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A New Age Backup Stick or Just Another Storage Device

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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The photostick software works on similar lines as that of a flash drive but with advanced technological modifications. This software thoroughly searches all folders and files to locate and retrieve any images you thought were lost. It also allows you to copy those images from a device categorically as well as alphabetically. You can then paste them in any other device or keep them stored in the photostick itself. Now, isn’t that amazing as the sorting of images happens independently without you having to do that manually? If this product has managed to pique your interest, take a look at the ‘best trending photosticks’ in the market! All of us have different needs when it comes to pictures. Some are professionals who like to use cameras and store the photos on a laptop or PC. Others are the millennials, for whom their phone is everything and contains a treasure trove of pictures. To suit the needs of each one of them the photostick can be used accordingly- in a PC or mobile. Know more about how to set up a photostick in Android, iPhones, Mac, and regular PC’s by referring to our ‘Ultimate informational Photosticks  guide‘. One special feature of the photostick is its ability to delete all duplicate photos and only store the original one depending on the saved date. The photostick software is designed in a way to take care of most of our problems like saving, sorting, and deleting duplicates, easily. One of the most reviewed photostick for your iPhone with a massive memory of 128GB is the ‘Sunany Flash Drive for iPhone’. But what is the difference between the normal version of a photostick and the photostick mobile? As the name suggests the photostick is normally used on PCs and laptops. But the photostick mobile is used specifically on mobile phones to create a backup. This hardware device is a perfect solution to keep your photos safe for a long time to come. Additionally, ‘photostick mobile’ also saves a great deal of phone memory, allowing you to click away at your heart’s content. Now, that we know the basics, you must be asking yourself, “Why a photostick and why not the cloud or the convenient hard-drive? Well, the photostick is an external hard drive but better than our traditional hard drive. A hard-drive has a delicate build making it prone to damage. And cloud storage comes with a space constraint and is at risk with the hackers snooping in, not to forget, requires an internet connection. You don’t want your photos landing in the wrong hands. Taking into consideration the cybersecurity factor and other external malfunctions, a photostick is our best option to store our photos. Since we have been praising the photostick so much, let’s take a look at some of its benefits. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

  • Easy Peasy
A photostick is very easy to use and can be used by anyone without assistance. Just insert it into the slot, click ‘Go’, and start backing up.
  • A Great Back-Up
A photostick acts as a great photo backup stick and allows you to save photos instantly. The ability to sort out photos automatically and categorically adds to the list of benefits.
  • Capacity
The photostick comes with a massive memory of up to 128GB capable of storing up to 60,000 photos. Its minimum capacity of 8GB can store up to 3,500 photos which are good enough for any individual.
  • Ergonomic
The size of the photostick enables you to carry it around anywhere and gives you the freedom to backup photos instantly and efficiently.
  • Photostick software
The photostick software is designed to improve user experience allowing it to scan the entire system for photos and organize it alphabetically. The software removes any duplicate photos saving you the tedious job of doing it manually. One good example of this is the Kimiandy USB flash drive 3-in-1
  • Secure
Since this is an external hard drive, it’s free from the risk of hacking or snooping, keeping your memories secure.
  • Offline Functionality
Cloud is functional only in the presence of an internet connection but the photostick conveniently functions without any internet.
  • Compatibility
This is a very preferred feature of a photostick as it syncs with all formats and all devices conveniently. Now that we are talking about compatibility, let’s take a look at the flexibility of a Photstick. The photostick can pair instantly with all kinds of picture formats like – .jpg, PS images, .tif or .png and with all kinds of devices like iPhone or Androids including all kinds of OS like- Mac or Windows. However, some are specifically built for only iPhones like the iPhone Flash Drive 128GB. Alternate storage Options Now, if you are wondering if there are alternatives to a photostick, then let me tell you that there are a few alternatives that are available in the market and are as competitive as the photostick.
  • MemorySafe X
This is a type of photostick backup, that can instantly store and save photos. Moreover, it is compatible with both computers and mobiles. The only difference is the capacity, where MemorySafe X comes at 64GB, unlike the photostick which offers an impressive capacity of 128GB.
  • Picture Keeper
Photosticks are a safe and alternate photo backup stick that works efficiently on the same principle of a photostick, except its maximum capacity is 64GB and may not suffice professional purposes. One positive about this is the space availability of 32 GB which is not available in the photostick.
  • InfinitiKoud
This option is again a very feasible option to store your photos instantly and like the Picture keeper, this comes with a maximum capacity of 64GB, offering a bandwidth of 45,000 photos. Before we conclude, if you are worried and wondering, if it’s worth the money, then let me tell you this! Based on various studies and analyses, the photostick satisfies around 92% of the belief, that it is indeed value for money with 87% vouching for its easy to use features and 85% for its reliability. This comes to a total of 90% of the satisfaction quotient and is not bad at all. Thus, if you were thinking of buying a hard drive for photo backups, think again, maybe a photostick is what you need! And if you believe in the various reviews by people on this product, then the satisfaction quotient can be said to be pretty high.

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