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The Photostick or Just Another Storage Device

Updated on Jul 19, 2021 by Jessica Parker
The Photostick

A photostick is a storage device that works on similar lines as that of a flash drive. It has software that thoroughly searches all folders and files to create backup and retrieve lost data. The photostick software is designed to save, sort, and delete duplicates, easily. Most photostick devices work with Androids, iPhones, Mac, and regular PCs.

Buying a Photostick device can benefit you in several ways. Read this blog to know more about photosticks and their worthy benefits.

Is a Photostick Worth It?

Easy To Use

A photostick is an easy-to-use device. Just insert it into the slot, click ‘Go’, and start backing up your important folders. Read our blog to know how to use a photostick device.

A Great Back-Up

A photostick is a great solution to backup your data. It allows you to save photos instantly. The ability to sort out photos automatically makes it the best backup device.


The photostick comes with a massive memory of up to 256GB. It is capable of storing large files, videos, and thousands of photos. Its minimum capacity of 8GB can store up to 3,500 photos, which is still an impressive number.


The size of the photostick enables you to carry it around anywhere. It gives you the freedom to backup photos instantly and efficiently.

Photostick Software

The photostick software provides an improved user experience. It scans the entire system for photos and organizes them alphabetically. The software also removes duplicate photos and keeps the original ones in the backup.


A photostick is an external hard drive and is free from the risk of hacking or snooping. It keeps your data, privacy, and images secure.


Photostick devices do not require an internet connection for smooth functioning. You can use them in offline mode to backup your videos and photos.


A photostick syncs with all formats and devices conveniently. The photostick can pair instantly with the picture formats like – .jpg, PS images, .tif, or .png. Photosticks like AUAMOZ Memory Drive works with iPhone and Androids devices. It supports Mac and Windows operating systems.

Picture Keeper

Picture keepers are a safe and alternate photo backup stick that works similar to the photostick device. Its maximum capacity is 64GB and may not suffice for professional purposes.

Difference Between The Normal Version of a Photostick And The Photostick Mobile?

The photostick is normally used on PCs and laptops, but the photostick mobile is used on mobile phones to create a backup. This hardware device is a perfect solution to keep your photos safe. Photo stick mobile also saves the phone memory that allows you to click more pictures and videos.

Buy The Best Photostick Devices

PrairieIT 128GB

The PrairieIT 128GB has a simple, ergonomic, and easy-to-use design. It can store up to 60,000 average size photos and videos. This model allows you to save 1000 photos in just ten minutes. It is safe to use and requires no additional cloud storage for backing up your data.

Apple MFi Stick

The Apple MFi Certified Stick comes in a silvery finish and supports a USB 3.0 hardware interface. It has a fast reading speed of 80 megabytes per second which gives you a lag-free experience. This model has a storage capacity of 128 GB. It can easily store your movies, videos, and photos.

Sunany USB Flash Drive

This Sunany USB Flash Drive comes with a massive 256GB of storage to let you store heavy files, videos, and HD movies. It is password protected through the touch ID feature. The writing speed of this device is 80 MB/s reading and writing speed is 40 MB/s. This model also has a low-end variant of 128 GB storage.

Cleverdan USB 3.0 Stick

The Cleverdan USB 3.0 Stick works with all iPhones and Ipads, along with Android phones including SAMSUNG Galaxy & Note, GOOGLE Pixel, and LG. This device features plug and play option that allows you to watch your favorite content, directly. It supports almost all photo formats including JPG, BMP, and PNG.

iDiskk Photo Stick

The iDiskk Photo Stick model comes with 128 GB of memory and features a USB 3.0 hardware interface. It is a perfect backup device to help you save your mobile storage. You can directly play your videos and movies without transferring. It has a fast transfer speed and you can transfer 1 GB of video in just 20 seconds.


Photostick is the ultimate solution to your photo and video backups. It satisfies around 92% of the belief for value for money, with 87% for its easy-to-use features and 85% for its reliability. The latest photo stick models also include the one-touch backup option, which makes them a convenient option.

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