compact nature, and powerful performance. If you are looking for a new e-reader then continue reading for some tips on buying a new tablet.

What features do tablets have?

Multiple Reading Materials

In addition to the books, a tablet enables you to access a variety of additional reading resources, including blogs, various reading websites, newspapers, etc. You can have access to all of these in just a few minutes. You don't need to purchase various reading materials when you can access them all on a single device.

Saves Space

Tablets can store hundreds of textbooks on a single device, saving you a ton of space and doing away with the necessity of carrying books physically. This makes it simple for you to read when you're on the go. Additionally, tablets make it quite easy to access a variety of books.


You can easily read by the pool without worrying because the majority of tablets include a water-resistant function. Tablets, in contrast to print textbooks, may tolerate accidental submersion in water to some extent, allaying one of your primary concerns.

Easy Note-Making

It takes much less time to take notes on a tablet than on paper. With tablets, it's simple to take notes about or highlight your favorite passages from the book you're reading, and you can access them anytime you want.

Is it better to read on an eReader or a tablet?

Tablets and E-readers are different in their performance and design. An E-reader is a lightweight, compact-styled device that can store up to thousands of books. It is primarily made for providing easy access to digital libraries of e-books. Tablets are also suitable for reading but can be used for other purposes.

An E-reader is your best bet when looking for a device that only suits your reading requirements. You can consider buying tablets if you are looking for a device that lets you multitask and read. Read through our blog to know which is better tablet vs kindle.

Why are tablets better than paper?

Because they are easy, adaptable, and offer a variety of characteristics seen in print books, tablets are preferable to papers. Massive paper usage costs money and causes environmental harm. With tablets, you may do away with the requirement for paperwork. They save you a ton of money by eliminating the need to buy additional books, journals, pencils, highlighters, and so on.

Do tablets help students learn faster?

The innovative features of tablets can undoubtedly help children learn more quickly since they encourage engagement and curiosity. They are mostly used for online learning and have graphical illustrations, videos, and built-in dictionaries that help improve students' focus, enthusiasm, imagination, and engagement with educational content.

Can tablets replace books?

Yes, tablets can, in fact, replace books. They have a lot of innovative features that aren't present in textbooks. Tablets are useful devices and stores hundreds and thousands of books on a single machine. They enable students to read while simultaneously taking notes, and highlighting the key information. A tablet is the greatest method to eliminate paper use, save time and effort, and support environmental sustainability.

Which tablet is best for reading purposes?

The market has many variants of Tablets and E-readers. The right one will depend on your budget, features, brand value, and longevity. We suggest you go with the model that has an anti-glare screen, sufficient storage, and long-lasting battery life. You can also look for a large-sized display, but make sure it has a lightweight design.

Buy Best Tablets For Reading

Kindle Oasis 

The waterproof Kindle oasis tablet features a 7 inched paperwhite display. It is completely portable and features a page-turn button. You may change the screen's brightness from white to amber thanks to its adjustable lighting technology. It gives you access to millions of breading resources including newspapers. Kindle oasis also allows you to both read and listen.

2022 Apple iPad Air

The top-selling Apple iPad Air features a 10.9-inch display which makes reading on it pleasant. It also lets you take pictures with its 12 MP wide back camera and 12 MP ultra-wide front camera. Apple iPad Air comes with up to 256GB of storage which allows you to save numerous important files on it. With a strong battery life, it has a touch  ID for safe identification.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab

The best Galaxy Tab A8 provides you with the best features. It has a 10.5" LCD screen, 128 GB storage, and a long-lasting battery. With a display resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, it gives you the experience of all the devices in just one device. The Samsun Kids feature is exclusively for kids which provides kids with digital learning, games, videos, and a lot more.

Amazon Fire HD Tablet

The best-reviewed Amazon fire HD tablet features 3 GB RAM, 12-hour battery life, and 32 to 64 GB internal storage. It has a brighter display and provides you 1080p full HD display-watching experience.  You can download multiple OTT and social media apps through Amazon AppStore. It is perfect for both professional and entertainment purposes.


Reading on tablets has become really convenient. The final choice depends on your personal requirement. You can purchase a Kindle if you want a tablet solely for reading. An iPad is the best option if you want to explore more with your tablet. You can read through our blog to find the amazon fire tablet editions.

You can also keep your thoughts organized and accessible with online notepads. Read on for the top 5 online notepads to write and save notes quickly.

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