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Photostick: Do You Need One in Your Life?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker

Remember your old family photograph, where you all looked pretty and happy! And there is no way on earth that you can find it now? You need it for the Christmas card, but now it is impossible to find. Sounds familiar? A photostick can be the solution to a problem like this to help you retain your cherished memories.

A photostick works like our very common flash drive. We can transfer photos and videos from our phones and PCs. You can plug this USB like a flash drive, in the USB slot. This photo backup stick will automatically backup the images and videos and help you search for them. It is advisable that you choose a photo stick that fits your needs and meets your requirements. So, make sure you read through the Ultimate Informational guide for photo sticks that gives you every information that you should know about the usage of photo sticks.

Here's an amazing Photostick Feature

You don't have to physically monitor the transfer, as the photostick software automatically detects images and folders on your PC or mobile. In this generation of smartphones and selfies, this is almost too good to be true! But to make you believe in it, let us have a peek at some of its most dominant features.

Benefits of Using Photosticks


Device-compatibility issues are something we are all familiar with. When it comes to photosticks, they are compatible with almost every device. Be it your laptop or your phone, you will be able to connect without a hassle.

One of the most reviewed photosticks, preferred for its excellent compatibility is the 'Kiminady USB Flash drive Photostick 128 GB (3-in-1)' that can be effectively used in iOS and Android and MAC PC's. Alternatively, you can take a look at iPhone Flash Drive that includes Touch ID Encryption with iPlugmate App software support Windows Mac and iOS for a better understanding.

No Password

Do you think the cloud was the best thing to have happened to you? Well, a photostick is even better. How? A cloud requires a password, photostick requires just a USB port to any device. Cloud requires the internet, while a photostick does not.


Photo Sticks boasts of a humongous space with the minimum storage of 8 GB capable of storing 3,500 photos and videos to maximum storage of 128 GB, capable of storing an unbelievable 60,000 photos. Now, isn’t that amazing?

Additionally, we suggest you can take a look at USB flash drive that offers 256GB storing space that helps you keep more files in one place.

Removing Duplicate Photos

One of the most comprehensive features of a photostick is its duplicate content detection mechanism that deletes duplicate photos storing only the original photo. This saves you a lot of tedious tasks to sort through it manually.

Do I need a photostick if I already have a flash drive?

A photostick and a flash drives look similar but function entirely differently. While a flash drive can store pictures, documents, and everything, the photostick works specifically on identifying photos and videos and transferring them into its storage. And all with a click, with a device no bigger than a thumb. Now,  if you are worried about the complexity of this device, then let me assure you that it is one of the most simple devices you can lay your hands on. But, if you are sceptical, then you can take a look at our 'Photosticks usage guide' to satisfy your doubts.

Features of Photosticks

  • One-Stop Photo Backup Stick: A photostick works as a one-stop solution as it stores everything at once
  • Uniformly Compatible: Multi-file compatibility with any device and OS
  • Photostick Software: An advanced software, that automatically sorts categorically and removes duplicate photos.
  • Great Speed: Speedy Transfer and easy usage
  • No Requirement of Internet: Doesn’t require any internet connection to initiate a transfer
  • Secure: Completely Secure as it is external and no passwords are required.

Things to Consider While Buying a Photostick


Good storage and memory is a must as it is a worthy investment. One of the most preferred and recommended photosticks for professional purposes is the

Efficient After-sales Service

This should be taken into consideration so that you don’t spend too much time on the phone figuring things out.


Guarantee, replacement, and after-sales service should be kept a package while buying a photo stick.

Knowing the Purpose of Buying a Photostick

Identify your purpose and the scale of requirement, personally or professionally

Compatibility Options

Check compatibility before purchasing as you don’t want to spend your day in solving compatibility issues in case you got duped because otherwise, compatibility is not a question. 

The Style Factor

Trendy colours and styles have always been a fascinating factor when it comes to gadget collection of external disks like memory card readers or photo sticks. Moreover, you can check out the Best Memory Card readers that can help you in selecting an appropriate external disk.

In Conclusion...

The photostick is an innovation of a one of a kind that can only make our lives easier. Now you can let go living in the fear of your smart devices crashing & you losing all your precious pictures.

If you are on the lookout for a suitable photo stick, and unable to decide, we suggest you can take a look at the featured section that lists out Best Photo sticks that can assist you in making a better-informed buying decision. Never struggle for finding your favorite and cherishing pictures. Invest in a photostick today!

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