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Installing Ring Video Doorbells

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Installing Ring Video Doorbells

Installing ring video doorbells is a simple task. But, if you're not a techno freak, sometime you might face some mere bumps while installing. This guide is for those who are doubtful about such an installation process. At the end of this blog, it should be possible for you to install a ring video doorbell easily.

Ring video doorbells are excellent gadgets for today's contemporary homes. They offer many benefits and improves the security around us. The Ring doorbells can detect, monitor and capture video within 30 feet, instantly sending a notification to your phone. This is possible because of the Ring app, which is available for free of cost on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. A ring doorbell allows you to see the video in HD quality and a clear two-way audio communication.

Installing Ring Video Doorbell in 10 Easy Steps:

Keep the Installation Tools Handy

Installing ring video doorbells is an easy task. Some important tools that you will be require during installation are a screwdriver, screws, and installation manual, a drill, a box cutter and a flathead screwdriver. These suffice to remove your old doorbell and install a new one.

Charge The Battery

It is important to charge the ring video doorbell before the installation. If you are having trouble with the battery, use the force of the wall to push it out. Charge the battery between 4 to 6 hours and then start with the installation. All of such gadgets have an indicator button to tell you the charging status, where green shows full battery and red shows low battery.

Ensure Smooth Internet Connectivity

In order to connect the video doorbell to the internet, install the app and let it guide you to connect the gadget to your home wi-fi. In case you face trouble, switch off and on the modem to rest and try again.

Disconnect the Power Source

It is important to disconnect the electric wiring from the main source. This is because working with exposed wires with electricity passing can be fatal. So, make sure to disconnect the main electricity source through the home breaker's box.

Remove the Old Doorbell

It is important to detach the old doorbell before installing a new one. One important thing to consider is to not tug very hard on the wires within the walls, as they might damage or break. Use you screw driver to free the old doorbell of the screws and bolts.

Install the Mounting Bracket

Mounting brackets are crucial for a video doorbell as it gives it way and space to move around for better monitoring. Make sure to mount the bracket in the right angle before attaching it to the wall. It is also advisable to first mark the screw areas with pencil before inserting the screw drivers.

Attach Wires

This is only useful, if you are using a wired system. For wired ring doorbell cameras, it is important to connect your wires to the main power source. This allows non-stop operational time and many benefits, unlike wireless ones, that depend only on the Wi-fi to operate.

Mount the Ring Doorbell

Position the video doorbell above the bracket and press it down until it checks into the place with a click. However, do not use too much force as it might break.

Power Restore

Once you are done with the installation, flick back the power and test the bell. If the process went smooth, the ring doorbell will function perfectly.

Adjust App Settings

Once the installation is complete, you can enable many extra features for your safety through the help of the app. The biggest advantage being remote monitoring. Some common but highly popular features that a ring doorbell offers are night vision setting, motion detector settings, footage storage capacity, notifications, etc.


In the diverse range of doorbells and video doorbells, ring video doorbells have been gaining a lot of momentum. The various features, easy to use mechanism, convenience, quality image and great battery life make these gadgets a must buy. Besides, the various benefits that a house with a video doorbell has like good resale value, insurance benefits etc. makes them popular among contemporary homeowners.

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