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Washers and Dryers: Side by Side Vs. Stacked

Updated on Jun 12, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Doing your laundry while living in condos and small apartments can get a little tricky due to the space constraint sometimes. These places do not come with enough space for a separate laundry room. This might become a bigger problem if you're thinking of downsizing and switching to a smaller living space. Did you know that stacking your washer and dryer will allow you to avoid all these complications?

Compact washers and dryers are the size of dishwashers and can easily fit inside a counter. They’re easy to install and go with almost as many cabinet configurations. Moreover, we strongly recommend you read through the ultimate compact washers and dryers guide that tells you everything you should know about them for selecting an appropriate one. It helps you get more clarity and understanding to make an informed purchase.

The two major ways to stack compact washers and dryers are by either placing them side-by-side or on top of each other. If you are unsure of what products dominate the market in terms of Compact Washers and Dryers, you can look at the most recommended Washers and Dryers here for 2021.

Benefits of Stacked Washers and Dryers

  • Less Horizontal Space

When horizontal space is less, you can place the compact washer dryer combo on top of each other. The front-loading feature is usually available on these models.

  • Stacking Kits

The brands often provide the buyer with stacking kits in a combo along with your stacked washer and dryer. But they do not come with your appliance and have to be purchased separately. They are very effective in ensuring that the stacked pieces stay in place so that there’s less chance of damage.

  • Energy Efficient

As stackable washers and dryers like Xedragony Portable Stacked Washer and Dryer come with the front-loading mechanism, they save a lot of energy. The water and electricity supply consumed is less. We would suggest going with Energy Star Certified products for better performance.

  • Pullout Shelf

Some combos have a pullout shelf in the middle of the dryer and washer so that you can set your bucket there and put your clothes into it while emptying the dryer for a hassle-free and smooth experience.

Disadvantages of Stacked Washers and Dryers

Stackable combos can have some cons too. Before making any purchase, it’s imperative to shed light on all the positives and negatives!

  • Vibration

These combos can produce significant vibrations, so it’s very important to make sure their installation has been done carefully. Customers should go with sets that are less vibrating for a better experience.

  • Height

As the washers and dryers are vertically stacked, they can be tough to reach for short people. Some people might also have to use a stool for emptying the dryer placed above.

  • Expensive

Front-load variants can be more expensive than their top-loading counterparts. The budget and needs should be kept in mind while making the final purchase.

Pros of Side by Side Configuration

  • More Choice

You’ll have more variants to select from while going for this configuration. Many brands offer a lot of selections while purchasing these combos.

  • Convenient Loading

Due to the lack of additional height, loading is simple. Elderly or short individuals who otherwise might have difficulty loading a stackable dryer can easily do this.

  • Less Vertical Space

If vertical space is an issue and you want your appliances to fit easily under a counter, side-by-side configuration is your holy grail. One product that fits this category completely is LG WM3488HW 24" Washer/Dryer Combo with 2.3 cubic feet Capacity.

The cons of side-by-side washers and dryers are limited. The only disadvantage they offer over their counterparts is more occupancy of horizontal space.

Our Verdict

Depending on your room size and convenience, choose a method that makes laundry time a fun activity rather than a chore. The pros and cons of both products should help you make a logical decision. The key takeaway is to choose a stacked version if you don't have enough space. Other than that, side-by-side washers and dryers should be your best friends!

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