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Everything You Need to Know about Compact Dryers

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Compact Dryers are the ultimate lifesavers, wouldn't you agree? These dryers make sure that you don’t have to wait for the clothes to dry by themselves, fastening the process significantly. Compact dryers also consume a lot of energy so your choice has to be made very carefully. Today, when someone wants to buy a compact dryer, there are many different categories that exist and dilemmas that follow. To make your buying process simpler, we’ve come up with a handy guide for you. May the best dryer find its place in your house!

Before we proceed, one important thing to remember here is that in many Compact Washers and Dryers, the washing and the drying compartment are built beside each other but in some, they are even stacked on top of each other.

Types of Compact Dryers

Electric Vs. Gas Dryers

Compact Dryers use gas or electric heating to warm the air. The hot air is passed to the tumbler where the clothes are kept. After the warm air whirls through them, the hot air expels out and the result is crisp and dry clothes! Now, gas-powered dryers vent out carbon monoxide (CO) so it’s integral for the house to have venting options for easy removal of the gas. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas and can be lethal. It is imperative to remove it immediately.

Each dryer has an electric and a gas variant. Natural gas or propane gas propels dryers. Electric dryers work on a high voltage output of approximately 240V.

Another major difference between them is that the gas variants are generally expensive by a few hundred dollars. They are more efficient and consume less power. Utility features and efficient drying compensate for the higher initial cost. Gas dryers also have warmer air and dry your clothes quickly as compared to an electric dryer. If you don’t have a gas line installed, it would be better to go with the electrical variants as installing a new line can be really expensive. Check out the SAMSUNG 7.5 Cu. Ft. White Gas Steam Dryer.

Ventless Vs. Vented Dryers

Almost everyone uses Compact Ventless Dryers today. Ventless Dryers are appropriate for small spaces because they don’t release hot air outside. If you don’t have proper venting options at your homes, they are your best choice. As they run on electricity, you can place them anywhere near a power socket. These dryers are easy to maintain and do not need to be cleaned regularly. A good example of Ventless Dryer can be Bosch 800 series Compact Ventless Dryer.  Vented Dryers, on the other hand, contain vents that absorb and release excess moisture from the evaporation that is created while drying. The vents are fitted via an external wall and are placed only in particular areas in the house.

Ventless dryers are available in two categories:

  • Condenser Dryers

Ventless dryers recycle the air. First, the air is heated up by the condenser and then it is expelled in the tumbler. Instead of the gas venting out, it goes back to the condenser and is heated again. HEN'GMF Portable Clothes Dryer is great option for your home.

  • Heat Pump Dryers

They work on heat pumps to keep the air warm. They’re really energy-efficient and gentle because they operate at low temperatures. They are noisier and takes a lot of time to dry thoroughly.

Vented dryers are mostly available in the standard sizes and can create a lot of heat inside the rooms. Their capacity, though, is much more than ventless dryers. They’re much cheaper than ventless dryers. They’re also much quieter than their rivals and operate on a low-heat setting. A good example of a Vented Dryer can be Panda 3200 RPM Portable Spin Dryer and the Panda Portable Spin Dryer is great option if you are looking for portability.

Shopping for new dryers can be overwhelming and many people don’t know the major differences between the different categories available in the market. You can take a look at the most trending and reviewed Compact Dyers for 2021. Based on your family requirement, priorities, living space, and budget, you can take the decision based on the factors mentioned above. We hope you’re able to make the best choice for yourself after reading this blog!


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