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Floor Lamps: Amp-up Your Home Lighting

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Decorating your house can be a bit daunting. From matching the interiors with the items you add to providing a chic look and deciding the color scheme, things can get quite confusing and complicated. One of the critical factors in any house is proper lighting. Having proper light sources ensures that your house has the perfect ambiance in every nook and cranny. Having proper lighting helps you design every corner differently making it possible to set a different mood for every part of your house. Things like reading require proper light to avoid strain on your eyes. Floor lamps provide direct and indirect lighting as per your needs.

One of the major selections under home lighting is the floor lamp. Floor lamps with their long stem and classy lampshade offer a chic look to the house. They can be placed in any corner and are quite convenient to operate. In this blog, we will talk about the types and the features that you need to consider while choosing a floor lamp so that the next time you go for a purchase, you can choose that perfect floor lamp easily.

Types of Floor Lamps

  • Ambient Floor Lamps

These lamps have a shade that helps you dilute the brightness. They are perfect for the corners of your living area. You can place them next to your lounging chair or couch for comfort. Such lampshades are usually bigger and prevent the reflection of the direct light and dim the brightness to the right level. A good example can be Brightech's ambient floor lamp that offers even lighting and mood-lifting glow.

  • Reading Floor Lamps

These amps are meant for direct lighting on your reading material. The illumination they provide is bright and can cover a large area without putting any strain on your eyes. For better convenience, you can go with lamps that can be adjusted and have a flexible arm. Accomplishing your daily tasks with these lamps by your side is quite easy. Brightech Litespan's LED Floor Lamp shines a bright 850-950 lumens and draws 12W of electricity. Its sturdy construction makes it an attractive option.

  • Arc floor lamps

An arc floor lamp is a combination of the above-mentioned types. The stem of these lamps is highly flexible and you can change the direction as per the area you want the light on. These provide lighting for large areas but at the same time, they can come under a small lampshade or a large one. Brightech Sparq's Arc Lamp is a minimalistic and graceful piece that provides sufficient lightning over your desk as you read.

  • Torchiere Floor Lamps

The Torchiere floor lamps provide light towards the ceiling and protect you from any direct glare. These upright lamps can add a pop of color by adding dimensions to your favorite corners. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp is an amazing buy in this category which provides super bright light for every decor. Its energy-saving LEDs are rated to last 20 years.

Features to Consider While Buying Floor Lamps


After deciding the area you want to illuminate, decide the height of your lamp. A lamp with a better height can provide lighting for bigger areas. If your furniture is low lying, go with a height that will not only illuminate the furniture but also the surrounding area without too much glare. Most lamps come with adjustable heights, so go with these variants if you like to switch places for the lamps often.


Depending upon the free area in your rooms, go with a size that is easy to accommodate. Lamps with tripod bases require more space. An arc lamp can also take a lot of space and you do not want your furniture to feel cramped. To avoid any such issues, decide the size carefully.


The cost can vary widely for these lamps. While the state of art pieces can cost around a few thousand, the more aesthetic your piece is, the higher the final price will be. It’s also important to buy a piece with robust construct and durability to avoid frequent replacements.

USB Ports

Many floor lamps come with USB ports and slabs so that you can keep your phone and charge it alongside. They are quite convenient and are a huge hit with people.

Adjustable and Customized Lighting

Lamps also come with chains that can be pulled to regulate the light you’re getting. Without any added step, you can adjust the level of lighting with ease. At the same time, many superior brands also allow you to customize the brightness and the lighting shade as per your choice or the house settings. It all comes down to how you like it.

The Bottom Line

A floor lamp is highly beneficial for your bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and study rooms. The change you’ll see in lighting and decor once you add them to your living spaces will be fantastic. If you’re looking to add an array of lights, you can also buy a floor lamp set that will look well coordinated & bring elegance. The warm ambient lighting can uplift your mood. Easily available at Amazon, Walmart and Target, the right piece of floor lamp can make that dull corner look really lit up. Do not forget to match the color to your existing interior. We hope our buying guide will help you bring the best floor lamp home!

For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. They review & recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability to simplify your buying process. So don't forget to take a look, before you get hooked. Happy shopping to you!

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