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Using a Photostick: A User’s Walk Through Manual

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
using a photostick

Trying to find out the pictures from a trip long back but have neither the patience nor the time to do so? Don't worry, try the revolutionary photo backup stick – the photostick. This backup stick comes with unparalleled efficiency and convenience rarely found together these days. This blog will show you, a step by step way of using a photostick & how you can connect a photostick with various devices. Also, if you're wondering if you even really need a photostick, then give 'Photostick: Do You Need One in Your Life' a read & I assure you, all your questions will be answered.

What's a Photostick, you ask?

A photostick resembles a flash drive and can be inserted into a PC or mobile for backing up and transfer of photos to another device. Photo sticks are required usually for most storage operations, so we suggest you can take at the blog that explains why having a photostick is essential.

If this is not enough, this device automatically sorts through all files and folders, efficiently deleting all duplicate photos. One of the most sought-after photostick that is known for its all-purpose usability is the 'Kimiandy USB Flash Drive, Photostick 128GB [3-in-1]' popular for its massive memory and efficient compatibility with all kinds of devices

This device is a much-preferred option as compared to its counterparts available currently in the market. This is due to the massive capacity of the photostick, which stands at a maximum of 128GB and a minimum of 8GB. The maximum capacity of 128GB can save up to approx. 60,000 photos approximately making it a feasible option for professionals. This blog will specifically focus on a step-by-step guide to use a photostick on various gadgets like your phone and computer to justify how easy and convenient it is to use. Know about the 'most recommended photosticks' available in the market!

Step by Step Guide of Using Photostick for iPhone

  • Launch app store in your iPhone
  • Download the photostick app from the store
  • Install the app
  • Launch the app by clicking on ‘Open’
  • Confirm the notification prompt
  • Insert the photostick mobile and launch the downloaded app
  • Confirm the prompt of allowing access to your photos and videos
  • Another prompt will flash on the screen asking ‘Select to backup’
  • Once you click on that, back up process for the iPhone will start instantly
  • Once it is done, you can check the summary of the completed photos on the screen

Step by Step Guide to Use Photosticks for Android Phones

This device works only in version 5.0 and versions after that when it comes to Android phones.

  • Download the photostick application from the play store
  • Insert the device into the slot and then launch the app
  • This will give you three options, out of which click on ‘Backup files now’
  • Once you select, it will prompt you to select either ‘Backup all’ or ‘select to back up’
  • If you choose to backup; everything including other media files and video files will get backed up. If you want to select particular files for back up, you can do that too with the help of another option
  • This will automatically start the function

Step by Step Guide to Use Photosticks for Your Computer

  • Every photostick comes with a USB cable extension and can be fitted into the USB slot of the computer
  • Once you insert it, a window will automatically pop up for the file explorer to begin its function
  • If in case, it doesn’t do that, click on ‘My Computer’ or this PC
  • Open the folder of the photostick and double click on it to start 'ThePhotoStick.exe'
  • Once it is installed, launch the application

Step by Step Guide to Use Photosticks for Mac

  • Insert the device
  • A shortcut will be visible in the desktop
  • If not, click on ‘Finder’ and select the option of photostick
  • Click on 'ThePhotostickMac' to install the application
  • Once it gets installed, it will automatically launch the function

Now that you know everything about photo sticks from the above paragraphs. Make sure, you read through Your Ultimate Photo Sticks Information guide that gives you every information that you should know about the usage of photo sticks.

Each one of these steps is super easy and feasible for everyone to use. If you had been sceptical about gifting a photostick to your mom or dad to create memories of holidays and get-togethers but wasn’t sure about their handling capability, go ahead and order one a photo sticks for them. Else, you might want to check out the featured section that lists some of the Best Memory Card Readers which is also of similar quality like the photo sticks. They will surely be ecstatic over it and thank you later!

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