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Tall Floor Lamps for your Homes

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
tall floor lamps

Floor lamps solve your home and office lighting needs, but finding the right tall lamp is tricky. Tall lamps are a popular choice for most individuals and home spaces today. All because of their bright lighting effect and the ability to illuminate the entire room space.

There are many types of floor lamps available today, each offering the best of features. Lamps that come with a long stem are ideal for placing in the living area or other room where lighting can add a touch of elegance and beauty. But, some brands also offer dim light settings. Such models are best suited for reading where you can adjust the brightness as per your mood.

So, if you are looking to buy some amazing floor lamps, consider our exclusive list of the best tall floor lamps available in the market.

List of Best Tall Floor Lamps

Seaside LED Floor Lamp

Seaside LED Floor Lamp comes with 8W LED Edison bulb and a tall elegant metal pole attached with a sturdy round base. It has a fabric lampshade that filters the light and provides a classic appearance. It features a dim lighting option with a food petal switch for easy on/off operations.

QiMH Industrial Floor Lamp

QiMH Industrial Floor Lamp has a unique modern vintage style with a tall, round-edged pole. It is made of metal and supports a 60-watt bulb. This tall floor lamp is versatile and can fit in easily with almost all décor. Because of its delightful design, you can easily place it at different corners to make them stand out. It includes a heavy metal base measuring 9 inches in diameter and weighing around 12.1 pounds.

BesLowe Black Floor Lamp

BesLowe Black Floor Lamp equips a 360° rotating lamp head that offers adjustable lighting options. For easy on/off function, this model features a hands-free switch that is operated by simple foot movements. Coming with a weighted lamp base and a strong metal pole, this tall lamp is your must-buy item.

TOBUSA Traditional Floor Lamp

TOBUSA Traditional Floor Lamp is available in a rustic bell shape design, equipped with bronze surface finish and quality-vintage appearance. This floor lamp is an ideal installation for the bedroom and living room area. It is 63.8 inches high and provides a bright illumination to light up the entire space. This model is also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Brightech Helix - Modern LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Helix - Modern LED Floor Lamp has an attractive, unique design that can complement any room or décor. It doesn't include any shade and has a twisting-styled pole. Moreover, it features 3 dim light settings, that allow the user to adjust the brightness as per their need.

Sky LED Modern Floor Lamp

This Sky LED Modern Floor Lamp comes with a remote control feature, that allows you to control your lamp lighting from a range of 10m. It equips a LED bulb that emits less heat and produces more brightness than its other counterparts. Moreover, it has 3 color temperature settings, so you opt for anyone to get desired lighting output.

Brightech Halo Split - Modern LED

Brightech Halo Split - Modern LED is an ideal office lighting that will give you high-intensity light output while creating an authentic ambiance. This lamp features a high metal pole with a brushed finish type. It has a built-in switch for dimming light brightness and a LED bulb that comes with 20,000 hours of life.


Floor lamps are a great way to boost your productivity in the office, create romantic lighting in the bedroom, and add value to your home décor. But, with tall floor lamps, there is something special that attracts most of the users. And, that attractive element is their wider reach, vintage style, and versatile designs.

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